Dear SeaBIOS development members,

I'm Shota Uehara work for Yokogawa Electric Corporation.
I would like to confirm the status about a bug fixing of BZ#1377575.

I use Windows Server 2016 virtual machine on qemu-kvm with CentOS 7.
And now I attempt to add a dedicated virtual device to qemu-kvm, and develop 
its device driver for WS2016.

For debugging the windows driver I want to get a crash dump on WS2016, however 
it doesn't be created.
According to RedHat knowledge base, that is a Windows incompatibility issue to 
SeaBIOS, as known BZ#1377575.

Therefore, I have 2 questions as follows;
(1) Could you tell me the current status about a bug fixing of BZ#1377575 ?
(2) If possible, could you tell me the work-around to avoid such bug and 
realize to get a crash dump ?


Shota Uehara
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