Re: [all-audio] a simpler SF request.

2019-03-17 Thread Matthew Chao via Groups.Io
up there, but I think you need to pay for them.--Matthew Chao They're On 3/16/2019 8:25 PM, Curtis Delzer wrote: I need the jfw scripts for the software. Does anyone know if the snowman still supports them -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Links: You receive all messages sent to this

[all-audio] Software that Plays streaming 5.1 Surround Sound

2019-03-07 Thread Matthew Chao via Groups.Io
Hi, Folks. Anyone know of a streaming media player that will accurately play streaming 5.1 surround sound content? Tried some YouTube demos of that, and I couldn't get my PC to play truly 5.1 surround sound, even though I have a 5.1 system, and can play movies and games and get the 5.1