[Alsa-user] RME HDSPe AIO and AO4S -192 AIO

2020-05-19 Thread Maurizio M
I cannot install the Windows version as I am using a computer with IBM Power architecture and consequently there is no Windows but only Linux. Yes I confirm that the RME cards work without problems on Linux, only I tried to understand how to enable the other 2 outputs but if you are not aware

[Alsa-user] Out AO4S 192 AIO

2020-05-18 Thread Maurizio M
Hi Ralph, yes I was missing the third part in fact you are absolutely right. I did step 3 and already saved 2 presets thank you very much. I wanted to ask you for more information then if possible, I have 2 more outputs from the expansion card that I have just installed, the AO4S-192-AIO,

[Alsa-user] HDSPConf in the RME HDSPe AIO

2020-05-10 Thread Maurizio M
Hello excuse me, I am writing to you because I have a problem with your application dedicated to RME HDSPe AIO sound cards. When I install Alsa Tools Gui, both the HDSPE Mixer and the hammer icon called HDSPconf are installed on the computer. Just this executable with the hammer called