Re: [9fans] abaco @ plan9port [WAS: Hi and, plan9-native abaco sources?]

2008-03-12 Thread Steve Simon
I think abaco should be made to host its own webcookies/webfs. Why not? I think this is a bad idea, what if you want to use an alternate webfs (on a different NIC), or an non-standard cookies file? do you want to wait whilst webcookies rescans it databse at startup and webfs rescans its

Re: [9fans] aquarela capuse problem

2008-03-24 Thread Steve Simon
The problem seems to be that aquarela doesn't have permission to switch from the user who started aquarela to the user who logged in. I assume you are not running aquarela as the hostowner (by convention bootes). -Steve

Re: [9fans] sshserve.c

2008-04-18 Thread Steve Simon
Sshfs uses ssh to start a file server program (generally called sftp) on the remote server. Under sshv2 this is described as an external subsystem, i.e. a specific message is sent to the server to start the file server subsystem. Under sshv1 which is what the plan9 ssh server supports, the

Re: [9fans] How to read fossil+venti partition without venti

2008-04-23 Thread Steve Simon
Once you have run fossil with venti and it has done its first snap -a, which is usually done after the first fossil+venti boot, you can now never run fossil without venti. Fossil now contains only the files which have changed since the last snap -a. All other files which have not changed WRT the

Re: [9fans] How to read fossil+venti partition without venti

2008-04-23 Thread Steve Simon
...But is there any way to bring up a venti server read-only -- without it trying to sync or write blocks? I am 90% sore that venti doesn not have a persistant cache of blocks waiting to be written, so if you boot venti alone it will not write anything. What you are seeing as a sync is

Re: [9fans] A new language for Plan 9

2008-05-03 Thread Steve Simon
Can I have a piece without so much rat in it? I had stir fried rat in vietnam once - well you gotta try things, tasted a bit like wild (strong chewy) chicken. -Steve

Re: [9fans] A new language for Plan 9

2008-05-04 Thread Steve Simon
As I understand it the load of supporting two libraries was too much work, also the alef (and perhaps limbo) experience lead to libthread which provides much of the same functionality - abet not quite as neatly. the sources of the 2nd edition alef have been released and there was a one line

Re: [9fans] Equis - coming soon...

2008-05-04 Thread Steve Simon
Basically, I ported tons of xlibs and wrote the DDX (Device Dependant X) part of the X for Plan 9, it supports 32 bits, some extensions, etc. And yes, it's a lot faster than vncv to a Xvnc under linuxemu. Kudos to Federico. -Steve

Re: [9fans] Authentication questions

2008-05-05 Thread Steve Simon
try some debug in factotum perhaps (-d)? I have had great success debugging auth problems between plan9 servers using auth/debug - however I don't know if this exists on p9p. -Steve

[9fans] pic and art

2008-05-13 Thread Steve Simon
Hi, Who is the keeper of the best port of art(1) to the 4th edition? I have seen Kenji san's and Andreys, anyone else done any work on it since then (the port is still not quite finished IMHO). Does anyone have a stock of pic macros for processing flow diagrams? -Steve

[9fans] dag pic preprocessor

2008-05-19 Thread Steve Simon
Hi, I want to draw some DAGs. Dot (part of graphviz) seems to be the way to do it these days, however looking at the sources I wondered if there was a smaller simpler way to do this. I found a reference to dag, a pic preprocessor which seems to be a forunner of dot. Is the source available

Re: [9fans] tcp problem

2008-05-21 Thread Steve Simon
boot: can't connect to file server: dial tcp!ip file server!564: connection refused Is your fileserver listening for 9p connections? try netstat | grep 9fs on the file server. If this fails you probably need to add the line srv fossil to your fossil config (using fossil/conf); See fossil(1).

[9fans] stub function generator

2008-06-05 Thread Steve Simon
Anyone know of some nice simple code to parse C prototype definitions and split them into nicely awk'able bits so I can generate stub functions: I have been playing with mkptypes | awk which works well for simple stuff, say my source contains: void func(int a, char *b) and I

Re: [9fans] command line tool for storing / reading files on venti

2008-06-16 Thread Steve Simon
Doesn't matter. Process groups are process groups on any Unix clone. If it's daemons you're dealing with, then it leaves the scope of this room. If it's Windows, you're out of luck. Not true, Windows has the concept of process groups. See the description of CREATE_NEW_PROCESS_GROUP at

Re: [9fans] sad commentary

2008-07-03 Thread Steve Simon
I do have to wonder about the whole TV on your mobile craze. I share your scepticism however employer doesn't, I find mob-TV meetings are an excellent forum for bullshit bingo. -Steve

Re: [9fans] why not Lvx for Plan 9?

2008-07-08 Thread Steve Simon
yes, they all suck. Try this: Ok, it would be a load of work but has anyone tried building a linux filesystem on a plan9 server (/linux perhaps) and PXE booting a linux cpu server off it? Extrapolating you could even get the server to mount its root filesystem using v9fs rather than

Re: [9fans] Sam on 9pm or plan9port

2008-07-22 Thread Steve Simon
I have a long term project to get somthing like p9p running under windows though my goal is to use a windows box as a plan9 cpu server so /dev/draw is not a priority. My approach is very similar to Russ's p9p for windows alpha on but it is many months away from finished - i get a day a

[9fans] kernel, errfmt

2008-07-25 Thread Steve Simon
Hi, I have become confused trying to understand the kernel's linkage. the kernel uses print() in many places, e.g. /sys/src/9/port/xalloc.c:80 /sys/src/9/port/devcons.c:211 This calls vseprint(). /sys/src/libc/fmt/fmt.c:47 The fmt library installs %r (errfmt) by default.

Re: [9fans] a question on style

2008-08-01 Thread Steve Simon
OK, am I just out of date or is there a real reason for linker sets? I see it this way: using linker sets means you have to learn and understand the linkers language to understand how the system is configured (when trying to track down a problem) using a bit of

Re: [9fans] Subject: Venti, redundancy, and hardware failure.

2008-08-03 Thread Steve Simon
But suppose you are asking I changed the disk device name in venti.conf. What else do I need to do for that to take effect? The answer is nothing:... having been in this situation, here is what I have planned to do - but still havent got around to yet ... I am going to make two new

[9fans] another kernel question

2008-08-12 Thread Steve Simon
I have found another piece of code I don't understand in the kernel. syscalls are all fed through a single trap, and the common code which processes them performs a waserror(): /sys/src/9/pc/trap.c:694 A few lines down this function (after the system call has been executed up-nerrlab

Re: [9fans] another kernel question

2008-08-13 Thread Steve Simon
TEXT forkret(SB), $0 very cunning... thanks russ, I get it now. -Steve

[9fans] tip9ug

2008-08-18 Thread Steve Simon
Hi, seems to have disappeared, as has - is this a temporary problem or has it been decomissioned? -Steve

Re: [9fans] Using the Acme Editor

2008-08-19 Thread Steve Simon
For me, that's a crucial thing. Keeps my code in check purely through the text of it. If I understand what you are saying I find this is really interesting. I many of the prople I work with use syntax highlighting editors and I often find their code difficult to read (I use sam). In the way

Re: [9fans] Using the Acme Editor

2008-08-19 Thread Steve Simon
Plan 9 and the related software just isn't for someone who wants to Get Their Job Done (tm). Sorry, I have to bite. Its because I want to Get my job done™ that I use plan9. -Steve

Re: [9fans] Using the Acme Editor

2008-08-20 Thread Steve Simon
Steve Simon's trademark character, I presume, was generated by [Alt]+0153--you call [Alt] an Option key, right? nope, Alt,T,M Well below 255, it's just extended/8-bit ASCII. Not right-to-left, not even out of ISO 8859. You could generate that character even on MS-DOS. I don't get this,

[9fans] sorry

2008-08-20 Thread Steve Simon
Sorry for feeding the troll, I will shut up. -Steve

Re: [9fans] aquarela only uses /rc/bin/9fs?

2008-08-20 Thread Steve Simon
The trick you want is in /rc/bin/service/startcifs - this may not be exactly the code you want but it demonstrates the technique you need. -Steve

Re: [9fans] tip9ug

2008-08-24 Thread Steve Simon
Thanks very much, I find it a very useful service. -Steve

Re: [9fans] Any Brits going to iwp9? ...

2008-08-25 Thread Steve Simon
Any Brits going to iwp9? ... ... and any great travel plans to share? yes, and i must sort that out -Steve

Re: [9fans] notes and traps

2008-08-30 Thread Steve Simon
purely as an aside this detailed conversation on how notes are handled in the kernel is very interesting, I was trying to understand this myself recently and gave up; I will now try again. Thanks, -Steve

Re: [9fans] fortune in login window

2008-09-09 Thread Steve Simon
The startup script is envoked by your profile ($home/lib/profile) where it starts rio (I call mine startup, you seem to call yours riostartup, its personal choice really) here is the relevant line in mine: exec rio -s -i startup and here is my $home/bin/rc/startup #!/bin/rc

Re: [9fans] PCMCIA Ethernet

2008-09-17 Thread Steve Simon
I was using a 3c589 until a few years ago, then I moved to a Netgear FA411 which is somwhat more mechanically robust - I broke the plug on the 3com card :-( -Steve

Re: [9fans] 9p over high-latency

2008-09-18 Thread Steve Simon
We did this, IIRC. It helped reduce latency, but... Are the modified kernel files still in your venti? I would be interested in having a play in a simple disk file sharing environment. -Steve

Re: [9fans] ape/psh can't exec in 9vx

2008-09-24 Thread Steve Simon
I may be wrong but I assumed the problem with replica was that unless you run 9vx setuid to root and trust the permssion checking in the host interface there is no way for wstat to change the username of a file to anything else that the user who started 9vx. aditionally there may b e no relevant

[9fans] postscript fonts

2008-09-25 Thread Steve Simon
being a postscript font virgin, can somone help me with what is probably a simple problem for one who knows. troff | lp gives me: /386/bin/aux/tr2post: stdin:168 :WARNING: cannot find glyph, rune=0x20ac stoken=€ troff font LucidaSans How do I add a euro

Re: [9fans] connection via proxy

2008-10-06 Thread Steve Simon
Not sure I understand, port 8080 is usually used to proxy http connections, plan9 uses several ports for its fileserver but HTTP is not one of them (well venti has a stats server but I only mention that to keep the pedants happy). what exactly are you trying to do? -Steve

[9fans] fortune worthy

2008-10-13 Thread Steve Simon
If you cannot read this, reply. Otherwise, disregard. - Pietro Gagliardi Come _on_. I'm not that subtle a 'baiter,' or... am I? [Eris Discordia] You're a master baiter. [Skip Tavakkolian] -Steve

Re: [9fans] What's so special about seek() ?

2008-10-20 Thread Steve Simon
The seek system call is here /sys/src/9/port/sysfile.c:855 The arg variable here is a pointer to the users stack making the system call. most return values are 32 bit and are passed back through syscall() /sys/src/9/pc/trap.c:660 but seek is different, it overwrites 64 bits

Re: [9fans] rc error messages

2008-10-22 Thread Steve Simon
Thanks for that erik, I have been meaning to sort that out for years, and then when I tried I drew a blank. I really should learn the internals of rc one day. See you next week in Volos. -Steve

Re: [9fans] rc error messages

2008-10-22 Thread Steve Simon
Hell, sorry for the noise, got caught replying to the list as usual. -Steve

Re: [9fans] non greedy regular expressions

2008-10-25 Thread Steve Simon
...I have started to like to use as few tools as possible. I entirely agree, there is too much to learn and you have to be selective; however my selection is: sed, awk, C and sam (for impromptu, well, editing). I cannot really comment directly on gready operators, I have never knowingly

Re: [9fans] troff .XP

2008-10-26 Thread Steve Simon
Forsyth ported refer(1) to plan9, which is what I use, I have copied his email below. -Steve i've the variant in use in sources/contrib/forsyth/refer.tgz. see INSTALL. it could do with much more work (on the strange source file partitioning, and more seriously on all those fixed-size char

Re: [9fans] central list of bugs

2008-10-27 Thread Steve Simon
There is an errata page on the wiki, however I doubt there is anyone looking at this and fixing the bugs. The bottom line is if you discover a bug, and it anoys you, fix it (you have the source). If you are feeling friendly submit a patch. Sorry if this seems harsh, but there is no support team

Re: [9fans] @{cd ...} breaks completion with ctrl-f/ins; help needed

2008-10-28 Thread Steve Simon
I issue ; @{cd lib} then lc, pwd seems to be ok, lists/returns my home directory, This makes sense to me - though I am not saying its correct. When you cd in interactive mode rc(1) writes the path to the directory into /dev/wdir. This informs rio of your current dir so it can do the

Re: [9fans] I want to port some program or driver

2008-11-03 Thread Steve Simon
There is a TODO page on the wiki which might give you some ideas. The two pieces of unfinished business that spring to my mind are the Centrino driver and the ssh V2 client, both started by Russ. These have the advantage of being started by a very talented programmer so you could learn from the

Re: [9fans] Problems with adding users.

2008-11-06 Thread Steve Simon
Cant create temp file: blah blah blah permission denied sounds like you have no $home/tmp, but /sys/lib/newuser will have created one for you so it doesn't make sense. check if $home/tmp exists and is writable by you. -Steve

Re: [9fans] Poorly created user

2008-11-06 Thread Steve Simon
You can delete arbitary files using the fossil console commands clri to delete the files first, tne directories, and then flchk to reclaim the storage, see fossilcons(8). Having said this I would perservere with trying to restore the username as Erik describes. check the contents of /adm/users

Re: [9fans] Minimalist cpu hardware (was: 9grid)

2008-11-12 Thread Steve Simon
An Intel Atom D945GCLF mini ITX was reccomended to me, I believe it is all supported by plan9 and draws very little power. I was going to use one to replace a large noise server I have at home. They also have a new dual core version though I think it has less useful I/O for my needs.

Re: [9fans] Do we have a catalog of 9P servers?

2008-11-14 Thread Steve Simon
But along the very same line of thought -- wouldn't it also then be much more reasonable to stick with an alternative aname approach when adopting 9P for symlinks, FIFOs and the rest of the POSIX paraphernalia? I'a not the one who has to implement it so my opinion is nothing more than that,

Re: [9fans] fd2path and devsrv

2008-11-20 Thread Steve Simon
The dos(1) command I wrote (in the style of cpu(1) but attaches to Windows boxen) uses a configuration file describing how the windows directories are mounted (using cifs(1)) on plan9. It also reads /proc/$pid/namespace to learn of any additional mounts so it can reliable translate plan9 paths to

Re: [9fans] plot(1) to file?

2008-11-27 Thread Steve Simon
You could use grap(1) - the troff preprocessor. -Steve

Re: [9fans] image/memimage speed

2008-12-01 Thread Steve Simon
i think this is a good point. reading from the frame buffer can be deathly slow on a lot of modern video cards. Very true, the only exception to this I know of is some of the modern Dual PCIExpress cards which use a bus in each direction. -Steve

Re: [9fans] How to implement a moral equivalent of automounter

2008-12-04 Thread Steve Simon
AFS has its warts, but, trust me, if you've used it for a while, you will not find yourself excitedly perusing the volume location database to see where your bits are coming from. Is there an AFS client for plan9 anywhere? Just curious. -Steve

Re: [9fans] How to implement a moral equivalent of automounter

2008-12-05 Thread Steve Simon
It might be an interesting project for some student(s) to reimplement Kerberos 5 for Plan 9... it's something of an open question of just how minimal and tasteful the implementation can be when it's not MIT code. ;) Indeed, if anyone ever does look at it, can I vote for including the hooks for

Re: [9fans] hints on new decoders for video

2008-12-11 Thread Steve Simon
Does anyone know of new projects or ports that could get H.264 decoding over to Plan 9 hosts? I asked around here, the feeling is that VirtualDub will decode H.264 to uncompressed AVIs in 422 or to BMPs as 444. My only convern is that some virtual dub features may be dependent on running on

Re: [9fans] acer aspire one

2008-12-12 Thread Steve Simon
The 10 Eee is great. Mine has many flyer miles. does it run plan9? -Steve

Re: [9fans] sam/rc script problem

2008-12-16 Thread Steve Simon
P.S.: Is there anything more intelligent than 'vt' for connecting to a linux machine? It all depends what you want to run on the linux box. if you need VT in order to run your editor you could edit the file remotely from plan9. To do this either run u9fs on the linux box, or pick up sftpfs

[9fans] pthreads

2008-12-16 Thread Steve Simon
I have a distant memory that somone implemented some of POSIX pthreads on plan9, i.e. I want to compile programs that use pthreads under APE. anyone got any pointers? -Steve

Re: [9fans] of historical interest (old Unix filesystems using FUSE)

2008-12-18 Thread Steve Simon
Didn't Plan 9 have a way to mount 6th and 7th edition disk images also? Was that ever released? yep, it exists, though the support is not as extensive that ancientfs. -Steve

Re: [9fans] devtrace release time

2008-12-18 Thread Steve Simon
I'm yet to see anyone demonstrate a disadvantage of doing so. the problems with publishing code is you have to: write the manual document the install process remove all the debug cruft that you where leaving just in case field emails about how it:

Re: [9fans] How can I boot plan9 on my Compaq AlphaServer DS10L?

2008-12-18 Thread Steve Simon
I´m done with some usb stuff I´m doing we at lsub plan to port plan 9 to gumstix. excellent, I will buy one and join in once you chose a device. -Steve

Re: [9fans] graphics scaling

2008-12-22 Thread Steve Simon
Re: fusion would 9vx running under linux be an interesting option? re: resample If you are experimenting with interploation a zoneplate is one of the best test signals to check your work on, though its interpretation can be tricky. /n/sources/contrib/steve/zoneplate.c

Re: [9fans] Acme scrolling tags (was Re: graphics scaling)

2008-12-23 Thread Steve Simon
the obscenely deep tree our development happens in I sympathise, though ours is not _that_ bad. I use Plan9 as my desktop and mount parts of our server off a work dir in my home directory. This way I can work with short paths whilst remaining compatible with my colleagues. just my 2¢ -Steve

[9fans] scm

2008-12-25 Thread Steve Simon
I agree with erik, given 9fs dump I have no need for SCM, however the return of the /n/sources/extra/changes would be wonderful. For the couple of years the guys at the labs where keeping one up to date I found it very interesting and, I think I learnt a lot. It also helped me to feel more

Re: [9fans] dealing with spam

2009-01-08 Thread Steve Simon
I will go with erik on this. I am using the standard smtpd with -D and the greylisting, and also a modified validateserder which probably qualifies as an earlier incarnation of erik's (he sent me the code before nupas was finished and I hacked it a bit). I get 1 or 2 spams a day. I plan to try

Re: [9fans] venti

2009-01-09 Thread Steve Simon
Post an (ignored) mode 000 fd in /srv? Since nobody could open it, it would always have one reference, and would go away when the venti did? Kudos to Mr Eckhardt for a very neat solution. -Steve

Re: [9fans] Changelogs Patches?

2009-01-20 Thread Steve Simon
... fossil does have the functionality to serve two different file systems from two different disks, but i don't think anyone has used that ... I do this, 'main' backed up by venti and 'other' which holds useful stuff that needn't be backed up, e.g. RFCs, cdrom images, datasheets etc. This is

Re: [9fans] p9 file server (npfs) w/ authentication from heterogenous systems

2009-01-25 Thread Steve Simon
Authentication isn't currently supported by any of the UNIX servers (to my knowledge). Maybe it doesn't count in your eyes, but I use u9fs to serve unix filesystems to plan9 - it supports authenticiation. -Steve

Re: [9fans] Changelogs Patches?

2009-01-26 Thread Steve Simon
Now, suppose I have a fossil buffer that I constantly snap to venti. That will build quite a lengthy chain of VtRoots. Then my fossil buffer gets totally corrupted. I no longer know what was the score of the most recent snapshot. And I don't think I know of any way to find that out. there

Re: [9fans] p9 file server (npfs) w/ authentication from heterogenous systems

2009-01-26 Thread Steve Simon
... it'd be nice if there was some way for a factotum protocol to generate a key that stayed in long term storage (i.e. in secstore) but currently, i don't think there's a way to do it, other than manually. I was needing this recently - I have to change my windows filserver password every

Re: [9fans] pull doesn't work due to unavailable sources; travelmate 291LCi specials

2009-01-28 Thread Steve Simon
you mention the touchpad - I guess this is a ps2 device rather than a usb one (though I may be wrong). You should be able to start that using mouse=ps2 in your plan9.ini. --- whatabout sound? Does anybody have Realtek AC97 audio working? There are two ac97 drivers written independently, I

Re: [9fans] porting GNU code

2009-01-29 Thread Steve Simon
optomist! Yes I am. However, I did say ``built with relative ease'', I did not say ``built easily'' ☺ -Steve

[9fans] processing mail bodies

2009-02-05 Thread Steve Simon
i considered adding code to upas to at least strip pgp nonesense from message bodies. but this would require upas to know things about what message bodies look like after mime is done with them. FWIW I have several sources of mail which have large, unnecessary disclaimers, adverts,

Re: [9fans] UPAS, IMAP, and SMTP

2009-02-09 Thread Steve Simon
Re outgoing mail via gmail. I haven't used gmail for a while but when I did I used this as the last line of my /mail/lib/remotemail. # exec /bin/upas/smtp -d -a -h net! $* You will also need to set up your TLS certificate, I think this is covered

Re: [9fans] APE vsnprintf return value bug

2009-02-09 Thread Steve Simon
I don't have a copy of the ISO 9899:1990 but Plauger's The Standard C Library has excerpts from it. In one of these it states: ``The vfprintf function returns the number of characters transmitted, or a negative value if an output error occured'' As APE does take great pains to be

[9fans] contrib/install steve/mysqlfs

2009-02-19 Thread Steve Simon
Mysqlfs available in my contrib area, modeled after inferno's odbc(10.4) though not strictly compatible with it. -Steve

Re: [9fans] Visual font viewer

2009-03-01 Thread Steve Simon
Is there a program that will render some subset of a font file so that you get a quick feel for what it looks like? I have somthing I picked off the net years ago - I didn't write it. If the author reads this I am happy to credit them with their work, but in the meantime:

[9fans] hyphen.tex

2009-03-01 Thread Steve Simon
I keep getting things like this: cpu% man backup troff: warning: can't find hyphen.tex; stdin:40 I have probably done somthing silly but running du -a /n/sources | grep hyphen felt a bit antisocial. Anyone any thoughts?

[9fans] type signatures

2009-03-02 Thread Steve Simon
Hi, I get a different type sygnature depending on weather the arg to a function contains members which are in scope or not - is this expected or a bug? for example: /* junk.c */ typedef struct unknown unknown; #ifdef DEF struct unknown { int a; }; #endif typedef struct arg arg; struct

Re: [9fans] type signatures

2009-03-02 Thread Steve Simon
Isn't this what #pragma incomplete is for? yep, I completely forgot about it. Thanks, -Steve

Re: [9fans] hyphen.tex

2009-03-02 Thread Steve Simon
you are missing /sys/lib/texmf/tex/generic/hyphen.tex [sic]. on the nose, Thanks Russ. -Steve

Re: [9fans] command repetition in sam/acme

2009-03-03 Thread Steve Simon
I would do it with awk myself, Much depends on what you want to do to the 1000'th word on the line. in sam you can even play with your awk script in the command window, editing it submitting it and if its wrong you just Undo and try again. Similar things can be done in acme I believe but I don't

Re: [9fans] command repetition in sam/acme

2009-03-04 Thread Steve Simon
Isn't it sad being in plan9?! Things should be simple, but not simpler than that. I am not sad being in plan9 [sic]. I have used it as my main OS for about eight years and I have used sam exclusively for ten. During that time I cannot remember ever needing or wanting repeat counts on regular

Re: [9fans] pdf2txt anyone??

2009-03-05 Thread Steve Simon
This may work for you but your mileage may vary. /n/sources/contrib/steve/rc/ps2txt -Steve

[9fans] new toy - gmap

2009-03-12 Thread Steve Simon
New toy, a google maps client in a few lines of script - thanks to them rather than plan9. With no args it looks in /lib/sky/here and displays where you are, with some args describing a place on the planet it tries to show you the local roads. It should really have a GUI that lets you zoom and

Re: [9fans] new toy - gmap

2009-03-13 Thread Steve Simon
A new version of gmap on will be on sources shortly, thanks to erik. Screenshots, s’il te plaît? It just generates a gmap map or satellite image of the place you name, try to see a demo. The difference is you cannot zoom and pan the image once its loaded, on the plus

[9fans] way OT but shocking none the less

2009-04-06 Thread Steve Simon
On March 9th SGI was delisted from NASDAQ and on April 1st it was purchased for just $25M by Rackable Systems. Google will tell you more if you want. -Steve

Re: [9fans] fossil caching venti errors

2009-04-08 Thread Steve Simon
cd /n/dump/2009 for (i in *) { test -d $i$home/tmp || ls -d $i$home/tmp } for (i in *) { test -f $i/mail/box/$user/mbox || ls $i/mail/box/$user/mbox } no problems here, and my server is a dual cpu PIII. I last built a kernel on the 11th of feb so if this is a very recent but I may have

[9fans] good CSP practice

2009-04-08 Thread Steve Simon
As an uneducated programmer, used to threads, semaphores, mutexes and queues, I am embarking on a multithreaded file server. My server speaks a protocol on a network socket, and exposes a virtual file system containing both data and control files. the data file maps directly to a Channel, but

Re: [9fans] extensions of interest

2009-04-09 Thread Steve Simon
in the immortal words of Colin Chapman: Complicate, then add weight. Is this sarcasm? I remember the quote as: To add speed, add lightness -Steve

Re: [9fans] exportfs security question

2009-04-10 Thread Steve Simon
truerand() returns (at most) 32 bits of entropy, which gets pushed into srand() and then 32 bits of entropy are read back out... why not just use truerand() directly? This bit I know, truerand() reads /dev/random (see cons(1)) and can only generate a few hundred bits per second. rand is

Re: [9fans] Help for home user discovering Plan 9

2009-04-15 Thread Steve Simon
... hasn't matured to that point and its age is already past when it had a chance to mature. Methinks he doth protest too much. -Steve

Re: [9fans] vgadb woes

2009-04-15 Thread Steve Simon
I thought russ posted a program that runs under X11 (on unix) and prints the video config for the current mode in vgadb form. I had a search but couldn't find it so perhaps it was wishful thinking, alternatively perhaps this wil jog somones elses memory. -Steve

Re: [9fans] security questions

2009-04-17 Thread Steve Simon
I am interested in the idea of adding some kind of resource limits to plan9. If they existsed I would probably open it up to external users, however different things would worry me: CPU use Implement the Fair share scheduler User memory Working swap would do me to fix this, but sadly rlimits

Re: [9fans] security questions

2009-04-17 Thread Steve Simon
My understanding is that would prevent people listening and pretending to offer services on my behalf, but would not stop them dialing SMTP ports on other machines and sending them spam. -Steve

Re: [9fans] Help for home user discovering Plan 9

2009-04-17 Thread Steve Simon
The Plan9 project started in 1980, took around 9 years to be solid enough to be usable and that too by the internal and, or lab people [] only. I was using plan9 outside of bell labs in 1993 - not very aggressively I admit but I didn't have the skils

Re: [9fans] Help for a home user discovering Plan 9

2009-04-17 Thread Steve Simon
There's aquarela which is a CIFS server, but I'm not sure about client. I seem to remember it being worked on at one point, but I'm not sure if it was ever completed. cifs(1) (cifs client) is alive and well at contrib/install steve/cifs I use it every day at work, its only (known) limitation

[9fans] Plan9 - the next 20 years

2009-04-17 Thread Steve Simon
I cannot find the reference (sorry), but I read an interview with Ken (Thompson) a while ago. He was asked what he would change if he where working on plan9 now, and his reply was somthing like I would add support for cloud computing. I admin I am not clear exactly what he meant by this. -Steve

Re: [9fans] Plan9 - the next 20 years

2009-04-18 Thread Steve Simon
I assumed cloud computing means you can log into any node that you are authorised to and your data and code will migrate to you as needed. The idea being the sam -r split is not only dynamic but on demand, you may connect to the cloud from your phone just to read your email so the editor session

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