Re: [libreoffice-accessibility] GPII DeveloperSpace for a11y technology - useful resource?

2017-11-07 Thread Robert W Kingett
I think this is great! I was also wondering, since OpenOffice is extremely, incredibly, accessible, and since LO can take code from OpenOffice, can't LO just take the accessibility information OO gives and kind of port it over? On 11/6/2017 7:04 PM, Thorsten Behrens wrote: Hi, just came

[libreoffice-accessibility] navigating the autocorrect options table?

2018-05-04 Thread Robert W Kingett
Using the latest NVDA on windows 10, I am having a really hard time navigating through the autocorrect options tab within the dialog where users can check or uncheck options like capitalize first letter of sentences and otherwise? When I try to navigate the table using my table keys, nothing

Re: [libreoffice-accessibility] Windows LO with JAWS

2018-05-04 Thread Robert W Kingett
Since you all can take code from OO, can't you take basically, all of their accessibility information and use it in LO? I mean, I stopped using JAWS years ago, but I heard from other people that JAWS works with OO? Would that be a lot of work? Taking all of the accessibility information from