Re: 4D and Mongo

2019-03-07 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi, I’ve worked on a web site that does quite a bit of this. A MongoDB is typically part of an Apache/PHP based web site configuration which would already have a PHP Mongo module in place (its just a database of JSON objects). If that is the case, a 4D DB can make HTTP Client requests, and

[off] Project Request

2019-02-11 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi David, I've worked extensively with Active4D for over a decade, and also did a 2 year full time stint building an app with Wakanda, so I should have the skills your client is looking for. Let me know if they have any interest in discussing this project. Regards, Tom DeMeo

Re: WA Evaluate JavaScript in 16.4

2018-12-20 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi, I would suggest constructing an HTML page and loading any javascript libraries you need into it. Then load that page into a web area on a form. That will allow you to use WA EXECUTE JAVASCRIPT FUNCTION instead to call the functions you need from your loaded page. If this has to occur on

Re: Flexible SVG ID Strategy

2018-06-06 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi John, I understand there are cases where you might build an SVG interface using 4D commands instead of using javascript in a web area. But when you want to do drag and drop, that is probably the use case that will most benefit from using javascript. You can use a parent/child technique

Re: HTTPS Connection for Web Module

2018-05-08 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi, One of the main reasons to use 4D to publish on the web is the efficient simplicity of the architecture. There may be circumstances where putting another web server such as Apache in front is worth the trouble, but all too often, its done for no good reason. Getting the correct files

Re: 4D data on the web - what do you use?

2018-03-14 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi, I highly recommend Active4D as your server side solution, assuming you plan to do more than a few days worth of web work. You will almost certainly have to work through many of the issues that Active4D would provide solutions for, and you almost certainly won’t do as good a job of it. The

Re: Javascript Calendar in Web Area

2018-02-10 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi, I would recommend that choosing a Calendar is less important than choosing a web UI/datasource framework (which would include a Calendar solution) and using it whenever you have a choice. Picking and choosing libraries for specific UI problems makes development more difficult and

Re: Data from 4D to a webpage

2018-01-07 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi Carl, Based on what you said you wanted, I think what you need is to use the 4D HTTP client commands to post an HTTP Request to your web server from your standalone 4D app. It would be the equivalent of having 4D fill out a form in a browser and submit it to your web server. No 4D tags

Re: Anyone using 4D Write Pro with a semblance of success?

2017-10-17 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi, If you want to build emails or edit different types of text files that are kept server side, the Ace editor embedded in a web area is a better library than Tiny MCE. They seem to be shooting for a web implementation of Sublime Text. There are a ton of customizable features, and it’s

Re: Canvas alternative

2017-10-03 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi Jim Could you please explain a bit further how you get from attributes to event callbacks? Do you capture an event on the SVG area and scan all its element attributes? I took a look at the Projects page you mentioned but those are screen shots. Tom > -- > >

Re: SVG scale

2017-09-20 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi Ortwin, > On Sep 20, 2017, at 3:00 PM, wrote: > >> >> SVG is a whole lot easier to manage in JavaScript. > > I'm wondering about modern myths … Perhaps you’ve primarily used SVG to render fixed images, or if the images do change, the triggers come from

Re: SVG Scale

2017-09-20 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi, > SVG is a whole lot easier to manage in JavaScript. If for no other reason, > you've got access to the D3 libraries. I would strongly concur with David Adams point that you want to manage SVG with javaScript instead of the 4D language. This is an object oriented scheme, and its pretty

Re: SVG Scale

2017-09-19 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi Jim, It’s a common misperception that scaling in SVG is easy. You can apply a transform to get one specific scaling scheme, but there are a number of possible rules you might need for how you might want an object to scale. How an object might scale using a simple transform is baked in. If

Re: 4D and Fusion Charts

2017-09-12 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi John, Fusion charts will allow you to set an on click event handler in javascript. You need that function to be part of the page you are loading in the web area. You probably can look at one of your Wakanda examples to see how that event handler is written. Inside that function, you can

Re: Converting Quick Reports from 4D 2004 to Modern Version

2017-08-02 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi Doug, I had a conversion with this problem going from v11 to v15. There were numerous quick reports that were written in 2004 and were being used, but not re-saved in v11. Quick Reports written in 2004 would open v11 but not v15. If they are saved in v11, we found you can then open them

Re: C-objects and memory use

2017-07-25 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
FWIW - This does sound like the way javascript objects work. Tom DeMeo ** 4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG) FAQ: Archive: Options:

Re: Unclear distinction between web server session and process

2017-04-15 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Kirk, Are you sure you have Automatic Session Management checked on Database Setttings/Web/Options(I)? Tom DeMeo ** 4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG) FAQ: Archive:

Re: XML or rest services

2017-03-29 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Chuck, 4D Tags will help you compose, but they won’t help you parse. If you get an response from a request, whether XML or JSON, you will start with text. If you use XML, see the XML DOM commands. You would use DOM Parse XML source. You can then use commands in the XML DOM theme to inspect

Re: XML or rest services

2017-03-29 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Chuck, REST can return JSON or XML. JSON is always easier to work with than XML. You just parse the response into an object variable, then work with that. C_LONGINT($vl_ResponseStatusCode) C_BLOB($vx_Response) C_OBJECT($vo_Response) C_TEXT($vt_URL) C_TEXT($vt_JSONText) $vt_URL:= “Build Your

Re: Understanding 4D Mobile

2017-02-17 Thread Tom DeMeo via 4D_Tech
Hi, I worked with 4D Mobile and Wakanda for a couple of years, and for simply publishing grids and detail views of data from 4D, its pretty impressive how quickly you can put something together. Unfortunately, once you get into editing data and client side business logic, (which is what most