[ANNOUNCE] Apache Qpid Dispatch 1.9.0 released

2019-09-26 Thread Ganesh Murthy
The Apache Qpid (http://qpid.apache.org) community is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Apache Qpid Dispatch 1.9.0 Qpid Dispatch is a router for the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol 1.0 (AMQP 1.0, ISO/IEC 19464, http://www.amqp.org). It provides a flexible and scalable

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Apache Commons BCEL Version 6.4.0

2019-09-26 Thread Gary Gregory
The Apache Commons BCEL team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Commons BCEL 6.4.0! The Byte Code Engineering Library (BCEL) is intended to give users a convenient way to analyze, create, and manipulate compiled .class files. Classes are represented by objects containing all the

[ANNOUNCE] Apache Druid (incubating) 0.16.0 release

2019-09-26 Thread Clint Wylie
The Apache Druid team is proud to announce the release of Apache Druid (incubating) 0.16.0. Druid is a high performance analytics data store for event-driven data. Apache Druid 0.16.0-incubating contains over 350 new features, performance enhancements, bug fixes, and major documentation