[ANNOUNCE] Apache Directory LDAP API 2.0.1 released

2020-03-29 Thread Emmanuel Lecharny
he Apache Directory Team is proud to announce the availability of version 2.0.1 of the Apache Directory LDAP API. The Apache Directory LDAP API is an ongoing effort to provide an enhanced LDAP API, as a replacement for JNDI and the existing LDAP API (jLdap and Mozilla LDAP API). This is a schema

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Apache Commons Lang 3.10

2020-03-29 Thread Gary Gregory
The Apache Commons Team is please to announce the release of Apache Commons Lang 3.10. Commons Lang is a set of utility functions and reusable components that should be of use in any Java environment. Lang 3.9 and onwards now targets Java 8, making use of features that arrived with Java 8. For

[ANNOUNCE] Release of Apache Flagon UserALE.js (Incubating) v2.1.0

2020-03-29 Thread Joshua Poore
The Flagon team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Apache Flagon UserALE.js (Incubating) version 2.1.0 Apache UserALE.js (Incubating) is a free, open-source application for thin-client behavioral logging. Apache UserALE.js is suited for business analytics and enterprise