Re: Email again (Re: BUS: Re: DIS: [Promotor] Draft)

2018-07-06 Thread Ørjan Johansen
I reenabled delivery, but I think messages to me are still bouncing, my options page on mailman still complains about it and I see archive messages I haven't received (although I received some around when I sent my last message, including my own.) I did get a message successfully from GitHub,

Email again (Re: BUS: Re: DIS: [Promotor] Draft)

2018-07-05 Thread Ørjan Johansen
*Sigh* I hadn't seen that previous message. Apparently my email from the lists was disabled because of bounces around July 1, and messages from a-o and a-b only started arriving again today. a-d was still disabled when I checked on the web. I just thought you were being really quiet... Given