I guess it is not possible.. Found this article on vendor site

"- Can the JetFlash be used as a bootable flash drive?"
"JetFlash series aims at being a portable storage device and not as a
bootable drive. No exclusive software tool is provided either."

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Aladyshev Konstantin

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I'm having problems with USB boot from Transcend JetFlash 620 drive 32GB.
SeaBIOS doesn't see it as boot device. I suppose the problem is in
SecureDrive technology that is used on this device. I tried to remove it
with "CD-ROM Remover_v1.0.0.3" tool that I've found. It removed CD partition
from OS, but SeaBIOS still can't see flash drive as boot device.

Does someone know how to solve this issue?

Best Regards,
Aladyshev Konstantin

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