Changing Screen Cursor to Wait

2015-07-10 Thread Berkhan Dipso
Hi; I'm trying to develop a Calc Extension in Java, and I'm new at it. I'm not fully sure that I got the relations between: Desktop, Toolbar, Frame, Component, Control, WindowPeer etc. So; What I need is to change screen cursor to WAIT when a tool button is pressed. I'm using the code

Re: Changing Screen Cursor to Wait

2015-07-10 Thread Oliver Brinzing
Hi Berkhan, not sure, but maybe this old thread can help: Regards Oliver - To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional

Re: Set property of selected cell range in a textable in Writer

2015-07-10 Thread Andrew Douglas Pitonyak
Sadly, I am not aware of a simple obvious way to do this. I suppose that if you know that the table is simple, you can take some short-cuts. Here are some things that you do know... You know the range name by calling oSel.RangeName You can get the containing text table (because you cannot