Re: OpenOffice plugin for NetBeans 7.2?

2013-01-28 Thread Andrea Pescetti
Fabrizio Marchesano wrote: I just finished translating and creating files for Italian localization of NetBeans plugin Good! In case someone is interested, just let me know and I'll send the mentioned files (about thirty text files). I've just asked on the

ApacheCon 2013 is coming, register soon!

2013-01-28 Thread Andrea Pescetti
Reminder: ApacheCon Portland 2013 is coming in less than one month and you should register soon to take advantage of discounted hotel rates. See for more details. I personally won't be there since I'll already be busy with another conference (FOSDEM) in February, but

Re: Backward incompatibility of System Mail API

2013-07-31 Thread Andrea Pescetti
On 30/07/2013 Bernard Marcelly wrote: Hanya's page should be inserted or linked to in the official AOO 4.0 Release Notes. Done, linked through which is reachable from the Known Issues. And thanks Hanya for

Re: Tajik spellcheck module

2013-12-24 Thread Andrea Pescetti
info wrote: Good afternoon! In our non-government organization the Centre for Development of Information Technology «Zafar Usmanov» developed spellchecking dictionary for Tajik language as an extension system for OpenOfficeOrg. We would like to include a spelling dictionary for Tajik language

Re: PDF import

2014-01-25 Thread Andrea Pescetti wrote: I am using OpenOffice 4. I did try to download the extension for opening and modify a PDF document but there is no explanations about how to run and use such zipped files. Make sure you are using the version for OpenOffice 4.x (from the filenames you quote, you are

Re: Extension does not run

2014-01-26 Thread Andrea Pescetti
Stephen Cox wrote: I conclude that you are not interested in this problem and don't support the extension. May I suggest that to avoid frustration, you remove the defective software from your servers so others don't waste time trying it. Maintaining extensions is responsibility of each

Re: Open Document Editors Devroom at FOSDEM 15, Brussels, 31 Jan 2015

2014-12-14 Thread Andrea Pescetti
On 10/12/2014 21:09, Louis Suárez-Potts wrote: On 10 Dec2014, at 15:01, Andrea Pescetti wrote: Note that FOSDEM talks have a requirement to be technical. ... Right; but at the same time, there are other options besides talks Sure. This only holds for talks in devrooms, as I just confirmed

Re: I want to join the api mailing list of the OpenOffice.

2015-02-21 Thread Andrea Pescetti
On 15/02/2015 Gavin Li wrote: I hope to get your approva.Thankyou. Hello Gavin, since it seems you were not subscribed when you wrote this: we don't add people to the mailing lists, and you don't need an approval. As for all our mailing list, in order to subscribe you send an empty message

Re: Description.xml/Version propper user

2015-05-04 Thread Andrea Pescetti
On 02/05/2015 Alexandro Colorado wrote: My biggest concern is that the extension manager 'catch' the published updates correctly with the extension site. Internally, this used to work this way (and probably still does): the Extensions site advertises the latest version of its extensions

Re: Description.xml/Version propper user

2015-05-12 Thread Andrea Pescetti
On 08/05/2015 Amenel VOGLOZIN wrote: Like Stephan Bergmann, I also think that the current test for newer version cannot remain as it is. I have adopted the version scheme based on the date as Andrea recommended. But I am quite uncomfortable with: 1- effectively asking the entire extension

Re: 4.1.2_release_blocker requested: [Issue 126376] SystemFilePicker getFiles() returns an incorrect list of files

2015-07-18 Thread Andrea Pescetti
On 15/07/2015 bugzilla wrote: bmarcelly has asked for 4.1.2_release_blocker: Issue 126376: SystemFilePicker getFiles() returns an incorrect list of files For both this one and the other issue related to the FilePicker (issue 126377) we need