I have a java service app running as system. it tries to open
/proc/<PID>/stat file of an untrusted_app using it,
and I get this error:

*type=1400 audit(1464336899.711:510): avc: denied { search } for pid=9929
comm="Binder_3" name="9886" dev="proc" ino=104925
scontext=u:r:system_app:s0 tcontext=u:r:untrusted_app:s0:c512,c768
tclass=dir permissive=0*It seems that system_app lacks the permissions to
view the untrusted_app dir.
How can it be?
Did I miss something?
Note that when I connect as system (su system) I am able to read the file
/proc/PID/stat of the untrusted_app

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