Prevent closing with InstanceLocker

2012-12-26 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hello, With OpenOffice Basic, I want to prevent a document from closing. I tried this simple code, stored in a Writer document: Option Explicit Global dontClose As Object Sub denyClose if IsNull(dontClose) then dontClose =

Re: Prevent closing with InstanceLocker

2012-12-27 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Does the InstanceLocker work if you provide an XActionsApproval (in Basic, via a UNO listener)? In a dummy test, AOO crashed. Indeed, it works for me if there is another OpenOffice window in the background. But running my routine allowClose still closes the window. If the document is the

Re: Incompatible change for extensions

2013-01-17 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Message de Jürgen Schmidt date 2013-01-17 13:19 : I disagree, the old mechanism is a design bug and should be resolved. It was always planned to fix this a major release. Now with 4.0 we can make such changes and we had long discussions about incompatible changes for major releases. Extensions

Re: Incompatible change for extensions

2013-01-23 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hi Ariel and all, Bug 121582 is very vague and does not detail the proposed changes. It looks like an intended obfuscation, so that nobody will react in time. The XSimpleFileAccess is indicated as merely an example, but I will develop on it. If bug 121582 proposes for Apache OpenOffice 4.0


2013-04-12 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Message de k.misha date 2013-04-10 12:34 : How can I select a sheet in calc document? You probably mean : display a particular sheet of a spreadsheet document. The currently displayed sheet is called the Active Sheet. You have to set it with the desired sheet object as argument. REM --

Re: Backward incompatibility of System Mail API

2013-07-30 Thread Bernard Marcelly
. My question here is this is the definite list or are there other's missing on the latest iterations? On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 1:48 PM, Mauricio Baeza maurici...@correolibre.orgwrote: On 07/29/2013 01:43 PM, Bernard Marcelly wrote: Hi, I compared the IDL references of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1

Re: Basic macro – Retrieve folder of the current spreadsheet

2013-09-29 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Message de Johnny Rosenberg date 2013-09-28 17:03 : Is there a similar way to get the folder name directly? I couldn't find it Not directly. But you can use a routine from the Tools library: Dim docFolder As String GlobalScope.BasicLibraries.loadLibrary(Tools) docFolder =


2013-10-13 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Message de Peter Eberlein date 2013-10-11 15:50 : Hi, if I break the link of a TextSection (which is linked to another section in another document) by setting the FileLink property (FileURL is empty), then the content of the section vanishes. If I do the same with GUI, then the content isn't

Re: Detect page break in long tables (Writer)

2014-01-11 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hi Ralf, You have to put the view cursor in a cell. The view cursor shows the page number where it is situated. Here is a proof of concept, in OpenOffice Basic. In a Writer document, insert a table with only one row (the title row). The macro will insert 100 lines and show you the row numbers

Re: Help with pdf import extension download

2014-01-15 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hello Melinda, Your message does not show us which version of OpenOffice you use, and from which adddress you downloaded the extension. And your image did not pass through. There is currently a pitfall when searching for PDF import. Oracle PDF import extension appears as the most popular

Re: Some questions about undo

2014-03-07 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hello, For your information, the rework of the Undo manager was done in january 2011. See See also the messages titled info/CWS undoapi: ... in the archives of the defunct interface-announce mailing-list.

Re: selecting more than one sheet (Calc / StarBasic)

2014-08-12 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hello Jörg, Use the dispatcher. Dim dispatcher As Object, curWin As Object Dim args(0) As New curWin = ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame dispatcher = createUnoService( args(0).Name = Tables args(0).Value = Array(1,2,4) '

Re: RTF parsing with OOo

2014-08-22 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hello Elena, When OpenOffice opens a text document, it looks the same from the API, be it a .rtf or .doc or .odt document. There is no RTF parsing available from the API, the job is done by the import filter during loading of the document. With the API you can load a .rtf document and find

Re: Programmatically (C++) closing frame with chance to save

2014-10-28 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hi Keith, Method close() does what it says... You have to verify if the document was modified. Use method isModified() from interface Then you ask for saving, and store it with interface com.sunstar.frame.XStorable. See

Re: [EXT][UI] Static text hyperlink in a dialog

2014-11-17 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hi, Since version 3.3 there is a control called FixedHyperlink. However it is not available in the palette of controls in the IDE. So you have to insert it by program. Suppose your dialog is in variable dlg. Dim dlg As Object Dim fhm As Object dlg = CreateUnoDialog(.) fhm

Re: OpenOffice Calc Javascript Function

2015-03-15 Thread Bernard Marcelly
On 3/13/2015 6:09 AM, Bernard Marcelly wrote: - Create in your document a JavaScript library named Library1 You created the macro in OpenOffice application (My Macros), not in the document. If you really want to have your macro in My Macros, you have to change the call to the macro

Re: OpenOffice Calc Javascript Function

2015-03-15 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Igal @ a écrit le 2015-03-15 20:41 : it works. thank you Bernard! one last question -- how do I get the libraries to refresh? when I make a change to the libraries, sometimes it's visible immediately, and some times I need to close OpenOffice and re-open it in order to make sure

Re: OpenOffice Calc Javascript Function

2015-03-13 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hi, If you intend to use a JavaScript function in a cell formula, forget about it. First, you cannot directly call a JavaScript function from a cell formula. The formula should call a Basic function that calls the JavaScript function. Second, the formula will provide an error at document

Re: [QUESTION] On (Local) Error GoTo

2015-02-23 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hello, In the Internet, someone said about Access 2000 VBA : On Local Error is a remnant from older versions of BASIC (before Visual Basic for Applications). In current versions it acts the same as On Error and there is no particular reason to use it any more. I could not find a case where

Re: Disable underline - UnoControlFixedHyperlinkModel

2015-04-23 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hi Jörg, That's the usual problem of a structure inside a structure : you must use a temporary variable. Dim fd As Object With fhm ' fd = .FontDescriptor fd.Underline = .FontDescriptor = fd End With Remark : there is a side effect, the text

Re: How can I define long tooltips for toolbars?

2015-06-23 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Jörg Schmidt a écrit le 2015-06-21 12:56 : Hello, In toolbars of OpenOffice, there are buttons with long tooltips. For example, has in the Format-toolbar the button bold, the tooltip (in a german OO): Stellt den ausgewählten Text fett dar. Befindet sich der Cursor in einem Wort, so wird das

Re: Integrating help texts and tool tips for extension

2015-09-13 Thread Bernard Marcelly
Hi Keith, Your need is similar to a question asked here some months ago. Read my answer in archives : Regards Bernard Keith Alcock a écrit le 2015-09-11 18:55 : Tsutomu, Thank you, however this doesn't work for me on