Re: [all-audio] cleaning up vinyl records?

2018-04-28 Thread Dane Trethowan
I have to admit to enviously eyeing off the Rega Rp8 and Rp10 machines and what makes it worse is that I know someone who has one of the Rp8 machines, lovely piece of equipment though right out of my price range right now at just over $3000. On 27/04/2018 1:33 AM, André van Deventer wrote:

[all-audio] Victor Reader Stream and BARD Navigation

2018-04-28 Thread Matthew Chao
Hi, Folks. i have a Victor Reader Stream Second Edition. Whan looking for books on the BARD Web site, it will tell me how many results it found, but I can't get past maybe four or five of them. Yet in looking in Magazines, I can get to the prompt that will bring up more titles. What am I