Web uploading through email

2002-10-16 Thread Rodolfo Ortega
Hello, I’m looking for a service of web uploading other than internettrash (which do not accept new accounts ) A hug to the ACCMAILers, Rodolfo -- Enviado por http://webmail.cubasi.cu, el correo gratuito del portal CubaSi.cu -- ~~~ ACCMAIL Info (automatically generated)

Adding custom menu to Internet Explorer for your favorite ACCMAIL Server.

2009-04-21 Thread Rodolfo Ortega
Dear Accmailers: Some of the ACCMAIL servers do not provide the ability to construct the email by simply cliking on the link of the retreived page but there's a trick for Internet Explorer to add a custom menu, by tampering with the registry. If you are interested, and dare to, follow this