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2005-01-15 Thread bg -- mailing list


2006-01-20 Thread checl
-- mailing list

[gentoo-server] subscribe gentoo-server

2005-01-19 Thread Kadmos
subscribe gentoo-server

[gentoo-user] help

2005-12-29 Thread gentoo user mail list
-- mailing list

[gentoo-mirrors] LeaseWeb Gentoo mirror update

2014-05-14 Thread LeaseWeb - Mirror Administrators
Hi gentoo-mirrors, I noticed that some of our mirrors are not listed in the Gentoo mirror lists. We've had some expansion and changes here and there, so here is a new overview of our Gentoo mirrors: Netherlands: Gentoo:

Re: [gentoo-dev] Jeeves IRC replacement now alive - Willikins

2008-10-26 Thread Josh Saddler
Robin H. Johnson wrote: Willikins was not in the following channels, as nobody requested it here yet. #gentoo-apache #gentoo-br #gentoo-db #gentoo-doc-nl #gentoo-embedded #gentoo-eselect #gentoo-hardened #gentoo-installer #gentoo-media #gentoo-netmon #gentoo-osx #gentoo-pms

[gentoo-alt] Files in /$PREFIX/$PREFIX/

2006-10-30 Thread Mounir Lamouri
I see many files in /$PREFIX/$PREFIX/ that is /Library/Gentoo/Library/Gentoo on my PowerBook. I was re-emerging my system and I had a collision with a file in /Library/Gentoo/Library/Gentoo/usr/share/info/dir and I see that some packages are copying files in /$PREFIX and /$PREFIX/$PREFIX like here

[gentoo-commits] data/api:master commit in: files/gentoo-keys/seeds/

2015-10-01 Thread Brian Dolbec
commit: 3dc348f073c648f4ece3751604d3c53e2eb526e5 Author: Brian Dolbec gentoo org> AuthorDate: Thu Oct 1 17:49:26 2015 + Commit: Brian Dolbec gentoo org> CommitDate: Thu Oct 1 17:49:26 2015 + URL:

[gentoo-commits] data/api:master commit in: files/gentoo-keys/seeds/

2016-02-16 Thread Brian Dolbec
commit: 4054ad827e709a8c98871106e2ee61617a5c2d3d Author: Brian Dolbec gentoo org> AuthorDate: Tue Feb 16 18:37:06 2016 + Commit: Brian Dolbec gentoo org> CommitDate: Tue Feb 16 18:37:06 2016 + URL:

[gentoo-commits] gentoo-x86 commit in sys-kernel/gentoo-sources: ChangeLog gentoo-sources-3.12.22.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.14.6.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.12.21.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.10.40.ebuild gentoo

2014-07-01 Thread Mike Pagano (mpagano)
mpagano 14/07/01 17:37:49 Modified: ChangeLog Removed: gentoo-sources-3.12.22.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.14.6.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.12.21.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.10.40.ebuild

Re: [gentoo-dev] [RFC]: gentoo-politics ML

2007-06-08 Thread Luca Barbato
Kumba wrote: gentoo-politics gentoo-circuits gentoo-soap gentoo-project gentoo-gossip gentoo-drama - theatrical events every day, no feeling were hurt while filming the show* gentoo-chats - mindless discussions about non issues gentoo-rhetorics - exercise your language skills gentoo-pub

[gentoo-embedded] gentoo on ipaq

2005-02-05 Thread Luke Albers
has anyone installed gentoo on an ipaq yet? I have been messing with familiar for a while, but as a gentoo user, I would love to have gentoo on my ipaq. -- mailing list

[gentoo-user] gentoo older versions

2009-05-02 Thread Nitin Kanaskar
hi All I am looking for older versions of gentoo - 1.x, 2.x,... I browsed source repositories - gentoo, gentoo-src, gentoo-x86 - could not find/identify it. Will appreciate any help in this. Nitin

[gentoo-user] maya on Gentoo linux?

2005-10-15 Thread Gentoo Shadow
dear friends, where can i download de maya ple trial for gentoo linux?-- ...The future lies ahead. ___ Have you mooed today? ---\^__^ \ (oo) \___ (__) \ )\/\||--w||| ||Gentoo Linux 2.6.12-gentoo-r4-AIT-v3.3#

[gentoo-commits] proj/gentoo-bashcomp: New tag: gentoo-bashcomp-20140911

2014-09-11 Thread Michał Górny
commit: Commit: Michał Górny mgorny AT gentoo DOT org CommitDate: Thu Sep 11 14:20:33 2014 + New tag: gentoo-bashcomp-20140911

[gentoo-commits] proj/gentoo-syntax: New tag: gentoo-syntax-20141102

2016-05-29 Thread Tim Harder
commit: Commit: Tim Harder gentoo org> CommitDate: Mon May 30 03:11:32 2016 + New tag: gentoo-syntax-20141102

[gentoo-commits] repo/gentoo: Branch deleted: gentoo

2016-07-17 Thread Michał Górny
commit: Commit: Michał Górny gentoo org> CommitDate: Sun Jul 17 16:05:54 2016 + Branch deleted: gentoo

[gentoo-commits] repo/gentoo: New branch: gentoo

2016-07-16 Thread Kent Fredric
commit: Commit: Kent Fredric gentoo org> CommitDate: Sat Jul 16 07:14:27 2016 + New branch: gentoo

[gentoo-desktop] unsubscribe

2005-09-19 Thread Tim McCown mailing list -- mailing list

Re: [gentoo-doc-ru] , plz

2005-05-20 Thread
Nibootstrap - - , , Gentoo ( scripts/ - - . - ? -- mailing list

[gentoo-server] Zimbra?

2006-02-26 Thread Devraj Mukherjee
Any one using Zimbra on Gentoo? Devraj -- mailing list

[gentoo-server] gentoo-server

2007-09-18 Thread Kaleda Pavel
gentoo-server -- [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list

[gentoo-user] is there Zebra.ebuild for gentoo ?

2003-03-05 Thread raptor
is there Zebra.ebuild for gentoo ? I mean -- -- [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list

[gentoo-user] is gentoo support Async I/O, how to enable it?

2005-03-24 Thread Wenju Zhang
-- mailing list

[gentoo-user] Gentoo for the Windows NT Kernel

2005-04-01 Thread A. R. Nah! -- mailing list

Re: [gentoo-user] euse error

2005-05-08 Thread Pere Gentoo
Thanks, -- Pere ( -- Aesux -- ) -- mailing list


2005-11-29 Thread Ole Robert Hestvik
unsubscribe gentoo-user -- mailing list


2005-05-29 Thread Daniel Kukua
-- mailing list


2006-08-20 Thread Alexander Rauth
unsubscribe gentoo-dev -- mailing list

Re: [gentoo-dev] Tone in Gentoo

2010-06-15 Thread Mike Frysinger
sounds like something that should be on gentoo-project -mike

[gentoo-dev] Add Wilkins to #gentoo-powerpc

2008-08-07 Thread Brent Baude
Robin, Please add Wilkins to #gentoo-powerpc. Thanks!

RE : [gentoo-dev] Ohloh Organizations - Gentoo Linux

2012-11-18 Thread eva
That's probably some topic for gentoo-project ml. 

[gentoo-commits] gentoo-x86 commit in dev-vcs/gitosis-gentoo: ChangeLog Manifest gitosis-gentoo-0.2_p20080203.ebuild gitosis-gentoo-0.2_p20080711.ebuild gitosis-gentoo-0.2_p20081028.ebuild gitosis-gen

2014-08-03 Thread Robin H. Johnson (robbat2)
robbat2 14/08/04 04:35:46 Removed: ChangeLog Manifest gitosis-gentoo-0.2_p20080203.ebuild gitosis-gentoo-0.2_p20080711.ebuild gitosis-gentoo-0.2_p20081028.ebuild gitosis-gentoo

[gentoo-commits] gentoo-x86 commit in sys-kernel/gentoo-sources: ChangeLog gentoo-sources-3.13.5.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.12.15.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.4.84.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.10.34.ebuild gentoo-

2014-04-16 Thread Mike Pagano (mpagano)
mpagano 14/04/16 12:57:53 Modified: ChangeLog Removed: gentoo-sources-3.13.5.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.12.15.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.4.84.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.10.34.ebuild

[gentoo-doc-cvs] 57657

2006-06-06 Thread Gentoo-doc-cvs
969 -- mailing list

[gentoo-cygwin] interest in gentoo-cygwin

2006-01-07 Thread Trevor Forbes
Is this list active? Is there any interest in cygwin-gentoo??? Trevor -- mailing list

Re: [gentoo-dev] gentoo embedded sweetspot

2005-04-03 Thread Mike Frysinger
- gentoo-embedded list ;) -mike -- mailing list

[gentoo-user] Corel Draw for Gentoo linux

2005-12-21 Thread Iulian
Hi there, Corel Draw 9 for linux works on Gentoo? Iulian -- mailing list

Re: [gentoo-user] anti-portage wreckage?

2006-12-31 Thread Aniruddha
here's another business based on gentoo: -- mailing list

[gentoo-user] Power butten

2006-09-14 Thread rob
How do you get power pitten to shutdown and power off Gentoo box rob -- mailing list

Re: [gentoo-dev] [Gentoo Phoenix] an official Gentoo wiki

2010-04-04 Thread dev-random
Hm. Can you all just talk to the admin of gentoo-wiki and make it official?

Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: where goes Gentoo?

2005-08-03 Thread River Yan
I think it's value is that gentoo is for the developers. : )-- Riverfor [A chinese, a gentoo user, a programmer]

[gentoo-commits] gentoo-x86 commit in sys-kernel/gentoo-sources: ChangeLog gentoo-sources-3.15.9.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.14.13.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.12.13.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.15.6.ebuild gentoo-

2014-08-14 Thread Mike Pagano (mpagano)
mpagano 14/08/14 23:47:50 Modified: ChangeLog Removed: gentoo-sources-3.15.9.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.14.13.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.12.13.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.15.6.ebuild

[gentoo-commits] gentoo-x86 commit in sys-kernel/gentoo-sources: ChangeLog gentoo-sources-3.13.11.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.12.17.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.4.85.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.4.86.ebuild gentoo-

2014-05-07 Thread Mike Pagano (mpagano)
mpagano 14/05/07 18:50:49 Modified: ChangeLog Removed: gentoo-sources-3.13.11.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.12.17.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.4.85.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.4.86.ebuild

[gentoo-dev] New global USE flags upower and udisks (split from udev in some cases)

2014-07-18 Thread Samuli Suominen
management [+ B] (4/4.12) 4.12.5 [gentoo] [+ B] (4/4.13) 4.13.0 [gentoo] [+ D ] upower kde-misc/synaptiks: Handle mouse devices correctly across suspend and resume with upower [+ B] (4) 0.8.1-r2 [gentoo] [+ B] (4) 0.8.1-r4 [gentoo] [+ D ] upower lxde-base

Re: [gentoo-user] Procmail

2003-06-03 Thread Patrick Börjesson
:0 * ^Subject:.Cron* .cron-jobs/ :0 * ^Subject:.*[gentoo-announce].* .gentoo-announce/ :0 * ^Subject:.*[gentoo-user].* .gentoo-user/ Everything from Gentoo is being dropped into the gentoo-announce folder

[gentoo-commits] gentoo-x86 commit in sys-kernel/gentoo-sources: ChangeLog gentoo-sources-3.15.2.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.10.46.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.10.45.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.4.98.ebuild gentoo-

2014-07-30 Thread Mike Pagano (mpagano)
mpagano 14/07/30 19:39:57 Modified: ChangeLog Removed: gentoo-sources-3.15.2.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.10.46.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.10.45.ebuild gentoo-sources-3.4.98.ebuild

[gentoo-desktop] unsubcribe

2005-08-12 Thread Pierre Poulin
-- mailing list

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2005-11-17 Thread james
-- mailing list

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2006-03-25 Thread dcollaziol
-- mailing list

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2006-05-16 Thread Alari Kask
-- mailing list

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2007-01-05 Thread Barry Kostjens
-- mailing list

[gentoo-desktop] unsubscribe

2007-01-10 Thread Barry Kostjens
-- mailing list

[gentoo-desktop] jsfafbar

2007-03-23 Thread gentoo
ragr jgnhtad jdtogrc mpwyattachment: wedding_dress.jpeg

[gentoo-dev] unsubscribe

2005-03-05 Thread tcwicks
unsubscribe -- mailing list

Re: [gentoo-doc-ru] Re:

2005-02-03 Thread
- -- mailing list

[gentoo-doc-ru] ?

2005-04-05 Thread Analyzer
. , ? -- mailing list

[gentoo-doc-ru] !

2005-05-23 Thread Alex Chumakov
! : (. ) - . , - ! PS. , - . -- mailing list


2005-07-08 Thread sofixy
-- mailing list

[gentoo-doc-ru] unsubscribe

2005-11-24 Thread map7000
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[gentoo-performance] unsubscribe

2005-08-02 Thread fisch
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2006-01-20 Thread Alden Huang
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2008-02-08 Thread ~'LaPaToR'~
-- mailing list

[gentoo-performance] (no subject)

2008-06-05 Thread nicolas.cornu
unsubscribe -- mailing list

[gentoo-performance] unsubscribe

2008-06-05 Thread Ray Quezada
-- mailing list

[gentoo-performance] a

2008-06-05 Thread Daniel Svensson
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[gentoo-performance] unsubscribe

2008-06-05 Thread eric
unsubscribe -- mailing list

[gentoo-performance] unsubscribe

2008-06-06 Thread Dirk Wende
-- mailing list

[gentoo-ppc-dev] test

2006-11-14 Thread Jason
-- mailing list

[gentoo-releng] Re: Welcome to

2008-02-05 Thread Claudio Autiero
Hi all :P

[gentoo-security] (no subject)

2005-06-07 Thread Dino Sims
-- mailing list

Re: [gentoo-security] (no subject)

2005-06-15 Thread marco
-- mailing list


2005-10-13 Thread jc_cts
-- mailing list

[gentoo-security] undiscribe

2006-07-28 Thread Klaus Stockmayer
-- mailing list


2008-02-11 Thread Dominik Zalewski
unsubscribe -- mailing list

[gentoo-security] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

2008-03-06 Thread Gianpiero.Tavano
-- mailing list

[gentoo-security] (intet emne)

2008-03-07 Thread Thomas Skipper
-- mailing list

[gentoo-security] sub

2008-03-11 Thread Chris L. Mason
-- mailing list

[gentoo-server] (no subject)

2005-06-07 Thread Dino Sims
-- mailing list

[gentoo-server] (no subject)

2005-09-09 Thread Joel Moore
-- mailing list

[gentoo-server] unregister

2005-09-26 Thread Marko McLion
-- mailing list


2005-10-19 Thread Bernd Lippert
-- mailing list


2006-02-09 Thread Thomas Warnick
-- mailing list

[gentoo-server] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

2007-02-10 Thread tm
-- mailing list

[gentoo-server] unsuscribe

2007-02-21 Thread Jonathan Pelletier
-- mailing list

[gentoo-sparc] unsubscribe

2006-02-17 Thread Lee Urbanski
-- mailing list

[gentoo-sparc] unsubscribe

2006-03-01 Thread basile au siris
-- mailing list

[gentoo-user] unsuscribe

2005-02-07 Thread Dabi
unsuscribe -- mailing list

[gentoo-user] Unsubscribe

2005-02-23 Thread Alex Howells
-- mailing list

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2005-03-03 Thread Dennis Bird
-- mailing list

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2005-03-04 Thread Calvin Garrison
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2005-03-29 Thread slyder
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2005-04-03 Thread Patrick Clery
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2005-04-03 Thread Patrick Clery
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2006-01-06 Thread Chaz
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[gentoo-amd64] unsubscribe

2005-04-26 Thread Richard Mahlberg
-- mailing list


2005-05-16 Thread Dmitry Lazarev
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2005-08-12 Thread Ben
help -- mailing list


2005-08-12 Thread Ben
help -- mailing list

[gentoo-amd64] unsubscribe

2005-08-27 Thread dan farrell
-- mailing list

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