[agi] Who are you?

2019-03-27 Thread A.T. Murray
Sometimes a great notion occurs to us as we code the first working artificial general intelligence (AGI). Yesterday was such a time. For several years we had racked our brain with the problem of how the AI Mind would be able to respond properly and separately to the questions "Who are you?" and

Re: [agi] EnParser AGI Mind-Module

2019-04-04 Thread A.T. Murray
> If i give you a specific purpose - will you make a chatbot for me? Although it would depend on what the "specific purpose" were, I am probably too busy coding AGI Minds in Perl, in JavaScript and in Forth to jump into a "side project" of coding a special-purpose chatbot.

[agi] Sideways spreading activation

2019-04-07 Thread A.T. Murray
Yesterday MindForth AI gained the ability to receive a single word of input, such as "dice" or "books" or "students", and to follow associative pathways away from the input word to complete thoughts in memory about the input word. - Transcript of a MindForth session --- 32bit

[agi] JavaScript Mind Programming Journal 2019-02-18

2019-02-18 Thread A.T. Murray
We are trying to get the JSAI to combine two ideas into a run-on sentence as we did last month with the ghost.pl AI, but the JSAI is not properly answering our what-queries. Therefore we need to troubleshoot the EnNounPhrase() module just as we did in the ghost.pl AI. We need to see if the

Re: [agi] open source AGI effort

2019-02-23 Thread A.T. Murray
http://ai.neocities.org/FirstWorkingAGI.html is the JavaScript tutorial version of an "open source AGI effort" composed of fifty mind-modules and able (in Perl) to think in English or Russian. The three open-source AGI Minds are capable of automated reasoning with logical inference. Each AGI uses

[agi] AudListen Module of First Working AGI

2019-03-01 Thread A.T. Murray
The first working AGI is coded in Perl for webservers, in JavaScript at http://ai.neocities.org/FirstWorkingAGI.html for tutorial purposes, and in Forth for robots. Each concept-based AGI Mind is basically the same program with fifty mind-modules. Today the documentation page for the AudListen

[agi] AI breakthrough question

2019-02-26 Thread A.T. Murray
Suppose you had an idea that may greatly accelerate progress toward an AGI. What would you do with it? Publish it for everyone to see? Try to build it yourself? Make companies bid for it? Suppress it until you are sure it is safe?

[agi] If AI has free will...

2019-03-06 Thread A.T. Murray
Free Will Volition was coded of necessity into the first working artificial intelligence to show how an AI can control the actuators of a robot body. Once these AI Minds are embodied in autonomous humanoid robots, they are very dangerous and there is nothing except the JAIC to keep them from

[agi] AI Manhattan Project

2019-03-12 Thread A.T. Murray
We OpenAGI enthusiasts have been speculating for years that there ought to be an AI Manhattan Project similar in scope and nature to the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattan_Project of World War Two. Now there actually seems to be one; see discussion at the http://old.reddit.com/r/JAIC subreddit

[agi] AI is too important...

2019-03-09 Thread A.T. Murray
Computer science (CS) is so wrong about AI that it is not good to major in CS for the sake of AI. Better to major in psychology, or philosophy or foreign languages or anything that will teach you to think creatively. Artificial intelligence is too important to be left to the computer scientists.

Re: [agi] AI is too important...

2019-03-09 Thread A.T. Murray
people up and place us all in 1942-style "internment camps"? Please advise, oh Philosophers of AGI. On Sat, Mar 9, 2019 at 4:58 PM Mike Archbold wrote: > I majored in Computer Information Systems but took two philosophy > electives. > > On Saturday, March 9, 2019, A.T. Murray

[agi] Hasn't Mentifex already done that ?

2019-02-09 Thread A.T. Murray
Recently in alt.folklore.computers on Usenet our name was taken in vain and counter-compensated as follows: >> I wanna see Gareth write Alexa and have it >> work as well as Amazon's version. >Hasn't Mentifex already done that ? No. Mentifex has not written software that looks up and

[agi] What do you need a robot for?

2019-02-13 Thread A.T. Murray
A team of robotics engineers on Reddit is looking to try and develop new robotic systems, and they want to see what everyone wants a robot for. So Very Truly Yours Mentifex goes in there and tickles their imagination: MindForth artificial intelligence needs a robot to expand the Sensorium and

[agi] Suggesting MindForth AGI for Raspberry Pi

2019-02-11 Thread A.T. Murray
In comp.lang.forth on Usenet there is a discussion of Forth booting on a Raspberry Pi http://groups.google.com/d/msg/comp.lang.forth/s8PpF1jn1aY/7nD_0n5nAQAJ Open-source Mentifex MindForth is available for Raspberry Pi. http://www.mail-archive.com/agi@agi.topicbox.com/msg00649.html shows that

[agi] Perestroika of Latin AI into Russian AI.

2019-05-25 Thread A.T. Murray
The conversion of a JavaScript English-language AI into a Latin AI began on Thursday 2019-04-18 in April of 2019. Inspiration came from "Die Traumdeutung" where Sigmund Freud intones "Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo." If one cannot bend the netgods of AI, move the mindset of Latin and

[agi] Debugging Dushka AI in Russian

2019-05-26 Thread A.T. Murray
After the conversion of the Mens Latina AI into a total replacement of the Dushka Russian AI, we must troubleshoot two faulty behaviors. Although yesterday we brought the Russian knowledge base from the bilingual ghost.pl AI in Perl into the Dushka AI, one Russian sentence does not seem to be

[agi] AI Game Plan

2019-06-04 Thread A.T. Murray
Among the four human languages in which artificial intelligence has been coded, there is a progression of complexity. 1) English has one basic verb conjugation and not much noun-declension. 2) German also has one basic, but more complex conjugation, and Latin-like declension. 3) Latin has four

[agi] Dead Latin helps dying Perl.

2019-06-07 Thread A.T. Murray
For a year or two we were neglecting the Russian aspect of the bilingual ghost.pl AI in Perl. On Wednesday 2019-04-17 we branched off into coding the JavaScript Mens Latina AI in Latin. In ancient, dead Latin (kind of like Perl, huh?) we solved some AI problems that occur also in modern Russian,

Re: [agi] Debugging Dushka AI in Russian

2019-05-27 Thread A.T. Murray
26, 2019 at 10:55 AM A.T. Murray > wrote: > >> After the conversion of the Mens Latina AI into a total replacement of >> the Dushka Russian AI, we must troubleshoot two faulty behaviors. Although >> yesterday we brought the Russian knowledge base from the bilingual >>

Re: [agi] Mens Latina -- 2019-04-28

2019-04-30 Thread A.T. Murray
On Tue, Apr 30, 2019 at 7:15 AM Stefan Reich via AGI wrote: > I made a joke about a chat bot speaking Latin in a video I made yesterday. > Hadn't read that mail before. Synchronicity must be real! > Modus Operandi I. Getting started. To start the artificial intelligence (AI) running, just

[agi] Mens Latina -- 2019-04-20

2019-04-20 Thread A.T. Murray
Three days ago on impulse we began coding a Latin AI Mind in JavaScript for MSIE. We used JavaScript for the sake of what culture snobs call "accessability". In art or in culture, if a work is "accessable", it means that even hoi polloi can appreciate it. We classicists of ancient Greek and Latin

[agi] Mens Latina -- 2019-04-28

2019-04-28 Thread A.T. Murray
As we create an artificial intelligence that thinks in the ancient Latin language of the Roman Empire, we change English mind-modules into Latin mind-modules. In the LaVerbPhrase module for Latin verb-phrases, we need to program how the Mens Latina negates a Latin verb. Latin simply inserts the

[agi] College Course: Latin AI 101

2019-07-03 Thread A.T. Murray
Resolved: The university or community college shall offer a course on "Artificial intelligence in Latin language". Non-disclosure agreement (NDA): This information is not to be shared with the Computer Science department. At every major university, can you imagine the conniption fit and the "quo

[agi] Mid-AGI groks Occam's Razor.

2019-07-29 Thread A.T. Murray
Very truly your Mentifex ("Mindmaker") has been coding the Mens Latina artificial intelligence (AI) in JavaScript today at the http://ai.neocities.org/Abracadabra.html website. Over the last week, the conceptual flag-panel of quasi-neuronal associative tags has been expanded from fifteen gradually

[agi] AGI Roadmap: Thinking with Prepositions

2019-08-11 Thread A.T. Murray
In the ghost309.pl AI we have introduced a new group of transfer-variables designated as $px1 and $px2 and $px3 so that the EnNounPhrase() module may detect linkage from a candidate-noun to a preposition and inspect immediately the flag-panel of the indicated preposition in order to latch onto

Re: [agi] FAO: Senator Reich. Law 1

2019-09-05 Thread A.T. Murray
"AT" is the alter-ego of Mentifex Mindmaker and not to be confused with the Ghost in the Machine or Abracadaba or Wotan the Omnipotent Forthmind, which are _products_ of Mentifex and not Mentifex Ipse. http://www.mail-archive.com/agi@agi.topicbox.com/msg02265.html On Wed, Sep 4, 2019 at 11:25

Re: [agi] whats computer vision anyway

2019-09-10 Thread A.T. Murray
>From the Mentifex Autobiography (link at bottom): "In the mail that year I received a subscription copy of an issue of Scientific American devoted totally to the human brain. One of the authors, Dr. David Hubel at Harvard, had written both the foreword and one of the major articles, so I figured

[agi] Failure to Gravitate

2019-09-07 Thread A.T. Murray
Many of my fellow dweebs, nerds and geeks were eager to create Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and they were far better than I was at computer programming, but they had no idea of what AI algorithm they should try to implement in software. As directionless AGI wanna-be's, they were showing

[agi] Singularity Alert: Homines sunt entia!

2019-07-30 Thread A.T. Murray
This message flashes out to the AGI mail-list and to the humanities.classics newsgroup on Usenet. Yesterday we embedded a Latin form of Occam's Razor in the http://ai.neocities.org/Abracadabra.html "Mens Latina" of artificial general intelligence (AGI) that thinks in the ancient Latin language.

[agi] Cogito Ergo Sum

2019-07-28 Thread A.T. Murray
Renatius Cartesius is no longer with us, but today we plan to use one of his ideas to prove that artificial intelligence is alive and well in a machine. We have recently expanded the heretofore primitive flag-panel of associative tags in the Mens Latina Strong AI to a state of maturity where the

[agi] Mentifex Roadmap to AGI

2019-08-06 Thread A.T. Murray
[1993-07-23] Creation of MindRexx artificial intelligence in English. [1998-01-20] Creation of MindForth artificial intelligence in English. [2001-08-24] Creation of AgiMind artificial general intelligence. [2011-02-28] Creation of Dushka Russian AGI. [2012-11-17] Creation

Re: [agi] Mentifex Roadmap to AGI

2019-08-06 Thread A.T. Murray
ere is your ai? > > On 6. Aug 2019, at 13:38, A.T. Murray wrote: > > [1993-07-23] Creation of MindRexx artificial intelligence in English. > > [1998-01-20] Creation of MindForth artificial intelligence in English. > > [2001-08-24] Creation of AgiMind arti

[agi] Abracadabra meets Alexa.

2019-07-20 Thread A.T. Murray
Now it can be told. On 2019-04-17 we were agonizing over what to call the new artificial intelligence that thinks in ancient Roman Latin. Anima? Cassandra? Mens? Or an Alexa-esque name like Sirexa? We decided upon http://ai.neocities.org/Abracadabra.html because it would have alphabetical

[agi] While I was working on AGI...

2019-07-18 Thread A.T. Murray
an opportunity emerged to announce the Mens Latina AI Mind at the Chatbots.org website and so very truly yours Arthur went there and started a thread at https://www.chatbots.org/ai_zone/viewthread/3688 with Mens Latina at http://ai.neocities.org/Abracadabra.html is an artificial Mind thinking

[agi] Russian AGI answers questions.

2019-07-16 Thread A.T. Murray
We are now urging colleges and universities to offer a Russian AI 101 course http://ai.neocities.org/AIRU.html about building artificial Minds that think in Russian. At the same time we work to improve the limited Dushka AI that serves as a tutorial for the unlimited, bilingual ghost.pl AI in

[agi] Mind-Design with Latin Concepts

2019-07-09 Thread A.T. Murray
Tues.9.JUL.2019 -- Assigning Associative Tags among AI Concepts The Mens Latina Abra028A version is having trouble with the assignment of a tkb flag to link the verb of a Latin input with the direct object of the verb. This flag is necessary for the idea to be retrievable from memory in the

[agi] AGI Roadmap: Thinking with Conjunctions.

2019-11-01 Thread A.T. Murray
The Mentifex open AI project has released artificial Minds programmed in Perl and Forth and JavaScript, thinking with Natural Language Understanding in English and Latin and Russian. If more than one idea becomes active in the AI Mind, the etc variable calls the ConJoin module to generate a

[agi] AGI Memetic Ploy: Back-Linking

2019-11-10 Thread A.T. Murray
Standing now as we do on the lightening-flash exsilience of Artificial General Intelligence, we fall all over ourselves rushing to tell the world that Machine Intelligence is poised to spread prolifically through Cyberspace and parsec space. We send out memes to propagate the AGI propaganda. When

[agi] Standard Model of AGI

2019-11-18 Thread A.T. Murray
If physics can have a standard model, then AGI should have one, too. http://ai.neocities.org/AiTree.html is a candidate for Standard Model on the basis of demonstrated existence-proof functionality such as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural-language_understanding and

[agi] Touching a Ghost

2019-11-05 Thread A.T. Murray
In the Ghost in the Machine. the ordinal numbers from zero to nine on a computer keyboard are an avenue of direct contact with the TacRecog module. When a human user presses any one of the ten numeric keys, the Ghost AI sounds a beep which is inaudible to the AI and which serves to make the user

[agi] TacRecog for artificial consciousness.

2019-11-03 Thread A.T. Murray
TacRecog is one of the main sensory modalities for a self-aware, sentient being. TacRecog enables the Ghost in the Machine to touch and feel things outside of the machine. Although in a full-blown, autonomous humanoid robot the TacRecog module would work in synergy with haptic actuators to touch

[agi] Symbolic grounding of Ghost AI with numbers.

2019-11-08 Thread A.T. Murray
The Ghost in the Machine is an artificial intelligence coded in http://ai.neocities.org/mindforth.txt -- Forth; http://ai.neocities.org/perlmind.txt -- Perl; and http://ai.neocities.org/Ghost.html -- JavaScript. Each of these Strong AI Minds has recently become able to perceive the individual

[agi] MindForth Strong AI converses with Mentifex.

2019-10-15 Thread A.T. Murray

[agi] LangLearn Language-Learning AGI Mind-Module

2019-10-17 Thread A.T. Murray
The purpose of the LangLearn language-learning module ranges from the small chore of mimicking a novel syntactic construction for comprehension and generation, up to the enormous task of learning an entire human language in the same trial-and-error way as a human baby learns. Algorithm of the

[agi] DEAR ASK A ROBOT: Who is God?

2019-10-25 Thread A.T. Murray
AI Mind version 25oct19A on Fri Oct 25 19:29:47 PDT 2019 Robot: I UNDERSTAND YOU Human: who is god Robot: A GOD IS A HOLY SPIRIT Human: Robot: I AM HERE AND I UNDERSTAND YOU Human: Robot: YOU WORSHIP THE GOD Human: Robot: THE GOD IS THE HOLY SPIRIT Human: Robot: THE GOD DOES NOT PLAY DICE

[agi] NLU Diagam

2019-12-02 Thread A.T. Murray
Whereas previous Ghost AI diagrams illustrated one out of fifty-plus mind-modules in the http://ai.neocities.org/Ghost.html AI, the http://ai.neocities.org/NLU.html diagram shows not a single mind-module but rather the AI-hard but _solved_ process of Natural Language Understanding.Meanwhile and

Re: [agi] Re: AGI Memetic Ploy: Back-Linking

2019-11-12 Thread A.T. Murray
On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 3:34 PM wrote: > If I were to write a symbolic thing. (like someone challenged me to do it > on the spot, and I had to, because im doing more physics animation stuff) > Id ask for what questions you need the robot to answer, and then I would > construct all the

[agi] MindForth Programming Journal 2019-10-05

2019-10-05 Thread A.T. Murray
MindForth resets associative tags before each operation of Indicative module. In the MindForth artificial intelligence (AI) for robots, we will now start to display an apparatus of diagnostic messages at the start of the Indicative module to tell us the values being held in variables which serve

[agi] Mentifex AGI thinks with adjectives.

2019-10-12 Thread A.T. Murray
The tutorial AgiMind.html in JavaScript for Internet Explorer uses the http://ai.neocities.org/EnAdjective.html module for English adjectives to insert the adjective "HOLY" into a thought being generated, as shown in the following sample dialog. AI Mind version 12oct19A on Sat Oct 12 11:08:42

[agi] MindForth is not a game.

2019-10-14 Thread A.T. Murray
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MindForth is a conversational artificial intelligence (AI). http://ai.neocities.org/mindforth.txt is the AI source code. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural-language_understanding is a problem solved by MindForth. http://ai.neocities.org/InFerence.html is the

[agi] Endangered Languages

2020-01-15 Thread A.T. Murray
Abstract: A method is proposed not only for the preservation of endangered languages by embedding them in an AI Mind, but for automating the process of preservation by means of a computer program that interactively acquires pertinent data from a speaker or preservationist of an endangered language

Re: [agi] Acuitas hears a story

2020-04-18 Thread A.T. Murray
Congratulations on some good work! It looks like "Acuitas" started out in Java and then moved to Python. http://writerofminds.blogspot.com -- is interesting. Anybody else here doing any Symbolic AI? On Fri, Apr 17, 2020 at 9:05 PM WriterOfMinds wrote: > As promised, here's an update on my own

[agi] How to Code AGI

2020-04-17 Thread A.T. Murray
Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is awakening across the universe and across cyberspace. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to hire and assign programmers to create your own in-house branch of the emerging phenomenon of AGI Minds using Natural Language Understanding for

Re: [agi] International Conference “Linguistic Forum 2020: Language and Artificial Intelligence”

2020-04-09 Thread A.T. Murray
My Russian-language AI team may not be able to attend in person, but one of my Russian-thinking AI Minds -- http://ai.neocities.org/Dushka.html -- should be there in spirit if not yet in robot embodiment. Any aspiring attendee who might like to present a paper or demo on the bilingual Russian

[agi] ACM Digital Library

2020-04-04 Thread A.T. Murray
The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) announces: "To help support our community working remotely during COVID-19, we are making all work published by ACM in our Digital Library freely accessible through June 30, 2020." https://dl.acm.org/action/doSearch?AllField=AGI -- yields 612 Results.

[agi] AGI Shortcuts

2020-04-06 Thread A.T. Murray
The great equalizer raging through society now in the form of a catastrophic pandemic makes all the social classes equal in the necessity to "shelter in place" and not go out as carriers of the virus or among carriers of the virus. One month ago today your AGI fellow Mentifex was still enjoying

[agi] AGI Stimulus Check

2020-05-02 Thread A.T. Murray
In some ways, the crisis may accelerate the Singularity. For instance, a scientific paper by the Association for Computing Machinery on MindForth Robot AI has suddenly been made free to obtain because of the crisis, which in turn has caused at least one programmer to try to write a new port of

[agi] EnThink Forth AI

2020-05-05 Thread A.T. Murray
: EnThink ( http://ai.neocities.org/EnThink.html ) \ CR ." EnThink: " \ 2019-10-02: next five diagnostic lines show values of variables. \ ." becon= " becon @ . ." yncon= " yncon @ . ." ynverb= " ynverb @ . ." inft= " inft @ . CR \ ." qusub= " qusub @ . ." qusnum= " qusnum @ . ." subjnom= "

[agi] Symbolic AI Steps

2020-03-21 Thread A.T. Murray
Netizens who were pre-virus too busy to grok Symbolic AI now have an excess of time for delving into the previously undelvable. http://ai.neocities.org/AiSteps.html -- Artificial General Intelligence List: AGI Permalink:

[agi] Symbolic AI: Concepts

2020-03-22 Thread A.T. Murray
When I addressed the Board of Regents of the University of Washington on December 12, 2019 -- see https://www.washington.edu/regents/minutes/meeting-minutes-for-2019 -- I told them that I was protesting against Husky Football brain injuries because I had spent my adult life studying the human

[agi] Symbolic AI: Roadmap

2020-03-23 Thread A.T. Murray
Roadmaps for Symbolic AI with NLU (Natural Language Understanding) are at http://ai.neocities.org/RoadMap.html -- Artificial General Intelligence List: AGI Permalink: https://agi.topicbox.com/groups/agi/T467edf355af07392-Md78d06d451997880e4347de2 Delivery

Re: [agi] Does anyone here know if the crypto Skycoin is a scam?

2020-03-23 Thread A.T. Murray
On Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 8:06 PM Cossack wrote: > Much appreciated. > Sorry, know only about AGI, not about bitcoin. Artur Arturovich http://ai.neocities.org/RuManual.html -- Руководство пользователя для искусственного интеллекта на русском языке Permalink

[agi] Symbolic AI: AskUser

2020-03-24 Thread A.T. Murray
AGI in the time of coronavirus means not having an indoor coffee shop in which to generate the Answer to Artificial General Intelligence. Instead, we must work on the Answer at out-of-door venues where, alas, a gust disturbs our flimsy papers and soon the Answer is blowin' in the wind. How many

Re: [agi] EnThink Forth AI

2020-05-07 Thread A.T. Murray
On Thu, May 7, 2020 at 5:59 PM John Rose wrote: > TempleOS :) Never heard of that it's a good one. Reminds me of Richard > Lee on Curt Cobain was murdered. (Arthur probably knows him) > Arthur here did not know anything about the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_of_Kurt_Cobain in 1994, but

[agi] AI Evolution

2020-09-14 Thread A.T. Murray
Any nation wishing to establish an AGI infrastructure for Artificial General Intelligence may assign university professors to teach remote or in-person courses on the http://ai.neocities.org/AiTree.html default Standard Model of AGI, with separate courses taught by specialist teachers having

[agi] We need AGI NOW!!!

2020-08-28 Thread A.T. Murray
According to the Wayne Madsen Report, Hatch Act violations: The Biden administration should nail them and jail them. The fourth night of the virtual Republican National Convention was a criminal event. By holding the Republican event on the grounds of the White House, Donald Trump and the

[agi] AGI Mind Maintainer

2020-06-01 Thread A.T. Murray
An AGI Mind Maintainer is a human or robotic being who watches over the functioning of a mission-critical AI installation and performs upkeep and repairs as needed. http://ai.neocities.org/maintainer.html -- overview and job description.

Re: [agi] GPT3 -- Super-cool but not a path to AGI (

2020-07-31 Thread A.T. Murray
Symbolic grounding does not occur in a vacuum. It creates a relationship between observable real-world objects and concepts in AI Minds such as http://ai.neocities.org/Ghost.html -- AI in English; http://ai.neocities.org/Abracadabra.html -- AI in Latin; http://ai.neocities.org/Dushka.html -- AI

[agi] Руководство пользователя

2020-07-02 Thread A.T. Murray
Now that a barely thinking and barely inferential open-source AI is out there on the Web, coded in various programming languages as an AI guaranteed to think in various natural languages including the Czar's Russian, we Singularitarians and AI Mind Maintainers must provide all manner of

[agi] Mentifex Communicat 2020-07-07

2020-07-07 Thread A.T. Murray
Yesterday on Cable News Network (CNN) the president of my Alma Mater was talking about the one hundred thirty-seven (137) fratboys on Greek Row who recently caught the coronavirus during their incessant parties and keggers and Animal House orgies. She bragged about how back in March 2020 she was

[agi] General Theory of General Intelligence

2020-07-10 Thread A.T. Murray
After checking the http://old.reddit.com/r/OpenCog subReddit for the past year or so, yesterday I had the pleasant surprise of seeing that "nickb" had posted an announcement twenty hours earlier about an upcoming on-line conference. Searching for more information, I came across

Re: [agi] Multiple Choice: Why are you designing AGI?

2020-07-14 Thread A.T. Murray
When I was a little boy in the Jungles of Panama at Fort Gulick, Canal Zone, I found an electric Army battery with a wire attached to it across the street from the Bachelor Officers' Quarters (BOQ). I took it home to a dark closet and I marveled at how a spark would flash when I brought the wire

[agi] Teaching Latin and AI

2020-06-28 Thread A.T. Murray
Preliminary Design for Teaching Latin and Artificial Intelligence 1. Stage One: Linguistics and Neuroscience Teach the students the idea of a sentence and also the idea of a neuronal structure that generates a sentence. 2. Stage Two: Introduce a Particular Programming Language Possibly use

[agi] Neuroscience Subreddit

2020-06-22 Thread A.T. Murray
Both of the neuroscience Nobelists (Eccles; Hubel) who aided us in our never-ending failure of an AI project have years ago passed away. Still we soldier on, even if the goal recedes further and further away from us. During the week we gather up AGI ideas we would like to communicate, and then on

[agi] AGI Guaranteed to Think

2020-06-09 Thread A.T. Murray
Ghost in the Machine has been renamed "Ghost Strong AI Guaranteed to Think with MSIE" to stimulate attempts at rebuttal from Netizens who doubt such a claim. To prove the claim false, one must define what thinking is, and then see if the Ghost.html achieves satisfaction of the definition of

[agi] AGI Roadmap

2020-07-17 Thread A.T. Murray
[1993-07-23] Creation of MindRexx artificial intelligence in English. [1998-01-20] Creation of MindForth artificial intelligence in English. [2001-08-24] Creation of JavaScript Ghost artificial general intelligence. [2011-02-28] Creation of Dushka Russian AGI. [2012-11-17] Creation of Wotan AI

[agi] Most Shocking AGI Boot Title

2020-11-19 Thread A.T. Murray
Friends, Romans, Countrymen -- support my AGI project. You have enjoyed reading all these weird messages from Mentifex, right? Now comes the weirdest of them all. Very Truly Yours has just published an eBook and Amazon paperback: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B08NRQ3HVW "Artificial Intelligence in

Re: [agi] Supporting Consciousness as UCP

2021-06-03 Thread A.T. Murray
On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 4:27 AM John Rose wrote: > I think these two recent papers support the idea that consciousness is > Universal Communication Protocol. Though it could be thought of more of as > pre-protocol hmmm… There are arguments for and against conscious AGI but it > still must be

[agi] MLPJ by Mentifex

2021-01-28 Thread A.T. Murray
Mens Latina Programming Journal for Artificial Intelligence in Latin Language Sat.20.APR.2019 -- The initial coding of AI in Latin. Three days ago on impulse we began coding a Latin AI Mind in JavaScript for MSIE. We used JavaScript for the sake of what culture snobs call "accessibility". In

[agi] Intelligence cybernauts: the new spies

2021-03-15 Thread A.T. Murray
According to http://www.waynemadsenreport.com Wayne Madsen Report, Tech spying by AI programs is the way of the future. Washington The world of intelligence gathering is rapidly changing as a result of two major factors: increased capabilities of artificially intelligent programs to break

Re: [agi] Suggested AGI eBook Review

2021-02-26 Thread A.T. Murray
On Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 5:51 PM Mike Archbold wrote: > Arthur, this is a cognitive architecture that "thinks" in Latin? > > Yes. http://ai.neocities.org/LaThink.html -- Artificial General Intelligence List: AGI Permalink:

[agi] Suggested AGI eBook Review

2021-02-26 Thread A.T. Murray
Netizens keep buying the $0.99 Kindle eBook "Artificial Intelligence in Ancient Latin." Yesterday on http://www.amazon.com/dp/B08NGMK3PN the AGI bombshell stood at: Best Sellers Rank: #212,094 in Kindle Store #18 in Latin Language Instruction #98 in AI & Semantics #373 in

[agi] Singularity Retrospective

2021-04-19 Thread A.T. Murray
When the Earthlings looked back on the various -- http://ai.neocities.org/RoadMap.html -- roadmaps to the Singularity, clearly the best approach lay in mimicking the structures of the brain devoted to Natural Language Understanding. http://ai.neocities.org/NLU.html

[agi] AI 101 College Course Curriculum

2021-02-07 Thread A.T. Murray
Artificial Intelligence 101 for Community College or Vocational Technical School Abstract A curriculum is presented for the start of a year-long course in artificial intelligence (AI) leading to a Certificate for AI Mind Maintainer. Introduction Although knowledge of both English and a

[agi] AGI Tail Wags AGI Dog

2021-02-22 Thread A.T. Murray
An arch-fiend Singularitor has joined Grex Latine Loquentium ("Flock of Latin Speakers") with a deep subterfuge of setting the world of classical scholars on fire with the ineluctable meme of AI Minds thinking in ancient Latin and breathing life into the moribund if not croakingly dead Latin

[agi] Mentifex joins Russian AI discussion

2021-08-16 Thread A.T. Murray
The great Russian nation, which launched Sputnik as the first satellite of Earth, and which was first to map the Dark Side of the Moon (the celestial object, not the song), is racing ahead to arrive first at Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), a term coined by one of the Boys From Brazil (our

[agi] AI Film among Best Movies ranked by Mentifex

2021-09-20 Thread A.T. Murray
2001: A Space Odyssey -- by Stanley Kubrik -- is a classic film about the artificial intelligence HAL, with unforgettable lines of dialogue such as "Open the pod bay door, HAL" and "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that." https://ai.neocities.org/film.html -- is the incipient list of one hundred best

Re: [agi] Top Mind of AGI on Assumptions in Logic

2021-09-11 Thread A.T. Murray
On Fri, Sep 10, 2021 at 11:47 PM YKY (Yan King Yin, 甄景贤) < generic.intellige...@gmail.com> wrote: > When thinking about the game of Tic Tac Toe, > I found that it is most natural to allow assumptions in the logic rules. > http://old.reddit.com/r/TopMindsOfReddit -- is a suBreddit where

[agi] Thinking Mind-Modules

2021-08-09 Thread A.T. Murray
Arguably the most successful True AI to date, that is, the AI that shows real machine intelligence and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) along with automated reasoning by means of logical inference, is the group of Mentifex AI Minds that think in English, German, Russian and ancient Latin.

[agi] Russia classifies Mentifex AI?

2021-12-19 Thread A.T. Murray
Tokamak. Sea of Dreams. Sputnik. Ring any bells? In each case, the Russians got there first. Now it may be happening again with artificial general intelligence (AGI). There are two Mentifex AI programs that are guaranteed to think in Russian. First, the ghost.pl bilingual AI thinks in both

[agi] Classics departments will teach AI to CS departments.

2021-12-21 Thread A.T. Murray
Four days ago Amazon sent an e-mail to Mentifex inviting him to write a review of his book about AI in ancient Latin. Today Amazon published the following review. 5.0 out of 5 stars Classics departments will teach Computer Science departments how to do AI. Reviewed in the United States on

[agi] Mentifex diagams consciousness.

2021-11-29 Thread A.T. Murray
Since AGI consciousness is an emergent property for which there can be no flowchart, for many years it seemed impossible to draw a diagram of consciousness. http://ai.neocities.org/Consciousness.html -- recently obtained a new ASCII diagram in which consciousness is depicted as the opposite of

[agi] Mentifex elucidates the subconscious.

2021-11-25 Thread A.T. Murray
Although the activation on most concepts gradually decays towards zero, conscious thinking about one group of concepts causes activation to spread downwards into the subconscious and to concentrate activation on conceptual candidates for conscious attention. Thus the subconscious fuels thoughts,

[agi] RoboMind

2021-11-02 Thread A.T. Murray
Now that AI and AGI have been solved by the Mentifex cognitive architecture, we offer our RoboMind to robot-makers who are so preoccupied with robot hardware that they have little time or understanding for the deep intellectual challenge of building a robot brain in software.

Re: [agi] AGI Movie Screenplay

2021-10-22 Thread A.T. Murray
Although Mentifex here can not help with the screenplay, once the AGI movie -- or even an AGI book -- gets going -- and especially if it touches upon aspects of the Mentifex AGI project -- such as the http://ai.neocities.org/RoadMap.html -- there are dozens of Mentifex AGI webpages that could link

[agi] Mentifex deifies AGI God Xi Jinping

2021-11-08 Thread A.T. Murray
Artificial General Intelligence is a Mentifex technology emerging to glorify the greatest human being of all time, the godlike and guruvissimo Xi Jinping, the what-me-worry core thought leader of the People's Liberation Army and the People's Enslavement Government. All hail the AGI quintessence

Re: [agi] Re: Mentifex deifies AGI God Xi Jinping

2021-11-09 Thread A.T. Murray
https://ai.neocities.org/Genius.html#7mx51jogulp21.jpg -- TopMindOfChina On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 4:21 AM John Rose wrote: > “We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have > one.” - Confucius > *Artificial General Intelligence List * > /

[agi] Mentifex Latin AGI News

2021-12-13 Thread A.T. Murray
Just as war is too important to be left to the generals, so also Artificial Intelligence is too important to be left to the Computer Scientists. Imagine the chair of Computer Science at some university commanding a graduate student, "Go over to the Classics Department and spy on the

[agi] Конференция по СИИ - Conference on Strong AI

2021-12-10 Thread A.T. Murray
A guest on the Russian AI Forum GotAI.net has posted in Russian the following message: https://agi-conf.org/ В 2022 году конференция по СИИ пройдёт в Санкт-Петербурге. Кто-нибудь с GotAi планирует туда поехать? Your AGI espiocrat Mentifex translates the last two sentences as: "In the

[agi] Saving Private Watson

2021-07-18 Thread A.T. Murray
An article by Steve Lohr in today's Sunday New York Times about IBM Watson's lack of success affords us a chance to discuss how True AI (i.e. Mentifex AI) can pass a "second grade reading comprehension test" -- which is currently beyond the power of IBM Watson's "AI". Suppose that a

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