[Announce] Snowdrift.coop news: design, conferences, priorities

2016-01-30 Thread Major announcements about Snowdrift.coop
Hi everyone, I keep putting off posting announcements as we keep having yet a few more things we'd like to get in place, but here's a short summary of significant news: ## Booth at SCaLE last weekend Last weekend, Bryan and I attended the Southern California Linux Expo where Snowdrift.coop had

[Snowdrift-announce] LibrePlanet 2016 this weekend and more

2016-03-19 Thread Major announcements about Snowdrift.coop
Hi all, Stephen Michel, our new Project Manager, will be at LibrePlanet 2016 this weekend! If you're going, see about connecting with him. You can reach him at step...@snowdrift.coop If you're attending, besides just meeting, Stephen will have some stickers, so those of you who are launch

[Snowdrift-announce] Snowdrift.coop status update

2016-04-23 Thread Major announcements about Snowdrift.coop
A general update about the status of Snowdrift.coop: Snowdrift.coop recently engaged in a full-blown utilization of Holacracy (http://www.holacracy.org/) for our internal working structure, see https://git.snowdrift.coop/sd/governance One of our most dedicated volunteers, Stephen Michel, has