So I have been working the last couple of days to understand what it
would take to kill external/libselinux (the Android Fork) and fixup
upstream so most of the delta is in. The only thing we would keep on
the Android side, is android.c and .h. Since those files are self
contained, we should just be able to merge upstream without concerns
of conflict. If we really wanted to, we could spin off a separate
libselinux-android that builds those two files and links to
libselinux, but that seems overkill IMHO.

The work is available here:

Currently to Build:
1. remove external/libselinux
2. apply this patch to bionic if not present:
3. either set external/selinux to my fork-kill branch or merge selinux
upstream master into external/selinux and apply the two patches listed

Patches that matter ( I don't know how to make pretty little git summaries):

commit e017f48acd2791a6aa62b4ed0c0b44256b26651f
Author: William Roberts <>
Date:   Wed Sep 21 16:06:37 2016 -0700
libselinux: add The Android fork files

commit f40d7facbcaf1337f37b5630b98806fd25b1dbf9
Author: William Roberts <>
Date:   Wed Sep 21 16:00:34 2016 -0700
libselinux: rectify the Android fork

The goal would be to upstream commit f40d7facb and leave
commit e017f48ac on the Android tree.

I am going to do some further testing tomorrow, and plan on submitting
the upstream patch f40d7facbc on Monday. If anyone wants to leave
preliminary feedback, or has a specific thing they want tested, let me know.

Currently tested on the emulator and checked that the digest mechanism for
last restorecon value is working.


William C Roberts
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