Re: Sales Tax Solutions for 4D

2019-01-07 Thread JasonH via 4D_Tech
I've had helper methods to do http requests from the past, which I just keep re-using. Just checked out Http Request Need to update and start using that instead! Randy, thanks for the tip on using Postman. I installed, and recreated the request with that. Same response though. :-( I

Re: Sales Tax Solutions for 4D

2019-01-04 Thread JasonH via 4D_Tech
Trying out Taxjar, but need a little help to get started. I'm currently sending the following to (or $vt_HTTP_Request:=\ "GET /v2/rates/"+$vt_Zip+<>CRLF+\ "Host: "+$vt_Service_URL+<>CRLF+\ "Connection: close"+<>CRLF+\ "Cache-Control:

Re: Win32API 8.1.2 gui_GetWindowEx("") in v16r5

2018-01-29 Thread JasonH via 4D_Tech
FYI, using version 8.2.1 of Win32API -- Sent from: ** 4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG) FAQ: Archive:

Re: Communicating With BLE Devices

2017-10-11 Thread JasonH via 4D_Tech
Speaking of Arduino's, for school I had to buy a starter kit for my son. He won't actually need it for another month or two, but of course I immediately busted it out and started playing with it (so I can help him with his school work when they get to working on them ) It's been fun working

Re: NGINX Config

2017-09-29 Thread JasonH via 4D_Tech
Hi Doug, I can't offer anything other than to say what you have looks correct to me. I was just thinking to confirm it's a NGINX issue and not 4d / Active4D config problem, try pointing to a totally different IP than your 4D server. Name1 should redirect to your 4D webserver,