Cannot get googleads v201802 working

2018-03-12 Thread taral
I am using Adwords API googleads version 201710 and try to migrate to v201802. I didn't change anything except for "version = 'vxx'" (as I did when migrated to v201710). client.GetService('TargetingIdeaService', version='v201802') However it returns: Unrecognized version for the

Re: TargetingIdeaService range of dates

2018-03-01 Thread taral
Hi, Any update in this topic again? Do we have option to give custom date range in TargetingIdeaService in version vv201705? Specifically, with python. Thanks! On Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 8:21:33 AM UTC-6, Josh Radcliff (AdWords API Team) wrote: > > Hi, > > There have not been any changes