Re: [9fans] OT: clive

2014-05-23 Thread Fran. J. Ballesteros
streams of operations on dir structures. the zx.rfs package includes the details. the important part is the interfaces or how it can be used, as shown in the examples. El May 23, 2014, a las 11:26 PM, Oleksandr Iakovliev escribió: On 2014-05-23 13:54 , Francisco J

Re: [9fans] server push in 9P protocol

2014-10-15 Thread Fran. j. Ballesteros
the ideas are in Clive, but the code won't run for 9p or plan 9. but I think I copied somewhere (sources)? ix which was ok for a plan9 world, but experimental. El 15/10/2014, a las 18:55, Skip Tavakkolian escribió: search 9fans archives for 9P streaming. i

Re: [9fans] adding TCP half-duplex close

2017-02-04 Thread Fran. J Ballesteros
I used half closes to put go chans in the network for my weird chan based network calls. But the code works without such feature. Being just that, I dont know if it counts. > El 5 feb 2017, a las 5:39, Skip Tavakkolian > escribió: > > yes, i'm still trying to

Re: [9fans] Why getenv replaces \0 with spaces in the returned value?

2017-01-18 Thread Fran. J Ballesteros
rc lists? > El 18 ene 2017, a las 17:45, Giacomo Tesio escribió: > > Hi, last night I noticed this strange post processing in 4th edition's > getenv: > > >seek(f, 0, 0); >r = read(f,

Re: [9fans] "The Name Game"

2016-10-08 Thread Fran. J Ballesteros
a great talk. Thanks much to all involved. > El 8 oct 2016, a las 1:05, Skip Tavakkolian > escribió: > > A wonderful and entertaining talk by Charles about key ideas in Plan 9 and > Inferno. > > > > Thanks also to Ron for posting

Re: [9fans] double lock in proc.c

2017-07-24 Thread Fran. J Ballesteros
do you remember the proposal? thanks > El 24 jul 2017, a las 18:39, Erik Quanstrom escribió: > > I had a discussion with Richard about this a few years ago. Richard was no > longer convinced of the solution. at the time I agreed with his reasoning. > the comment

Re: [9fans] Reimplementing Plan 9 in Go (Was: Re: [9front] bio io functions)

2017-05-06 Thread Fran. J Ballesteros
in fact all my machines are using zx now, a 9p descendant. I'm quite happy with it. > El 6 may 2017, a las 15:17, Fran. J Ballesteros <> escribió: > > not yet. > sorry for the "was". > >> El 6 may 2017, a las 15:12, Peter A. Cejchan <ty

Re: [9fans] Reimplementing Plan 9 in Go (Was: Re: [9front] bio io functions)

2017-05-06 Thread Fran. J Ballesteros
not yet. sorry for the "was". > El 6 may 2017, a las 15:12, Peter A. Cejchan escribió: > > "clive was just another attempt"...oh, no... Clive is dead ??? > >> On Sat, May 6, 2017 at 10:18 AM, Francisco J Ballesteros >> wrote: >> I don’t now if clive or

Re: [9fans] The Case for Bind

2017-09-15 Thread Fran. J Ballesteros
I'm going to print your mail, and read it every night. thanks. > El 15 sept 2017, a las 20:07, Brian L. Stuart > escribió: > >> On Fri, 9/15/17, Marshall Conover wrote: >> >> I'll start digging in to see what I can do. I think I jumped the >>

Re: [9fans] 9n

2018-05-02 Thread Fran. J Ballesteros
I just learned to love absolute paths. IIRC, there was no deadlock caused that you should be aware of. I'ts been a long time and quite a few protocols since then, I can look for the source; there must be also some docs in the web. Also, I'm more in favor of prefix mount tables, that they are very

Re: [9fans] Talk by Charles Forsyth on Feb 1st at Imperial College London, 13:00 -14:00

2018-01-24 Thread Fran. J Ballesteros
will it be avail online, somehow? thanks. > El 24 ene 2018, a las 10:16, Hugues Evrard escribió: > > Hi all, > > On Thursday Feb. 1st (next week), Charles Forsyth will kindly give an > introduction talk to plan9 and inferno at Imperial College in London. If you >