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On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 2:13 AM, Shukla, Mangesh

 Hi Alexandro,
 Thanks for the quick response. Actually I would prefer the solution to
 be in C++, as I am not comfortable with Python. I will check the Add-on
 samples for the socket implementation. But since I am starter, I would like
 to discuss the design of how it should be implemented.

This is pretty old, but still a good read to learn how the API is
structured using C++

Just take it as a low priority read about the environment.


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 You can do an add-on that open a socket and read the data from your
 application. There are some tutorials on doing this on the development

 Although not very secure, this tutorial tells you the basic of a listener
 or deamon that would receive commands from external applications

 Although old this is a tutorial on how it works:

 On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 12:33 AM, Shukla, Mangesh wrote:

  Hi ,
  I am new to OpenOffice development and need some ideas on the
  following implementation.   I am working on an C++ application which
  to interact with The interaction will comprise of
  populating data in the spreadsheet application. The Calc application
  is intended to be used as UI for displaying values to the user, and
  allowing him to make changes. This interaction between the C++
  application is required on Windows, Linux and Mac as well.
  I have the following questions:
  1] I think I need to implement a UNO component which will implement a
  service to handle the interactions with the OpenOffice Calc application.
  This UNO component will be compiled as a shared library. My question
  is how does a C++ application interact with the shared library of the
  2] I also need inputs on how I can pass function pointers (in the C++
  application) during the Add-On menu creation, so that they get called
  when the user clicks on the Add-on menu items.
  Please let me know if you need more inputs.

 Alexandro Colorado
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Alexandro Colorado
Apache OpenOffice Contributor

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I don't know in what way your application needs differ from mine in 
detail. In my case, the bulk of the work is done by my MFC application. 
Once the data are inside of OpenOffice the feedback to the MFC app is 
not very complex and essentially only a couple of database entries need 
to get written to or updated. I can do this quite comfortably with OO 
Basic, which also handles some special menus.

Depending on how your application and OO are coupled, this might not be 
a workable way.

One more thing; if your application is part of your job it could make 
sense to buy the necessary expertise. Either to get started with UNO 
C++, which also would yield a base of working code, or to help with the 
project, too (I'd say, once you are comfortable with the UNO specific 
things, this should hardly be necessary). It's just a matter of what is 
more expensive, because you potentially need to spend more time working 
out the details when you are on your own. I am sure that there are 
enough experts out there, who are able to offer professional help.