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(We're still working on converting subtables to real tables. That limits this project to v14 until that's done.) Do you know that V16 works with subtables? Bernd. ** 4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG) Archive:

Re: v13 - deleting Designer User group

2019-03-26 Thread B.Bippus via 4D_Tech
maybe a import and "blob to users" from a fresh 4DB? Cheers Bernd Am Di., 26. März 2019 um 20:23 Uhr schrieb Chip Scheide via 4D_Tech <>: > I created a couple of user groups as the designer of a database. > how do I remove them? > > Thanks > Chip > --- > Gas is

Re: Can't get to development mode!

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Am Sa., 16. März 2019 um 15:56 Uhr schrieb Jody Bevan via 4D_Tech <>: > Not sure what you mean, but we have special keys at startup so that we can > go into Trace mode. > sure: like this: // On Startup // If (Caps lock down) TRACE End if If ((Macintosh control down) |

Re: Coding/Development Style Guide?

2018-12-16 Thread B.Bippus via 4D_Tech
Begin each variable name with a character to specify what type it is: · String: s · Text: t · Boolean: y To add the Variable Type to the Variablename is a big help. I started many years ago to prepend the Type. And I am using the "4D Pop Marco Declaration" to automatically declare

Re: How to get the current time in a specified time zone

2018-09-28 Thread B.Bippus via 4D_Tech
> > The only thing I'm not sure about is how various time zones change in their > relationship to GMT (eg Summer Time etc.) For example if Country A is > normally on GMT -8 but they're currently on Summer Time so 7AM in that time > zone is CurrentHourGMT-8+1, how do we account for that? > > One

Re: Best way to test for a specific version of an application

2018-06-04 Thread B.Bippus via 4D_Tech
you can run this via LEP: #!/bin/bash # MSO2016 : Microsoft 15.34 app_name="Microsoft" app_path="/Applications/${app_name}" if [ -e "${app_path}" ]; then vers=`defaults read "${app_path}"/Contents/Info CFBundleShortVersionString` echo "$app_name $vers" else

Re: 4D 11.9 Server issue

2018-03-15 Thread B.Bippus via 4D_Tech
First suggestions: Status of the Automatic Relations? Or a open Query ( ;*)? AND I learned at my last Upgrade to V16: If you have problems, never trust the MSC Verify. Trash the index and let the Server rebuild it. When you have enought time, delete the whole .4DIndx, otherwise it might help

Re: 4D data on the web - what do you use?

2018-03-14 Thread B.Bippus via 4D_Tech
We are also build our own REST interface for our WebCient. We use Bootstrap / AngularJS with JSON/REST via NTK to the 4D Server. We ar satisfied with it, the solution works good and stable Some tipps: We start the REST interface with the sample Code from NTK, maybe the "

Re: 4D Called from AppleScript

2018-03-06 Thread B.Bippus via 4D_Tech
Maybe you can use 'osascript' via LEP. Like: -- Displaying a dialog with osascript osascript -e 'display dialog ""' returns execution error: No user interaction allowed. One option is to tell a background process like SystemUIServer to display the dialog: answer=$(osascript -e 'try tell

Re: Where is the client's preferences file

2018-02-02 Thread B.Bippus via 4D_Tech
on a Mac: '/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/4D/Favorites v16/Remote/' Cheers Bernd 2018-02-01 22:18 GMT+01:00 John Baughman via 4D_Tech <>: > My brain is not working this morning. Can’t remember where the > preferences for a v16 client server client is located.

Re: Intermittent 4D Server / System crashes

2018-02-01 Thread B.Bippus via 4D_Tech
> > I have been having intermittent system crashes. These happen every 2-5 > days.. Never when the system is in use. (8-21:00) Usually early in the > morning long after Retrospect has run. Retrospect Client takes about 15-30 > to back up to our main Server. > We had a similar issue but with

Re: SET WINDOW RECT v14 / v16

2017-12-28 Thread B.Bippus via 4D_Tech
Maybe this is helping: Sometimes there are some Form-Objects outside the visible Area at the Form. Make sure they are _not_ below the "imaginary" horizontal line of the Form-Objects and Form-Parts you are moving via Code. Bernd 2017-12-28 14:35 GMT+01:00 Jeremy Roussak via 4D_Tech