[android-developers] Re: Service not able to download network data while in standby

2008-12-16 Thread MrChaz
As the others have said, use the AlarmManager. A couple of other things which may be of use to you if your process takes a long time Use the PowerManager to get and aquire a WakeLock - this will stop the phone from going to sleep whilst you're doing stuff. Use the WifiManager to get and aquire a

[android-developers] Re: Using WifiManager or WifiConfiguration.Status

2009-03-20 Thread MrChaz
It works fine for me I assume you're using the permission uses-permission android:name=android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE/ uses-permission On Mar 19, 10:53 am, wafa wafa_ga...@hotmail.com wrote: Hi all, Does anyone have an idea how use those Class(WifiManager or WifiConfiguration.Status)

[android-developers] Re: How do I make my application to be restarted after the phone is powered-on again?

2009-03-30 Thread MrChaz
Thanks for the code in the other thread. Very useful. On Mar 30, 12:39 am, Mark Murphy mmur...@commonsware.com wrote: pperotti wrote: Thanks Mark, I have just read also the response in the last update of your latest book. That was fast! ;-) -- Mark Murphy (a Commons

[android-developers] Re: Save an mp3 from a remote site

2009-03-31 Thread MrChaz
Sure, Something like //Where the file comes from URL sourceURL = new URL(address); URLConnection conn = sourceURL.openConnection(); InputStream inStream = sourceURL.openStream(); // Where the file is going to go FileOutputStream outStream= new FileOutputStream(sdcard/file.mp3); //a read

[android-developers] Re: How to progress bar before going to next activity

2009-03-31 Thread MrChaz
Have a look at the API Demos that are on the emulator Views Progress Bar Dialogs might be a good place to start On Mar 30, 1:03 pm, amx ameyashe...@gmail.com wrote: Hi All, My application involves doing some calculation on the first activity and sending the information to the second

[android-developers] Re: New app update force closes immediately on startup!

2009-03-31 Thread MrChaz
I was under the impression that if you have an app installed without protection and then update to a version with protection you get force- closes. I have no idea if it's been confirmed though, sorry. On Mar 31, 7:43 pm, rcs rsar...@gmail.com wrote: Hello all... This morning, we updated our

[android-developers] Re: Save an mp3 from a remote site

2009-03-31 Thread MrChaz
...@gmail.com wrote: Thanks a ton. Didn't know android allowed saving to mp3 directly unlike an iphone. On 31-Mar-09, at 5:32 PM, MrChaz wrote: Sure, Something like //Where the file comes from URL sourceURL = new URL(address); URLConnection conn = sourceURL.openConnection

[android-developers] Re: Need for backup functionality

2009-04-03 Thread MrChaz
I went with plan B and simple copied the database file it lives in data/data/package name/databases/database name if i remember rightly. On Apr 2, 9:23 pm, droozen droozenr...@gmail.com wrote: So I've come to a need to backup data in my application, so a user can safely restore the important

[android-developers] Re: Passing ArrayList across actvities

2009-04-07 Thread MrChaz
Assuming MyList is an object you'll need to make it implement Parcelable and Serializable There are then 2 functions that you'll need to set up this is used to re-create the object at it's destination: public static final Parcelable.CreatorMyList CREATOR = new Parcelable.CreatorMyList()

[android-developers] Re: help......i am a Beginners

2009-04-13 Thread MrChaz
You need to make sure that there is text in the TextEdits before calling parseDouble because it will throw an exception otherwise. Something like: String heightText = fieldheight.getText().toString(); if( heightText != null !heightText.equals()){ // do stuff here } should work. On Apr 13,

[android-developers] Re: Map not Displaying, Just tiles only

2009-04-13 Thread MrChaz
Have you added the INTERNET permission? On Apr 13, 6:17 pm, nithin warier nithin.war...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, I tried to display map in emulator. But its showing just tiles only. I am attaching the screenshot and the log message is like this. 04-13 22:30:06.934: INFO/ActivityManager(48):

[android-developers] Re: Persistant Variables

2009-04-13 Thread MrChaz
Take at look at on onSaveInstanceState() You can use that to save things into the bundle that is passed to onCreate() On Apr 13, 7:26 pm, Kirk kirk.mora...@gmail.com wrote: I have an activity that responds to the accelerometer. When the device is rotated, a different layout is displayed based

[android-developers] Re: How to validate data being entered into an EditText control?

2009-04-13 Thread MrChaz
Could you could create your own KeyListener and pass it into the TextView via setKeyListener()? On Apr 13, 7:02 pm, Videoguy puri_mall...@yahoo.com wrote: Hi I have an EditText control to accept IP address fields. Its xml input attribute allows everything else except IP addresses. How to

[android-developers] Re: Persistant Variables

2009-04-13 Thread MrChaz
now.  I do think it's silly for onCreate to be called again on rotate; there should be an onOrientationChange event or something. Kirk On Apr 13, 11:31 am, MrChaz mrchazmob...@googlemail.com wrote: Take at look at on onSaveInstanceState() You can use that to save things into the bundle

[android-developers] Re: Early Look Android 1.5 SDK

2009-04-14 Thread MrChaz
Great news, It's good to be able to see what's coming before it gets to the consumers but damn, it looks like this is not going to upgrade smoothly. hey ho. On Apr 14, 12:30 am, Xavier Ducrohet x...@android.com wrote: Hello developers! I'm pleased to announce the release of an early look of

[android-developers] Curious debugging problem

2009-04-16 Thread MrChaz
I'm getting a force close on a real device but I can't replicate it on the emulator which means I can't find out why it's crashing. For some reason the debugger never attaches when I try and debug on the actual device. I'm running Vista and SDK 1.1 Any and all help welcome :)

[android-developers] Re: Curious debugging problem

2009-04-17 Thread MrChaz
the crash happened and why. On Apr 16, 7:41 pm, Al alcapw...@googlemail.com wrote: On Apr 16, 6:13 pm, MrChaz mrchazmob...@googlemail.com wrote: I'm getting a force close on a real device but I can't replicate it on the emulator which means I can't find out why it's crashing. For some

[android-developers] Blank screen when switching activities

2009-04-25 Thread MrChaz
Hey, I've got a basic list activity with a few images that when you select one starts a new activity with a SurfaceView (based on the Lunar Lander sample). Some times the screen is just blank, from some debugging I can see that the background .png is being loaded and doDraw() is being called by

[android-developers] Re: How To Programmatically Turn On/Off WIFI?

2009-09-16 Thread MrChaz
Add uses-permission android:name=android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE/ uses-permission uses-permission android:name=android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE/ uses-permission to the manifest file On Sep 16, 4:36 am, !oEL runzhou...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, Second question of the day, how do I

[android-developers] Quick Text to Speech example

2009-09-16 Thread MrChaz
Saw a couple of posts from people looking for info on the new text to speech library so I had a whirl at getting it running. Seems to work without any kind of permissions or anything - took about 5 minutes, I must say I'm really impressed! I'm sure this probably isn't best practice but it works

[android-developers] Re: OpenGL 2D Game Framework

2009-09-20 Thread MrChaz
Wow, thanks. I look forward to checking this out. On Sep 18, 2:08 pm, rich...@stickycoding.com rich...@stickycoding.com wrote: I've been working on a game framework for a little while, and while its far from perfect, I've put the current version online. To be honest, I haven't used much

[android-developers] Re: MyLocationOverlay causing crash in 1.6 (Donut)

2009-09-26 Thread MrChaz
Well if they will install a non-released version of the OS then that's to be expected. On Sep 25, 10:04 pm, CaptainSpam captains...@gmail.com wrote: Recently, two independent users with 1.6 (Donut) on their phones have informed me that my app crashes after it enters a MapView, just as soon as

[android-developers] Re: Is it possible to upgrade HTC Magic G2 from 1.5-Cupcake to 1.6-Donut ?

2009-09-29 Thread MrChaz
At some point, when 1.6 is finished, the update will be pushed to your phone and it will ask you if you want to update. Otherwise I think you can either flash your phone or apply the update manually. On Sep 29, 1:09 pm, Kasmoori Bindu bindukasmo...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, I am currently using

[android-developers] Re: Android Game Framework ?

2009-10-06 Thread MrChaz
Rokon looks pretty good and sounds pretty much like what you're looking for. You'll never be able to avoid writing the game loop but at least Rokon removes a whole bunch of the engine code. On Oct 5, 10:57 pm, vetch oldpete...@gmail.com wrote: I do not know if Rokon is good or great. I looked

[android-developers] Splintering of the Market

2009-10-11 Thread MrChaz
Having just received an e-mail from the Google about up-coming changes to the market I was wondering what other people thought of it. The bit that I don't like the sound of is: First, we have added the ability to target applications by carrier in all countries. For example, if you are showing

[android-developers] Re: paid apps

2009-10-16 Thread MrChaz
It seems that a lot of US cards don't allow foreign currency purchases so if you application isn't in dollars they can't buy it. On Oct 16, 1:08 am, Andrei gml...@gmail.com wrote: For paid apps on average there is like 15 - 20% declined credit card rate, why is it so high? The message is: The

[android-developers] Re: Google: please change your release process

2009-10-26 Thread MrChaz
That's almost worse than being apparently incompetent. Assuming the rumours around Droid are right it's going to be packing openGL ES 2 which is not 100% compatible with 1.0 and who knows what other changes there will be with the different graphics chip in there. Personally I feel like there are

[android-developers] Re: Google: please change your release process

2009-10-27 Thread MrChaz
That's a slippy slope to start on JP, not long until we're building for vendor specific custom OS's and then versions of those OS's. Say what you will about Apple but having a super tight target platform makes everyones life so much easier. Heck, just look at the dominance of consoles. roll on

[android-developers] Re: Android 2.0

2009-10-27 Thread MrChaz
Yeah it would but given it's their job to support the community and the community is demanding more maybe they should start to look at their practices. On Oct 26, 11:41 pm, Marco Nelissen marc...@android.com wrote: On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 4:29 PM, Frank arro...@gmail.com wrote: Why is the

[android-developers] Re: Multitouch support in Android 2.0

2009-10-27 Thread MrChaz
Thanks for the info, Wouldn't this Finger 1 up: MotionEvent ACTION_POINTER_1_UP with one pointer, whose ID is 1. need to be ID of 0? Or am I mis-understanding the purpose of the UP action? On Oct 27, 4:45 pm, Dianne Hackborn hack...@android.com wrote: It's basically just some new APIs on

[android-developers] Re: Google: please change your release process

2009-10-27 Thread MrChaz
Sorry if I confused Mark, I was speculating on a gloomy possible future not suggesting something that we needed to do. Just riffing on the idea of having to create vendor builds if they end up running exclusive new (or keep old) versions of Android On Oct 27, 2:12 pm, Mark Murphy

[android-developers] Re: Android 2.0

2009-10-28 Thread MrChaz
For what it's worth, I believe the biggest causes of apps breaking on the newer devices are them having trouble with the new screen densities / sizes, and them using private APIs.  We got the screen support out earlier in 1.6 and have been trying to beat that drum to get people to start to

[android-developers] Re: OpenGL ES 2.0?

2009-10-28 Thread MrChaz
There's been no word on any hardware that supports 2.0 yet On Oct 28, 6:47 pm, gigadude e.a.hutch...@gmail.com wrote: Is there a timeline for GLES 2.0 support (hopefully in the NDK as well)? Thanks for any info! --~--~-~--~~~---~--~~ You received this message

[android-developers] Re: 3D Developers - Motorola Droid OpenGL ES Specs are in

2009-10-29 Thread MrChaz
Thanks for that, Assuming Anandtech is right about the 3gs that chip is actually better. I'm guessing they'll open 2.0 later - they did hint at another sdk by years end. On Oct 29, 3:35 am, Robert Green rbgrn@gmail.com wrote: I just got my hands on this phone.  Here's my summary: 1)  

[android-developers] Re: how to be paid by the market?

2009-10-29 Thread MrChaz
The money is sent straight to my bank account so I guess that's a wire transfer. On Oct 28, 10:02 pm, shadow_of__soul shadow.of.sou...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, i'm interested to develop games for the android platform, but i have a question that i haven't been able to answer. i'm from

[android-developers] Re: Screen Sizes with 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0

2009-11-13 Thread MrChaz
It seems like the links in the reference are broken 1.6 lets you specify which screen sizes you support and what to do in each case, so you'll be ok compiling against that. I'd still download the 2.0 and create an emulator image running that at the droid screen- resolution. By default android

[android-developers] Is there a list of standard Intent specifications?

2009-11-14 Thread MrChaz
I'm looking into getting my application to show up when the user tries to 'share' a picture via the Gallery application I can't, however, find any information about how exactly to go about this. I get that I need to declare an intent filter for the SHARE action, what I can't seem to find is how

[android-developers] Re: Is there a list of standard Intent specifications?

2009-11-15 Thread MrChaz
/ category /intent-filter On Nov 14, 9:30 pm, Mark Murphy mmur...@commonsware.com wrote: MrChaz wrote: I'm looking into getting my application to show up when the user tries to 'share' a picture via the Gallery application I can't, however, find any information about how exactly to go about

[android-developers] Re: Is there a list of standard Intent specifications?

2009-11-15 Thread MrChaz
Thanks mark, I really didn't want to have to crawl around code to find how it's sending the picture i.e. as a content uri and how it's storing it (EXTRA_STREAM) still, it works now. Thanks again. On Nov 15, 12:42 pm, Mark Murphy mmur...@commonsware.com wrote: MrChaz wrote: That's the one I'm

[android-developers] Re: fwd: get the file path from a URI instance

2009-11-17 Thread MrChaz
If I remember rightly, the gallery returns you a content uri so you'll want to do something like: getContentResolver ().openInputStream(uri) On Nov 17, 5:53 am, Abhi abhishek.r.sha...@gmail.com wrote: Hi Dianne, I am trying to do the following. I have an Image viewer where in the user picks

[android-developers] Re: Displaying Text such as score in an OpenGL game

2009-11-17 Thread MrChaz
It's not that bad, you can just copy the LabelMaker and NumericSprite classes and then call them in the same way that example does in the render. At least that's all I'm doing for my little 2D effort. On Nov 17, 2:10 am, Kevin S. dada...@gmail.com wrote:    I have a the beginnings of an Open GL

[android-developers] Re: ATTENTION ANDROID TEAM: Take back control of Android.

2010-01-17 Thread MrChaz
Marks right, generally things work well. Although there do appear to be some differences between handsets in terms of their openGL support - seems like droid has some issues with png formats (at least from what I've seen on message boards) On Jan 17, 2:35 pm, Mark Murphy mmur...@commonsware.com

[android-developers] Re: OpenGL Fillrate Issues

2010-01-26 Thread MrChaz
Am I right in thinking that the Galaxy likes a depth of 16? I guess this might also be a good to place to ask how I'd find out the type of phone the game or whatever is running on so that I can start accounting for this stuff? On Jan 26, 1:00 am, Ralf Schneider li...@gestaltgeber.com wrote: I

[android-developers] Re: OpenGL Fillrate Issues

2010-01-27 Thread MrChaz
@Kevin You might want to look at the rokon engine a good basis for doing a 2D game as it takes care of pretty much all the rendering work. @Mario I was hoping to avoid using the build number as that is a temporary fix only. @Ralf The accepted work around for the touch slow down issue is to put a

[android-developers] Re: OpenGL Fillrate Issues

2010-01-28 Thread MrChaz
like toon warz. I'll check out light racer 2d. Expect an email soon :) @mrchaz you can detect on which device you are running by checking via the android.os.build.Build.Model String (writing this from the top of my head, just google for android build). I use the SimpleEglConfigChoser and don't

[android-developers] Re: Using bitmap data to copy pixels to a new bitmap

2010-02-01 Thread MrChaz
The getResources() method is defined in the Context class so you'll need access to a context or be calling it from within a child class like an Activity. On Jan 30, 2:26 am, lyon lyonbeck...@gmail.com wrote: In ActionScript development, there are two classes, Bitmap, and BitmapData. Bitmap uses

[android-developers] Re: How to achieve ultra smooth OpenGL/ES animation

2010-02-01 Thread MrChaz
The easiest way to achieve a smooth rotation is to multiply the rotation amount by the time difference between the current frame and the last frame - that way the amount moved is constant over time. On Feb 1, 5:18 pm, tomei.ninge...@gmail.com tomei.ninge...@gmail.com wrote: Hello Android

[android-developers] Re: how to load XML files dynamically

2010-02-04 Thread MrChaz
The LayoutInflater has an inflate() method which lets you do this: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/LayoutInflater.html On Feb 4, 12:00 pm, Shekhar shekhar...@gmail.com wrote: Hi Folks, I need help on how to load XML  file dynamically in the code.I have an activity and for

[android-developers] Re: Android: Draw a scalable Rectangle

2010-02-09 Thread MrChaz
That should be easily doable with a Surface, Canvas and a Paint object. Draw the bitmap onto the canvas, then draw the rectangle around it and display it on the surface. On Feb 9, 6:43 am, warrior chandu.ku...@gmail.com wrote: Hi All,     Can anybody help me to draw a scalable rectangle around

[android-developers] Re: Can i use real number? for example 0.5

2010-02-10 Thread MrChaz
dp is a way of keeping things consistent over varying screen densities. If you don't want to do that you could specify one of these: px Pixels - corresponds to actual pixels on the screen. in Inches - based on the physical size of the screen. mm Millimeters - based on the physical size of the

[android-developers] Re: everyone likes compliments :*)

2009-07-31 Thread MrChaz
A man walking in a bar On Jul 31, 7:32 pm, greg sep...@eduneer.com wrote: Step 7 of exercise 3 in the Notepad Tutorial at    http://developer.android.com/guide/tutorials/notepad/notepad-ex3.html mentions that onPause() and onResume() are also complimentary methods.  Sadly, when they ran, I

[android-developers] Re: WHY?!Touch the screen opengl change to slow,please help me!

2009-08-01 Thread MrChaz
This is a know problem - caused by the system spamming touch events (I think) The work around is to put a Sleep() call into the event handler On Aug 1, 10:54 am, wanzi ! wanzihe...@gmail.com wrote: I run the 1.5API DEMO :SpriteTexture (openggl demo),   everything is ok,but when I touch the

[android-developers] Re: TextView changing from other thread

2009-08-01 Thread MrChaz
You can't update a UI component from a thread that isn't the main (UI ) thread. You ought to be able to post() back to the main thread. On Aug 1, 10:02 pm, Illidane illid...@gmail.com wrote: Hi! I'm writing some game using OpenGL and have two views : SurfaceView for OGL and TextView for my

[android-developers] Re: How to keep mobile network alive even if screen is off

2009-12-10 Thread MrChaz
Take a look at the PowerManager and the WakeLock Be careful with them though because keeping the cpu awake will drastically reduce battery life. On Dec 10, 11:30 am, Alex Tang tangli1987...@gmail.com wrote: Dear everyone,      I want my service keeps network connection alive even if user

[android-developers] Re: T-Mobile Carrier Billing

2009-12-10 Thread MrChaz
That's probably the best thing to happen to the market, I wonder why they're being quiet about it. I also wish it worked for foreign currencies but progress is progress so I mustn't grumble On Dec 10, 8:00 pm, polyclefsoftware dja...@gmail.com wrote: Apparently they've started rolling it out:

[android-developers] Re: Alarms, Receivers and Wakelocks...oh my!

2009-12-11 Thread MrChaz
The code I'm using has a static method in the service I'm about to start that creates a wake lock that I then reference from within the started service. I took it from a discussion about WakeLocks in here and it seems to work. private static PowerManager.WakeLock _wakeLock = null;

[android-developers] Re: Forward search queries to one single activity that handles search

2009-12-15 Thread MrChaz
As I understand it you only want the intent-filter in the activity that does the searching. The intent filter says the to platform hey I can do this Then in the activities you want to use the search you can startActivityForResult() On Dec 15, 12:11 pm, Stefan Klumpp stefan.klu...@gmail.com

[android-developers] Re: Forward search queries to one single activity that handles search

2009-12-15 Thread MrChaz
activities accept search input (meaning pressing the search button opens up the search box), but then as soon as the search gets started it should be handled by the one single search activity. I hope that helps to better understand my problem. On Dec 15, 1:50 pm, MrChaz mrchazmob

[android-developers] Re: When call mWifiManager.isWifiEnabled , it crash. thanks in advance.

2009-12-17 Thread MrChaz
Have you added the permission to read the wifi state? Can you post the exception that is thrown? On Dec 17, 7:13 am, zz zt1082 zt1...@gmail.com wrote: When I call mWifiManager.isWifiEnabled() , program is crash. my Code is: - import

[android-developers] Re: Nexus 2.1 one sale, WHERE is the SDK!

2010-01-05 Thread MrChaz
From the QA Jason Chen: Q: Why was it necessary for Google to design the phone? Why couldn’t it just be an HTC phone running the new flavor of Android? And will these new features becoming to Droid? A: It’s inaccurate to say Google designed the phone (points to HTC CEO). [Google] is just

[android-developers] Re: Nexus 2.1 one sale, WHERE is the SDK!

2010-01-05 Thread MrChaz
Thanks for replying Dianne, it's nice to see an official face in one of these threads. I have to say though that with the best will in the world chances are things are still going to break somewhere, although admittedly minor ones. The other thing, which is more important imo, is engaging with the

[android-developers] Re: I want to make a Toast to prompt again and again on screen after every 5minutes.

2010-01-07 Thread MrChaz
If you want to notify the user of something from the service you'll want to use the NotificationManger to create and show a Notification On Jan 7, 6:28 am, Manoj linkex.ma...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, Please help me out on the issue as I want to make a Toast to promt again and again on screen by a

[android-developers] Re: How do I get full-sized image back from Camera using MediaStore.IMAGE_CAPTURE ?

2010-01-08 Thread MrChaz
As far as I know it's bugged and you can't get full resolution images via the intent. I ended up just creating my own camera activity. On Jan 8, 5:26 pm, Ray Benjamin ray.benja...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, I managed to figure out how to get the camara application to give me an image, but it is

[android-developers] Re: HTC Hero (and others) and 100% Awake Time

2010-01-09 Thread MrChaz
Maybe your app running it coincidently causing a problem with something in the SenseUI widgets - they do fancy stuff with messages etc don't they? On Jan 9, 3:32 am, Doug dougforp...@gmail.com wrote: Hello, I have an app that works on any version of Android from 1.5 up - this makes it

[android-developers] Re: subclasses vs constructors

2010-01-15 Thread MrChaz
A constructor is what is called when you create a new instance of a class i.e. new Integer() calls the constructor of the Integer class. A subclass is a class which extends another class. You do this so that you can share functionality without duplicating code On Jan 15, 7:40 am, Duey Oxburger

[android-developers] Re: Sprites VS 3D ?

2010-01-15 Thread MrChaz
2D is certainly easier because you're leaving out a whole dimension when working with movement, camera and collision. I should think it's probably less expensive in terms of memory too because you won't have as complex i.e. large vertex array - although I'm guessing a bit. On Jan 15, 9:36 pm,

[android-developers] Performance comparison NDK vs SDK

2010-04-06 Thread MrChaz
Does anyone have any numbers showing the difference in performance between the NDK and SDK? I'm curious how much difference it makes in terms of fps / number or polys on the screen that kind of thing -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers

[android-developers] Re: Performance comparison NDK vs SDK

2010-04-06 Thread MrChaz
, Don't use function calls. Avoid any Abstraction, etc. SERIOUSLY? But back to your question: The performance advantage of NDK vs SDK can be anything from 0-1%. It all depends. 2010/4/6 MrChaz mrchazmob...@googlemail.com Does anyone have any numbers showing the difference

[android-developers] Re: Performance comparison NDK vs SDK

2010-04-07 Thread MrChaz
tips for performance improvements. Anyway, 100 Sprites is not very much if you are already using OpenGL... So may be you are right and the only solution is to target high end devices for your next project. 2010/4/6 MrChaz mrchazmob...@googlemail.com I was hoping that someone had tried

[android-developers] Re: Not using a WakeLock so why does the device stay awake?

2010-04-13 Thread MrChaz
iirc, that flag means the system gets a wake lock for the life of the activity for you. On Apr 13, 9:52 am, westmeadboy westmead...@yahoo.co.uk wrote: I have a service which, when started, does some stuff (like downloading files) typically taking about 2-3 minutes. If I start this service and

[android-developers] Re: Rendering scaled bitmap with high fps

2010-04-17 Thread MrChaz
That's an awfully large texture. Seeing as loading the texture is a one time penalty then openGL really ought to be faster in the long run On Apr 16, 2:42 am, Frederic frede...@mayot.net wrote: I'm in the following situation: I have a large bitmap (~1280x1024) that I'd like to display on

[android-developers] Re: can i run .exe in android and what is opengl o/p format?

2010-04-20 Thread MrChaz
No, you'll need an .apk file which is the installer for android applications. Nearly all phones support openGL ES1 The newer ones (N1, Droid etc) support openGL ES2 via the ndk On Apr 20, 10:25 am, mmkr manutd...@gmail.com wrote: Hi all,       I'm new to opengl. Is it possible to run the

[android-developers] Re: Device Seeding Program for Top Android Market Developers

2010-04-30 Thread MrChaz
You just need a 2pin to 3pin converter and the charger will work just fine in the UK :D On Apr 30, 4:15 pm, feilfly feil...@gmail.com wrote: finally, I received it. But the charger is EU standard not UK standard :-( On Apr 30, 3:09 pm, Ottavio Vanini ottavio.van...@gmail.com wrote: Hi all,

[android-developers] Re: Android Market Licensing: Now Available!

2010-07-28 Thread MrChaz
Great stuff, I'll certainly be implementing this as soon as I can. Thanks :) On Jul 27, 6:55 pm, Trevor Johns trevorjo...@google.com wrote: Android fans, For those of you who haven't already heard through our blog, we've just launched the Android Market licensing service:

[android-developers] Re: Weird problem with ListView

2010-09-29 Thread MrChaz
At a guess I'd say it's caused by the listview recycling views. There's a long talk here about ListView: http://code.google.com/events/io/2010/sessions/world-of-listview-android.html On Sep 29, 2:51 am, John Gaby jg...@gabysoft.com wrote: I have a ListView which presents a table of items.  The

[android-developers] Re: Payment on updates?

2010-09-29 Thread MrChaz
I have a feeling the download notification says 'authorizing' or some such when you download an update for a paid add. They may think they're being charged again. On Sep 29, 10:34 am, Pieter pie...@gamesquare.nl wrote: I received the following comment today: Great little appbut you have to

[android-developers] Re: deleting an app from the market?

2009-04-29 Thread MrChaz
Un-publish the old one? On Apr 29, 2:36 pm, gsmd gsm...@gmail.com wrote: This question has been left w/o an answer before. My case: the new version has it's package name changed (domain name switch) so I obviously can't upgrade. Created a new app under the same name and uploaded the new

[android-developers] ListView display problem

2009-05-01 Thread MrChaz
I have a list activity which is doing something very strange when you select items. It doesn't seem to be de-selecting old items if you click on a different one. if you use the trackball it seems to select every other item and then swap the selection as you move up and down. I'm not doing

[android-developers] Re: Debugger doesn't start on G1

2009-05-03 Thread MrChaz
Do you have android:debuggable=true set? It's an option in the manifest, that sorted my issues out On May 3, 5:36 pm, Prasanna prasannagau...@gmail.com wrote: Whenever I try to run debugger for my applications, it gets stuck on Waiting for Debugger. It works fine on  a ADP1 phone. Leaving it

[android-developers] Re: onDraw() help needed....!

2009-05-05 Thread MrChaz
You're overwriting the previous line each time you touch so the application can only draw one line. As far as I know each onDraw() call clears the screen and, therefore, your previous strokes. Take a look at the Path class, this provides an easy way of chaining together multiple points into one

[android-developers] Re: Playing a .mp3 file using View Intent

2009-05-05 Thread MrChaz
it's audio/mp3 not /audio/mp3 On May 5, 11:27 am, Asif k asifk1...@gmail.com wrote: Hi all,    I want to play a mp3 file which is stored in the /sdcard/ using ACTION_VIEW intent and I used following code to accomplish that, but I got ActivityNotFound Exception.. Intent intent = new

[android-developers] Re: reset to paid or completely remove the old free apps from Market?

2009-05-06 Thread MrChaz
You can't convert a free app to a paid one unfortunately. I ended up renaming the package and then changing the title of the old one on the market. On May 5, 10:42 pm, jman chunyen...@gmail.com wrote: I certainly would like to keep using the old name for the paid version of the software but I

[android-developers] Re: Installing the USB driver for HTC Magic on Vista

2009-05-12 Thread MrChaz
It just appears as a usb drive. You have to ok the dialog on the phone which asks if you want to mount the drive too. On May 9, 5:21 pm, notthegingeron...@googlemail.com notthegingeron...@googlemail.com wrote: Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to install the usb driver for the HTC magic?

[android-developers] Re: sound effect using SoundPool

2009-05-13 Thread MrChaz
Apologies for necro-posting but I thought I might as well post the fix I found for the non-looping sounds in the code TJerkW posted. Essentially setLoop() takes the Id of the instance of the sound that is being played not the Id of the loaded sound. So it should look something like this:

[android-developers] Re: Sprite imaging for 2D game programming

2009-05-18 Thread MrChaz
Take a look at the Canvas method drawBitmap() http://developer.android.com/reference/android/graphics/Canvas.html#drawBitmap(android.graphics.Bitmap,%20android.graphics.Rect,%20android.graphics.Rect,%20android.graphics.Paint) with that one you can specify the bitmap (the sprite sheet), the

[android-developers] Re: Progress bar update help

2009-05-26 Thread MrChaz
You can ask a URLConnection for the content length and then read from the content stream in chunks. You can display your progress by setting the max to the content length and then incrementing the progress by your read chunk size. On May 26, 1:21 pm, Sukitha Udugamasooriya suk...@gmail.com

[android-developers] Re: Sensor not being notified when in standby

2009-05-29 Thread MrChaz
It is possible but keeping the phone on to receive the events will seriously hurt battery life and should be avoided if at all possible. On May 28, 4:58 pm, Éderson M Ferreira ederso...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, I am listening events from accelerometer sensor and everything is going right. The

[android-developers] Re: 2D animation with User interaction

2009-06-05 Thread MrChaz
To get the accelerometer readings you'll need to implement a listener, have a look at the SensorManager. As for displaying the images you can do that either in software using a SurfaceView or openGL using a GlSurfaceView. Checking for intersections can be done when you update the positions. The

[android-developers] Re: How to persist my canvas between calls to invalidate()

2009-06-07 Thread MrChaz
I'd probably try writing each point onto a in-memory bitmap and then displaying that instead. On Jun 7, 8:18 am, RS letscod...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, I am trying to render a customized view which draws points on the canvas whenever  they arrive from a remote device. Whenever a new value is

[android-developers] Re: Passing Arguments to service

2010-12-10 Thread MrChaz
Add it to the Intent that you're using to start the service. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers group. To post to this group, send email to android-developers@googlegroups.com To unsubscribe from this group, send email to

[android-developers] Re: Adding buttons to a notification

2010-12-10 Thread MrChaz
From a poke around here: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/notifiers/notifications.html#CustomExpandedView it looks like you need to call setOnClickPendingIntent() on the RemoteViews passing the id of the button and a pending intent to handle the click. -- You received this message

Re: [android-developers] Re: Google Nexus S - Please provide as DEV phone, asap :-)

2010-12-20 Thread MrChaz
Aah, assumptions. Do you know if it'll be released as an ADP 4? -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers group. To post to this group, send email to android-developers@googlegroups.com To unsubscribe from this group, send email to

[android-developers] Re: Converting Touch Inputs to Vectors

2010-12-30 Thread MrChaz
You might want to look at the GestureDetector ( http://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/GestureDetector.html) as it's designed to do pretty much this exact task iirc. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers group. To post to

[android-developers] Re: Does Android's GPS location provider do a built-in optimization?

2010-12-30 Thread MrChaz
1) You're using the GPS and the CPU so it's going to drain the battery like any other task. The system deals with talking GPS etc all you're doing is registering a *listener *which receives the information when updates happen. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the

[android-developers] Re: Change Texture

2010-12-30 Thread MrChaz
onDrawFrame() will be called repeatedly and in there should be a piece of code like glBindTexture(GL10.GL_TEXTURE_2D, textures_ids.get(0)); that's the bit that is selecting the texture to be drawn, all you'll need is an if statement or something to make it use the other one. -- You received

[android-developers] Re: Help me on AsyncTask

2011-01-04 Thread MrChaz
If it's crashing then take a look at the exception that's logged it'll give you a line number. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers group. To post to this group, send email to android-developers@googlegroups.com To unsubscribe from this

[android-developers] Re: Can not decode high resolution picture

2011-01-05 Thread MrChaz
An image that large is likely too big to be loaded into memory. There's not much you can do about that other than making it smaller or breaking it into a number or smaller images. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers group. To post to

[android-developers] Re: Trying to get my head around multi screen densities.

2011-01-06 Thread MrChaz
afaik The system should scale the images for you. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers group. To post to this group, send email to android-developers@googlegroups.com To unsubscribe from this group, send email to

[android-developers] Re: 3G data is paused when phone goes to idle/sleep

2011-01-07 Thread MrChaz
Using a WakeLock keeps the system awake and will keep a 3G data connection alive. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers group. To post to this group, send email to android-developers@googlegroups.com To unsubscribe from this group, send

[android-developers] Re: Performance issue with mapview when using large number of items

2011-01-13 Thread MrChaz
You could try and merge over-lapping icons or detect when people are scrolling and add/remove icons appropriately. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers group. To post to this group, send email to android-developers@googlegroups.com To

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