Re: How to get a the hidden array of a listbox?

2017-09-27 Thread spiffyguy via 4D_Tech
Hi Kirk, Use: LISTBOX GET ARRAYS (plural) and then loop through the parameter "arrColsVisible" boolean array to find the hidden arrays. - Matt -- Sent from:

Re: Apple Push Notification Servers (APNS)

2019-01-21 Thread spiffyguy via 4D_Tech
Hi Tom, That is currently correct that 4D requests don't currently support http/2 request. But there is a curl plugin by Miyako that supports curl calls with http/2 right from 4D. Scroll down to the very bottom of the readme and you will see an

Re: Socket Communication

2019-01-21 Thread spiffyguy via 4D_Tech
Hi Steve, I have been working with WebSockets on a component I wrote for 4D. I love web sockets over long-polling. I designed and created a component that can just be dropped into any database. I am planning on demo-ing the component with examples on 4DMethod but figuring out the right date.

Re: Socket Communication

2019-01-23 Thread spiffyguy via 4D_Tech
Hi everyone, Just wanted to followup and let you know that I am on the schedule for the next 4DMethod webinar session on March 13th where I will present my component and go through the "why" and especially the "how" with examples and benefits. Thanks Brent for

Re: Printing an existing PDF file with 4D silently.

2019-01-25 Thread spiffyguy via 4D_Tech
Hi Kirk, I use launch external process and the "lpr" command on both Mac and Windows. For Mac it is built in. On windows you need to go to the control panel (win7 and up) or settings (win10) and look for "LPR Port Monitor" in the "turn windows features on or off" section. (If you have windows