Re: SVG Text Width and Height

2017-03-25 Thread truegold via 4D_Tech
Hey Miyako, Further info from previous post... The more I experiment the more I think the width of the text is not correct. If I include these lines: SVG_SET_ATTRIBUTES ($text_svgRef;"text-align";"center") SVG_SET_ATTRIBUTES ($text_svgRef;"display-align";"center”) In a text string of “19˚”

Re: Read Only 4D Server

2017-03-25 Thread Jeffrey Kain via 4D_Tech
Write a trigger that denies modifications and hook it into every table. Or allow your analytics only through SQL on the mirror and put that login into the read only schema. > On Mar 25, 2017, at 1:22 PM, Justin Will via 4D_Tech <> > wrote: > > Does anyone know of a way to

Read Only 4D Server

2017-03-25 Thread Justin Will via 4D_Tech
Does anyone know of a way to setup a Read-Only version of 4D server. I am considering setting up a mirror database for some analytic and reporting functions and I only want to be able to integrate logs from a live server and run some reports and queries against the read-only version of the

Re: SVG Text Width and Height

2017-03-25 Thread truegold via 4D_Tech
Hi Miyako, So if I understand how to replace “text” with “TextArea”… Here’s an existing code fragment with various height/width adjustments $fontAlign_D:=Align center $pnt_X:=$ctr_X+(($ctr_X*$radius)*Cos($Angle)) $pnt_Y:=$ctr_Y-(($ctr_Y*$radius)*Sin($Angle)) $display_t:=$Degree+”˚” `

Re: 4D Query error, Beware

2017-03-25 Thread npdennis via 4D_Tech
> there has been a couple of fixes related to the database engine > (transactional query in particular) in recent nightly builds, > part of the reasons why some hot-fixes were released during a relatively > short time span. Very cool that 4D is being responsive to these. Maybe HF3 will include

RE: DDOS Attack simulator - Some Results

2017-03-25 Thread Randy Engle via 4D_Tech
Tim, Very helpful. Many thanks! Randy Engle XC2 Software LLC -Original Message- From: 4D_Tech [] On Behalf Of Timothy Penner via 4D_Tech Sent: Friday, March 24, 2017 7:46 PM To: 4D iNug Technical <> Cc: Timothy Penner

4D email client from Dave Batton, where to get the old sample 4DB ?

2017-03-25 Thread Armin Deeg via 4D_Tech
Hi, I've found this pdf: this describes a sample database for a 4D email client. Someone knows how I can get this database or a newer improved

Re: v13 - Callendars and push to ical

2017-03-25 Thread ADeeg via 4D_Tech
Try this one from Miyako, it works fine. Regards Armin -- View this message in context: Sent from the 4D Tech mailing list archive at

Re: SVG Text Width and Height

2017-03-25 Thread truegold via 4D_Tech
HI Miyako, Thanks for the info. > Ref: have you considered using instead of ? I haven’t but I will now. I’ll see if there’s a difference. Thanks for tips. John… > in general, it is best to instruct the rendering engine to decide how to > align objects, > rather than to compute the exact