Re: [android-developers] Re: Google's 1099-K

2012-04-12 Thread nexbug
It is just a report of all gross payment transactions they did for you which they report to irs. I dont believe it has much to do with your actual earnings. Your actual earning may be lower. (Not a tax lawyer so take this with a pinch of mud) -- You received this message because you are

Re: [android-developers] Have you ever created this app?

2012-04-12 Thread nexbug
Also, i dont think it will work in the country i hail from. We almost never get to drive straight (unless drunk) :-) -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers group. To post to this group, send email to To

Re: [android-developers] Re: Google Play

2012-03-09 Thread nexbug
I wonder if we should now expect a google work where we can publish business apps ? -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers group. To post to this group, send email to To unsubscribe from this group,

[android-developers] Re: Architecture of mobile application

2011-11-24 Thread nexbug
Check out that profile. Seems to be a spambot. On Nov 22, 11:51 pm, Dusk Jockeys Android Apps wrote: BelvCompSys Like 90% of your posts, due to your opaque references, hints at inside knowledge, and otherwise generally obscure method of communication, I have no idea

[android-developers] Checkout became wallet and now we have no visibility/manageability

2011-11-18 Thread nexbug
Today morning our checkout account became wallet, and now none of the sales information or profile and user information is available in Wallet. Is there a different link we need to go to manage our developer account ? Without this, we are dead in the water for validating customer payments If

[android-developers] Re: Checkout became wallet and now we have no visibility/manageability

2011-11-18 Thread nexbug
That helped Kostya, thanks! -g On Nov 18, 9:14 pm, Kostya Vasilyev wrote: At this time, these still work for me: -- Kostya 18.11.2011 19:56, nexbug пишет: Today

[android-developers] Re: Is my brother authorized to buy and review my app?

2011-09-15 Thread nexbug
Just let him buy it. Afaik there are no rules prohibiting that. That way you will have access to a purchased version for testing when things break on upgrade or on different new devices. On Sep 15, 12:03 am, DraganA wrote: Why don't you just add his email to your test

[android-developers] Re: Fwd: Regarding the Android application development

2011-09-15 Thread nexbug
WOW... Back in our days we had to actually code stuff. But seriously, I think what you will have to do is first break down your problem into and then Google for solutions to your smaller problems. Also, try not to mention your employers name here or high level details of the

[android-developers] Re: PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK and thread running in a service

2011-09-09 Thread nexbug
Get the lock in the oncreate of the service and release it at the end of the thread On Sep 9, 4:41 am, Evelyon wrote: I have got a service which runs a thread. The thread save some data in a file (in the sdcard). When Android goes to sleep, I need that the service and the

[android-developers] Re: Android development is very bad

2011-08-22 Thread nexbug
Yep, you are probably right. It's a good idea then for you to stick with what you like then. Some peope (me personally) like developing without being spoonfed or hand-held. Not everyones cup of tea ;-) Either ways, I doubt if complaining here is going to help. Good luck. On Aug 21, 11:22 pm,

[android-developers] Re: Is there a best (or worst) time to release apps?

2011-08-08 Thread nexbug
Personally, if you are releasing updates, and you have a rather large userbase on varied devices, you really dont want to push the button before taking a weekend break. Monday morning is the right time if you want to catch breakages fast and fix them quick. -g On Aug 8, 7:36 am, rich friedel

[android-developers] Re: How do we get Google's attention regarding the problems around randomly sorting comments in the Android Market?

2011-07-31 Thread nexbug
I really hope google is watching.. the value of market comments cannot be understated. Done wrongly as now , it can hurt good apps and boost bad ones. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers group. To post to this group, send email to

[android-developers] Re: Strange exception

2011-06-17 Thread nexbug
Why not open upthat line in the android source? Assuming you are lucky and get a reasonable matching srcfile... On Jun 16, 11:32 pm, Yahel wrote: That's what the first three lines of your stacktrace suggest. Yahel On 16 juin, 18:33, Felix Garcia Lainez

[android-developers] Re: android celebrites api

2011-06-17 Thread nexbug
Would there be some basic support for drag and drop in this api? Also hopefully these would be extensible to Tollywood and Mollywood in later versions.? When can we get a preview/trailer sdk? -g On Jun 17, 10:34 am, daniel wrote:     public void

[android-developers] Re: How to publish Motorolo Xoom Build to market

2011-02-22 Thread nexbug
bigger problem is that apps built on the preview SDK dont seem to want to install on the XOOM. the device is out in the next few days, but we cant publish HC apps to it. does anyone have any ideas on publishing 3.0 apps to the market ? Or are XOOM users going to get turned off by the lack of 3.0

[android-developers] Re: Developing for Galaxy tab(any tab resolution devices)

2010-09-23 Thread nexbug
also may want to set dpi to 240 ?? -g On Sep 18, 4:14 am, MarcoAndroid wrote: Or be patient, as this official google blogpost says a custom AVD should be coming from Samsung: On 17 sep, 12:58, Rahul

[android-developers] Re: users report paid app doesn't download/install

2010-09-14 Thread nexbug
i wonder mot12, if you would be able to find a user who has this problem and have him run adb -d logcat and see if there is any output showing the symptom ? if you do find it, do publish.. On Sep 14, 10:55 am, TreKing wrote: On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 12:47 PM, mot12

[android-developers] Re: App Force Closes - Help - Beginer

2010-09-14 Thread nexbug
to see the real exception, simply run adb -e logcat while generating this exception in the emulator On Sep 14, 5:29 am, TreKing wrote: On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 9:28 PM, Arshad wrote: I was searching for the error on the internet And the error would be

[android-developers] Re: Applanet

2010-09-07 Thread nexbug
This is not the first one, and it wont be the last i am sure. There have been others, but they have been gracious enought to pull our app from the list on request. -g On Sep 7, 2:39 am, Lo Zeno wrote: I don't know how many are aware of this:

[android-developers] Re: User request refund 20 days after purchase

2010-08-25 Thread nexbug
Keep in mind though, you don't know how many customers have paid you and stopped using the app to the fullest, butmay have totally forgotten to refund the app. It all kinda evens out. On Aug 25, 2:13 pm, TreKing wrote: On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 4:07 PM, Federico Paolinelli

[android-developers] Re: HTC Sense Dutch Date Formatting

2010-08-17 Thread nexbug
You did nothing wrong. Htc seems to have shipped an unlocalized runtime. The only workaround is to use dateformat from android.text. sucks big time since there is no locale awareness in thhere. Moreover there is no way to test reliably either g On Aug 16, 2:34 am, Rob wrote:

[android-developers] Re: Update calendar events

2010-08-17 Thread nexbug
Everyday we get requests from our users for this functionality. We have resisted the temptation to do this because the risk of a new android release breaking this is scarier than telling no to a few hundred customers. Id advise against doing it. On Aug 16, 2:49 pm, RichardC

[android-developers] Re: Chilling news: Oracle sues Google over Android

2010-08-17 Thread nexbug
Face it, This is just a ploy by msft and apl to distract android devs from writing code And make them spend all the time speculating and starting flame wars. On Aug 16, 1:30 pm, Frank Weiss wrote: Fabrizio, thanks for sharing that Forbes article

[android-developers] Re: Server Error when saving cc info from Android Market

2010-08-17 Thread nexbug
We have started getting customer emails very frequently from week before last about this. This is slowly rising to the top support issues for us. On Aug 16, 10:04 am, TreKing wrote: On Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 3:45 PM, Paul wrote: Many of my buyers are getting

[android-developers] Re: Confirmation routine

2010-07-30 Thread nexbug
a simple approach is to use the AlertDialog as AlertDialog.Builder bldr = new AlertDialog.Builder(this); bldr.setTitle(confirm) ; bldr.setMessage(place bid ?) ; bldr.setPositiveButton(R.string.yes, new DialogInterface.OnClickListener(){ @Override public void

[android-developers] Re: Parsing heavy data

2010-06-08 Thread nexbug
save it to a file, and use the pull parser with the file as the input stream ??? -g On Jun 7, 7:52 pm, Frank Weiss wrote: AFAIK SOAP is a bit heavyweight for a mobile device, but in many cases people have to use that existing legacy technology. Many people are using lighter

[android-developers] Re: Application losing SharedPreferences and Sqlite database on Droid

2010-05-21 Thread nexbug
:-) Part of the answer probably lie in this file :;a=blob;f=core/java/android/database/sqlite/ look for the method called onCorruption(). Why it would ever be called is beyond me, but seems to happen as time goes by

[android-developers] Re: Google should prohibit task killers on Android Market

2010-05-03 Thread nexbug
Too extreme :-) On Apr 30, 1:56 am, Tomáš Hubálek wrote: Hello, I'm on developer of Digital World Clock Widget ( I'm receiving a few emails per week with complain that my widget stopped working. In all

[android-developers] Re: any lawyer types out there that can get this site down?

2010-04-08 Thread nexbug
Basically you can get a subscription to their site for a nominal fee and they will give you access to pirated android apps. The same apps that you publish for a fee, the seem to download them from the market by paying you once and distribute to their paid users for free. Nice business model. I

[android-developers] Re: LED problems on Droid with the 2.1 update

2010-04-08 Thread nexbug
we have had reports from Droid users in the past when the the LED notification color had red component in it. But that used to happen even before 2.1 -g On Apr 8, 5:18 am, jarkman wrote: We're getting lots of complaints from our users with Droids that the LED colours

[android-developers] Re: Nexus 2.1 on sale, WHERE is the SDK!

2010-01-11 Thread nexbug
notifications come through the trackball light: IOW, it's not a bug, it's a feature. String PS: *Still* waiting for a 2.1 SDK... On Jan 11, 1:32 am, nexbug wrote: Users reporting that the notification

[android-developers] Re: Nexus 2.1 one sale, WHERE is the SDK!

2010-01-10 Thread nexbug
Users reporting that the notification lights are not working as on earlier devices(let alone LED color customization). Have been chasing around trying to figure this out until i realized none of the apps are showing the flashing notification which we have all come to expect on the device. Not even

[android-developers] Nexus and notification light

2010-01-08 Thread nexbug
Anyone ever been observing that the usual flashing lights which used to work on the Droid when you set a notification does not work anymore on the nexus, or is it just me ? the pulsing light is cool, but does not honor colors. -g -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the