RE: Storage + New shared object

2018-09-01 Thread lists via 4D_Tech
Hi David, First Both, $DeleteRecord_ob and $DeleteRecord_PN_ob must be a shared objects. Also, it seems that shared objects do not accept arrays. Convert the arrays to shared collections instead. This should work: ARRAY TEXT($DeleteRecord;Get last table number) ARRAY

Storage + New shared object

2018-09-01 Thread David Ringsmuth via 4D_Tech
I’m trying to add an object array to Storage. The documentation says that Objects can be a share storage value. I keep getting the message “Not supported value type in a shared object or shared collection.” In the below code I broke apart the assignments for easiest debugging. ARRAY

Sending multipart emails to Yahoo

2018-09-01 Thread Pat Bensky via 4D_Tech
When we send multipart emails to Yahoo addresses, they either bounce or simply disappear into the universe. When they bounce, they have an error Remote host said: 554 Message not allowed - [299] Looking up that error message isn't very helpful; "You'll receive an SMTP error or failed delivery

Re: Isolating the Cause of a Server Crash

2018-09-01 Thread Tim Nevels via 4D_Tech
On Sep 1, 2018, at 2:00 PM, Dave Nasralla wrote: > One of our systems is crashing about every 3 days and I can't seem to > isolate the cause. Lately these are crashes with a Mac crash report > appearing on the screen. > Some system details are: > - 4D Built Server app with v17.0 HF1 (64 bit

Application menu bar.

2018-09-01 Thread Jim Dorrance via 4D_Tech
v16.3 I'm building my menus by using INSERT MENU ITEM, APPEND MENU ITEM and SET MENU BAR. I am not always using a File menu and I would like to enable/disable the Quit menu item in the application menu bar. How do I do that with enable/disable menu item? -- Jim Dorrance