Hey there. As far as the Engik/Christianity stuff you should go check out
sunnydayrealestate.com and read the band history stuff and its links. I've
attached a good file of FAQs to start you out. As far as other bands with
the same emotional intensity and style (i guess emo ia as good a word as
any), I'd heartily recommend Mineral, Christie Front Drive, Promise
Ring(earlier stuff), Cap'n Jazz, Get Up Kids (earlier stuff), At The Drive
In, Fugazi, and Rainer Maria for a start. These are all bands other Sunny
Day fans I've known have liked almost immediately when they first heard them
(this includes me, of course). Well, good luck, and enjoy.
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> i'm thea.  to tell you all the truth i have no clue how i ended up on this
> list, but hey, that's cool...
> i'm feeling like i have to confess all this stuff, like that i don't
> no all that much about sdre except that i love them.  i've never been much
> of a fan of anything so it's pretty wierd to be involved in this type of
> thing.  obviously i'm having issues...
> okay, so i can't even figure out exactly what emo is or if sunny day real
> estate truly fits into that genre.  what i would really love is if you
> people out there would tell me about some bands that may have the same
> of sound, the same rawness, passion, y'know.  that would  be great.
> also, what is this about jeremy being hardcore born again christian?  for
> some reason that freaks me out.  it's totally none of my business, but if
> someone doesn't mind i would like to know more of the story.
> thanx a bunch
> you all are peaches
> always thea
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| Sunny Day Real Estate: FAQ |

    Frequently Asked Questions
    The latest version is here: http://gwis2.circ.gwu.edu/~mark/faq.html
    List of Frequently Asked Questions
    This version: August 27th, 1999
    Written/compiled by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
    Original FAQ format by [EMAIL PROTECTED], "Your pal" Kabir Akhtar.

    Last version release date:    6/17/99
    Changes since last version:   C1,C6,Y1
    Additions since last version: N/A
    New sections:                 N/A


  [A]. SDRE Resources on the 'net
  [B]. Abbreviations 
  [C]. The Band and Their History   
  [D]. Brief Release Info
  [E]. "Flatland Spider"                                      
  [F]. "Thief Steal Me A Peach"                       
  [G]. "Diary"                                         
  [H]. "LP2"                                           
  [I]. "How It Feels To Be Something On"
  [J]. Touring
  [K]. The SDRE Sound: Equipment and Style
  [W]. FAQtoids                     
  [X]. What Else Have They Done?
  [Y]. The Future                     
  [Z]. Info About This Document

| A. SDRE Resources on the 'net |

[A1]. World-Wide Web Pages:

     1. SunnyDayRealEstate.Com: the Official SDRE Site

     2. Sub-Pop's old SDRE page: Info

     3. Sub-Pop's Jeremy Enigk page: Info

     4. Brian (Ansigod) McCall's page: Lyrics, Tab

     5. John London's page: Soundfiles (Song Clips)

     6. Anthony's SDRE Audio Archive

     7. Mark's Page: Info

     8. Nordtak's Page: SDRE Chat Room, SDRE-List Member Profiles

[A2]. Is there a discography somewhere?

     There is a complete discography here:

[A3]. Is there a mailing list?

     The SDRE mailing list (SDRE-l) is a forum for discussion of anything
   related to SDRE and it's former members.  It is made available to us by
   Adam Dinwiddie.  To join the list, send mail to 
   [EMAIL PROTECTED], leave the subject line blank, and write in
   the body of the message:

     subscribe sdre-l your_e-mail_address_here

     example: subscribe sdre-l [EMAIL PROTECTED]

     To unsubscribe, send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], leave the
   subject line blank, and write in the body of the message:

     unsubscribe sdre-l your_e-mail_address_here

     More information about the list, including it's rules, can be found at
   http://hubcap.clemson.edu/~bpmccal/sdre_l.html, courtesy of Brian
   (Ansigod) McCall.  PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THE RULES!!!  Everyone should
   at least know the rules presented here: 

    1. Think before you post. If your message is private, mail it
       directly to the person you're writing (NOT TO THE LIST!).
       And remember, this list is for discussion of SDRE!
    2. When you reply to a post, please don't include the whole original
       message! Edit out the parts that are not relevant. NEVER send a
       message to the list with only a few words added on to a huge
       original post (i.e. adding the words "me too" or "I agree").
    3. Please don't post about the traffic on the list. Messages like the
       following are NOT acceptable:
          + "I haven't received any mail in two hours!"
          + "Is this list still running?"
       Give it a few days. If you still don't have any list mail, then
       go ahead and send a similar test post.

[A4]. Is there a newsgroup?

     No.  I've seen a post or two related to Enigk on 
   alt.music.alternative, but the sdre-l is currently the best forum of

[A5]. Is there an IRC channel?

     Try #sdre on EFnet servers or the dalnet server (irc.dal.net).
   A tutorial for getting yourself set up with IRC was posted to the
   SDRE-L and can be found at http://gwis2.circ.gwu.edu/~mark/irc.txt

[A6]. Are any of the band members on the internet somewhere? 

     Joe Skyward: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
     Williamson Management: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

| B. Abbreviations |

  Emo     = See [K2].
  HIFTBSO = How It Feels To Be Something On
  ROTFQ   = Return Of The Frog Queen
  SDRE    = Sunny Day Real Estate
  TBWTS   = The Blankets Were The Stairs
  TSMAP   = Thief Steal Me A Peach
  TSOPF   = The Shark's Own Private Fuck

  If you are new to the internet, you should take a look at some common
  acronyms here: http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/%7Eup1j/acronyms.html
  (like ROTFL, "Rolling On The Floor Laughing") that you'll see on the
  SDRE-l, chat rooms, and everywhere else.

| C. The Band and Their History |

[C1]. So who was in SDRE?

     The band formed in 1992, consisting of: William Goldsmith (drums),
   Dan Hoerner (guitar/vocals), and Nate Mendel (bass).
   Sometime in late 1993, Jeremy Enigk signed on with SDRE as their
   new singer/guitar player.  Dan moved to guitar/background-vox.
   When they broke up in 1995, Will and Nate joined up with the Foo
   Fighters.  The band auditioned new bass players and hired Jeff Palmer,
   from the Mommyheads, to play on the new album.  Palmer played the first
   three shows of the '98 tour with the band.  Things apparently didn't
   work out, and now Joe Skyward of the Posies has taken over bass duties.

[C2]. When / Why did they break up?

     The band broke up in March of 1995, before the release of their
   second album (LP2).  Read the letter here: 
   that Jeremy wrote to readers of the SubPop-list, briefly describing his
   awakening to Christianity.

[C3]. When / Why did they reform?

     Here is a quote from the press release in August of 1997:
     "In the two and a half years since SDRE disbanded, interest from
   eager fans has not subsided; in fact, the band's legend has grown.
   The SDRE e-mail list thrives, reunion rumors periodically erupt, and
   fans continue to rabidly inquire about the availability of early, rare
     "It was this fervor that spawned the idea of releasing an "odds &
   ends" compilation of rare tracks and live recordings.  Such a release
   would both please ravenous fans and tie up some loose ends for the
   band.  Approached with the notion of recording 3 to 4 new songs for
   this album, the band agreed to give it a try.  Practice ran smoothly
   and they genuinely enjoyed playing together with the end result that
   Sunny Day Real Estate would write and record a third full-length

  (The entire release is here: http://gwis2.circ.gwu.edu/~mark/press.html)

[C4]. What's the name "Sunny Day Real Estate" supposed to represent?

     Steve ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote: "...if I remember correctly he
   (Jeremy) said something to the effect of how Nate and some people were
   talking about how everything in the world was bought and sold, and...
   that before we knew it they would try to sell our Sunny Days."
   According to a radio interview, Nate came up with the name.  It was
   inspired by a Talking Head's song from the album "Naked".  Look at the
   lyrics here: http://gwis2.circ.gwu.edu/~mark/naked.html

[C5]. What were they called before they chose SDRE as a name?

        | Chewbacca Kaboom                           |
        |                                            |
        | Dan/Nate/Will                              |
        | Sunny Day Real Estate                      |
        |                                            |
        | Dan/Nate/Will                              |
        | Thief, Steal Me A Peach                    |
        |                                            |
        | Dan/Jeremy/Will                            |
        | Nate was on tour with Christ on a Crutch.  |
        | The band name comes from a poem by         |
        | William Blake shown here:                  |
        | http://gwis2.circ.gwu.edu/~mark/blake.html |
        | Empty Set                                  |
        |                                            |
        | Dan/Jeremy/Nate/Will                       |
        | Another band was already using this name.  |
        | Sunny Day Real Estate                      |
        |                                            |
        | Dan/Jeremy/Nate/Will                       |
        | Dan/Jeff/Jeremy/Will                       |
        | Dan/Jeremy/Joe/Will                        |
        They were also known as "One Day I Stopped Breathing".

| D. Brief Release Info |

  (The complete discography can be found at the location listed in [A2]).

[D1]. What recordings have they put out?

     The band has released three 7" singles, "Flatland Spider", "Thief
   Steal Me A Peach", and "How It Feels To Be Something On / Bucket Of
   Chicken" as well as three full-length albums, "Diary", "LP2", and
   "How It Feels To Be Something On".  Check the discography ([A2]) for
   information on the promo items and compilation appearances.

[D2]. What videos have they released?

     There have been two official videos released: "Seven" and
   "In Circles".  In Circles was directed by Russell Bates, and was filmed
   in the same location as Stone Temple Pilot's "Sex Type Thing" video.

[D3]. Are they available on any commercial release?

     The Subpop video entitled "Subpop Video Network: Program 3" has "In
   Circles" on it.

[D4]. Did they make any television appearances?

     They played "Seven" on the Jon Stewart Show (September 19, 1994, with 
   guests Bobcat Goldthwait, Robert Sean Leonard, and Emma Samms) and
   MTV's 120 Minutes had live performances of "Seven" and "In Circles".

| E. "Flatland Spider" |

  Track list:
        1. Flatland Spider
        2. The Onlies

[E1]. Where'd they get the title?

[E2]. Where can I find a copy?

     Well, it's out of print.  You can try ordering it from various
   on-line stores, but you'll be lucky to find one.  Your best bet is to
   ask some nice person on the sdre-l to make you a copy.

| F. "Thief Steal Me A Peach" |

  Track list:
        1. "8"
        2. "9"

[F1]. Who made the "non-musical accompaniment" (artwork) inside?

     Words by Dan Hoerner, artwork by Christopher Thompson (see question

[F2]. Is "8" the same version as the one on "LP2"?

     No, the version on LP2 is a later recording, with a more polished

[F3]. Is "9" the same version as the one on the "In Circles" EP?

     Yes, it is the same recording.

[F4]. Where can I get a copy?"

     See question [E2].

| G. "Diary" |

  Track list:
        1. Seven
        2. In Circles
        3. Song About An Angel
        4. Round
        5. 47
        6. The Blankets Were The Stairs
        7. Pheurton Skeurto
        8. Shadows
        9. 48
       10. Grendel
       11. Sometimes

[G1]. Why is it called "Diary"?

     Supposedly it is a "diary" of their emotions at the time.

[G2]. Who is responsible for the great artwork?

     Christopher Thompson did all the artwork (of the "little people", and
   the others) except for the Pheurton Skeurto painting, done by Nate's
   father.  Brian "Ansigod" McCall ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) got this
   info from Greg:
   Chris Thompson is now a Tatoo artist in Seattle.  he still does nice
   paintings.  He did most of the band's tatoos (incl. Greg's back, Dan's
   arm, and Jeremy's arm)

[G3]. Who wrote the lyrics?

     Next to each song in the lyric booklet it says either "enigk/hoerner"
   or "hoerner/enigk".  In general, that corresponds to who was
   responsible for lyrics/music.  Jeremy would have an idea for a song,
   and then Dan would write most of the lyrics (this is the case on Diary
   and some of LP2).  All the songs are almost completely collaborated, so
   it's hard to say who wrote what.

[G4]. What is "Seven" about?

     Jeremy:  "Seven is a song about revival and hope."  December's tragic
   drive is the depression he feels in the winter.

[G5]. Who is Astiocles?

     A mythological character that Dan and Jeremy invented.

[G6]. How do you pronounce "Pheurton Skeurto"?

     Christopher Scott Blackburn ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
   Listen to the song - Jeremy sings the word Pheurton.  It's not
   "fwairton" - the pheur part is pronounced like the French word "fleur".
   The best I can do is "fyur-tahn"...
   Same deal for Skeurto.  It's close to "skirt-toe".

[G7]. What does it mean?

     Brian "Ansigod" McCall ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
   SDRE seemed to make a LOT of stuff up that just sounded cool.  Like
   Pheurton - Greg told this story about Janna (his wife) buying a bird as
   a gift to somebody.  Jeremy (or it may have been Dan or Will) saw the
   bird, stared at it, and then said, "This bird should be named
   Pheurton."  And that's where the name came from!  The bird was named
   Pheurton and Jeremy incorporated this made up name into his song...
   Janna had this to say:
   "Actually, the bird is neither mine nor Greg's.  Phuerton is a bird
   that William bought for his girlfriend at the time.  I don't think that
   the song was written for the bird, I think that the "word" was just in
   heavy rotation at the time both the song and the bird were named."

[G8]. Why doesn't he sing all of the printed lyrics for "48"?

     The lyrics in the CD booklet are for the original version of "48",
   found on the "In Circles" EP.

[G9]. What does he say in Grendel?

     Alex ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote this translation to the list:
   these are by no means the official lyrics, as i cannot make them out
   for certain.  well this is my best shot at transelating [sic] "the rain
   was there to wash away my tears.  i wanted to be them but insead i
   destroyed myself":
     i (pronounced ee) vrohi itan eki na katharisi ta thakria mou.
   ithela va tous imoun alla adi katastrefica ton e'afto mou.
   i tried to make this accurate, yet possible to have been transelated
   from a dictionary at the same time, in other words it is not
   transelated to it's most literal meaning, but rather more directly.
   "suede scars" is:
     therma egos simathia pligis.
   Steven ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) made the following corrections:
   first: where it says "ithela va..." it should be "ithela na..."
   second:  instead of  "katastrafica" it should be "katestrepsa..."

[G10]. Why don't "Grendel" or "The Blankets Were the Stairs" appear on
       many of the set-lists from SDRE shows?

      Prior to the break-up, they never played Grendel live, and TBWTS was
    only played once...
    according to Greg Williamson, "it was hard for Jeremy to play".
    Note: the reunited SDRE has frequently played TBWTS.

[G11]. What does "jump the elvis candy bar" mean (from the liner notes)?

      In the chat with Jeremy, he said:
    "jump the elvis candy bar sounds funny.  i did to show i didnt care to
    be serious."
    You can read the entire chat transcript here:

| H. LP2 |

  Track list:
        1. Friday
        2. Theo B
        3. Red Elephant
        4. 5/4
        5. Waffle
        6. 8
        7. Iscarabaid
        8. J'nuh
        9. Rodeo Jones

[H1]. Is "LP2" the official title?

     It's also referred to as "Sunny Day Real Estate" or "S/T (Self
   Titled)" or sometimes just "the pink album".

[H2]. What's with the fly?

     The fly was first seen on "Thief, Steal Me A Peach".  It is also on
   the "In Circles" EP.  It was Dan's Idea.

[H3]. Why is the packaging so minimal compared to other SDRE releases?

     Some said that the band had environmental concerns, but after Len
   Damico ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) spoke to Will, he said that was not the bands
   excuse for LP2's lack of packaging.  The band had already broken up,
   and when SubPop called them for artwork, they didn't have anything.  So
   Will suggested they just make it pink.

[H4]. Why are no lyrics included?

     Jeremy uses his voice like an instrument.  Sometimes he doesn't even
   say real words, but fills the space with whatever sounds good to him.
   Obviously, there are things that he says quite clearly, but on this
   album he left it up to our interpretation.

[H5]. What is J'nuh about?

     It's about Jeremy's brother, Mark, and his friend cutting up Arthur
   (Jeremy's stuffed monkey).

[H6]. Why is the song called "J'nuh"?

     It is thought that the song is named after the guitar sound that is
   repeated near the end.  It almost sounds like "j'nuh, j'nuh..."

| I. How It Feels To Be Something On |

  Track list:
        1. Pillars
        2. Roses in Water
        3. Every Shining Time You Arrive
        4. Two Promises
        5. 100 Million
        6. How It Feels To Be Something On
        7. The Prophet
        8. Guitar and Video Games
        9. The Shark's Own Private Fuck
        10. Days Were Golden

[I1]. What's the story behind "Bucket of Chicken?"

     Bucket of Chicken is the song on the B-side of the "How It Feels To
   Be Something On" 7-inch.  It was originally known as "the Crow", and
   was supposed to be on the soundtrack to the Crow 2: City Of Angels.
   See the next question for more info on the song name.

[I2]. Where did the song names come from?

     David Hong ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) said:
   i was talking to will, and asked him about where bucket of
   chicken came from.  and he said something like, they say, william waht
   [sic] should this song be called, and he says, i don't know, how about
   bucket of chicken.  and what should we call this one?  how about the
   shark's own private fuck.

[I3]. What are "mondrary fields"?  (from lyrics to "Guitar and Video

     According to Chris Gacek ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
   He (Jeremy) said it was a made up word.  Sort of his version of
   "strawberry fields".

| J. Touring |

[J1]. Where did SDRE Tour?

     Look here for the Fall 1994 tour info:

     1998 tour:

     1999 tour:

[J2]. Why didn't SDRE play in California?

     "We don't go there because one person in the band, for his own
   private reasons, simply refuses. So we're going without him. The idea
   is that because the show is acoustic, perhaps we can get away with only
   having one guitar. We're coming up with a set that will hopefully not
   suffer much for Dan's absence."
   So Dan refused to go and SDRE played the KROQ Acoustic Christmas show
   without him.  Their set included: In Circles, Red Elephant, Friday, and
   The Reunited SDRE play in California, including Dan.

[J3]. Is there any current tour information?

     Check here: http://www.sunnydayrealestate.com/lofi/tour.html

| K. The SDRE Sound: Equipment and Style |

[K1]. What kind of equipment did they use?

     Equipment used by the band (Pre break-up):

       Black Gibson SG guitar, Ampeg head, Carvin 4x12 cabinet, and a grey
       Ernie Ball volume pedal.

       Gibson Les Paul guitar, Marshall jmc900 head, Marshall 4x12
       cabinet, and a grey Ernie Ball volume pedal.

       Fender precision bass and and Ampeg 9x10 amp.

       Drum Works drumset and Zildjian cymbals (only ride; no crash).

[K2]. What other bands sound similar to SDRE?

     Many people have classified their sound as "emo" (short for
   emotional) or even "emo-core" (an emotional/hardcore hybrid).  Of
   course this is just a label and doesn't really define the style of
   their music.  Calling something emo is almost as vague as the
   "alternative" tag.  Still, some find it useful for defining a certain
   style that often includes odd time signatures, sudden dynamic changes
   (volume), and a lyrical style that is poetic and emotive.  Many have
   credited early Washington, DC bands like Rites Of Spring for defining
   the style.  As with any label, it's subjective. There is an emo mailing
   list that you can join by going to this site and following the


     You can ask one of the nice people on the list to make you a mix-tape
   of emo bands.  In my opinion, nothing sounds like SDRE... but there are
   some other really great bands out there with a distinctive sound.  I
   highly recommend Thirty Ought Six (Enigk makes a guest appearance on
   the "Hag Seed" album, but everything they've released is fantastic) and
   the Promise Ring (start with "30 Degrees Everywhere").

| W. FAQtoids |

    There are many little SDRE tidbits that don't form an answer to a
  specific question, or would take up too much room if each question was

  * Song "8" (from LP2) appears on the Batman Forever movie soundtrack.
  * Jeremy is NOT British.  He is from Seattle. 
  * Matt Conlon was SDRE's tour manager and tech.
  * The 5th person in the Nordstrom's advertisement (which is the same
    picture used as the cover for the "Circles" bootleg CD) is Eric. He
    did booking for SDRE when they first started playing.

| X. What Else Have They Done? |

[X1]. Has Jeremy done anything besides SDRE?

   --He sings a song on the Bare Minimum album "Can't Cure the Nail
     Biters" (Rx Remedy Records).  The song is called "Luchuk", and it's
     over seven minutes long... a lot of instrumentation, with jeremy
     singing quietly and playing the piano. 

   --He has an amazing solo album out called "Return of the Frog Queen"
     (on Subpop).

   --Sings on the Thirty Ought Six (aka .30-06) song "Tourmaline" (off of
     Hag Seed).  He sings/screams during the chorus part, which he wrote.

   --He sings on Poor Old Lu's "Digging Deep" (off of the album Straight
     Six).  He does the second verse and the bridge, as well as some
     quiet background vocals.

   --Sang background vocals for a song called "smoke", by the band
     named Makeshift.  Will played drums and Greg Williamson sang lead.

   --Played with Will in a political hardcore band called Reason for Hate.

   --Played in Tears for the King, with the guys from Poor Old Lu.

[X2]. Has Dan done anything besides SDRE?

   --He used to play in a Seattle straight-edge band called Resolution.

[X3]. How about Nate?

   --After SDRE broke up, he joined the Foo Fighters.
   --Played in Christ on a Crutch.

   --Played in a Seattle straight-edge band called Brotherhood.

   --Played bass for Diddly Squat, a hardcore band.   

   --Played in Product of Rape.

[X4].  What about Will?

   --Will joined the Foo Fighters after SDRE broke up, but he was
     apparently not happy with them (there were reported disputes between
     Will and Dave Grohl).

   --Played drums for Positive Greed, Greg Williamson's band.

   --Played drums in a band called Makeshift, with Greg Williamson on
     vocals.  Jeremy helped with background vocals for the song "smoke".

   --Played with Jeremy in a political hardcore band called Reason for

   --Played in Screaming Hormones.

[X5].  What about Jeff? 

   --Played bass for the Mommyheads.

[X6].  What about Joe? 

   --Played bass for the Posies.

   --Played bass for Sky Cries Mary.

   --Played in Skyward, his own project.

| Y. The Future |

[Y1]. So what's next?

     A live SDRE album and video are on the way!

     SP 487
     Street Date - 10/19/99
     Recorded in Seattle, WA (at the Breakroom)

        1. Pillars
        2. Guitar & Video Games
        3. The Blankets Were The Stairs
        4. 100 Million
        5. Song About An Angel
        6. The Prophet
        7. Rodeo Jones
        8. In Circles
        9. J'Nuh
        10. Seven (Music Video)
        11. In Circles (Music Video)

     Sunny Day Real Estate "LIVE" 2XLP/CD
     Street Date - 10/19/99
     Recorded in Eugene, OR

         1. Pillars
         2. Guitars & Video Games
         3. The Blankets Were The Stairs
         4. 100 Million
         5. Every Shining Time You Arrive
         6. Song About an Angel
         7. The Prophet
         8. J'Nuh
         9. Rodeo Jones
        10. In Circles
        11. Days Were Golden

     SDRE have finished their obligation to SubPop and are in the
     process of choosing a new label.  We should be seeing a new album in
     April or June of 2000.  Enigk has also finished his obligation to
     SubPop regarding his solo work.  If he decides to release more
     material, it will be on a different label.

     William Goldsmith and Jeremy Enigk will be appearing in an
     independent film called "For The Cash" (director: Matt Matsuoka), in
     which they portray fallen angels.  Goldsmith played a blind alcoholic
     in Matsuoka's last movie, "Heartbreak Beat."
     "For the Cash" will be shown in Seattle this Fall, and will be
     released on video by Winter 1999-2000.  The action/comedy also stars
     members of Botch, The Murder City Devils, 764-Hero, Undertow, The
     U-Men, and Gashuffer.

| Z. Info about this Document |

[Z1]. Who wrote this FAQ and why?

     It was put together by [EMAIL PROTECTED], based on a FAQ
   written by Kabir Akhtar ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) for t.d.n
     The answers to various questions were compiled from posts to the
  SDRE-l and from conversations with people who were either in or around
  the band.

[Z2]. Who has helped out?

     This FAQ would be far less complete without the help of many
   people... Some provided information, some directed questions at the
   band members or  their entourage.  My thanks to: 

   SDRE, Greg Williamson, SubPop, Brian McCall, Alex Carmichael, Russell
   Alexander, keith ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), Chris Kayes 
   ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), Phil Johnston ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), John
   London, [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED] and all the folks mentioned
   throughout the FAQ.

[Z3]. Where can I get the most current version of the FAQ?  Is this it?

     The current FAQ will be available at:
     or by sending a request to the address below.
     Version information is available at the top of this document.


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