Re: Incompatible change for extensions

2013-02-04 Thread Oliver Brinzing
Hi What do you think how much effort it would be to create a new scheme for the new extended toolbars and keep the old one at least for a while? +1 due to api changes (e.g. toolsbars,, ...) i cannot run my oo32 extension with aoo 3.5 at the moment. so testing is

Re: [EXT][GUI] Autoclosing of a dialog when exiting the application

2014-12-05 Thread Oliver Brinzing
Hi, Amenel, it seeems OnCloseApp is fired as last event if the last frame is closed (if quickstart is not enabled) or if quickstart is closed (if there is no other frame). Do you need a modal dialog? maybe a sidebar integration could be the better solution? or try using a window maybe it can

Re: copy an existing style

2015-01-03 Thread Oliver Brinzing
Hi Jörg, the_style = ThisComponent.getStyleFamilies.getByName(ParagraphStyles).getByName(jms1) ThisComponent.getStyleFamilies.getByName(ParagraphStyles).insertByName(jms3, the_style) i think you have to copy all Properties from old to new style. this should work for Pagestyles: REM *

Re: copy an existing style

2015-01-03 Thread Oliver Brinzing
Hi Jörg, or try to set the parent style: newStyle.ParentStyle = oldStyle.Name oStyles.insertByName(myNewStyle, newStyle) so newStyle inherits all properties from oldStyle Regards Oliver - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

Re: copy an existing style

2015-01-04 Thread Oliver Brinzing
Hi, res = xModel.getStyleFamilies().loadStylesFromURL(url, (ppp,)) yes, XStyleLoader should work in general but there are some limitations, for example: XStyleLoader - user defined number formats are not imported Regards Oliver

Re: copy an existing style

2015-01-07 Thread Oliver Brinzing
Hi Jörg, Using the following code will _not_ transfer the setting position-at (in a german AOO Position-bei) of an numbering style. i think you have to iterate over the NumberingRules Objects and Copy it's properties For j = 0 To oPStyle.NumberingRules.getCount()-1

Re: [EXT] Issue with stylename, doc corrupted but repaired

2015-02-28 Thread Oliver Brinzing
Hi Sébastien, But when I look at the difference between what is considered as a « damaged » document and a « working » one, and after some digging, the only things that seems damaged are some style names. For example : did you unzip the damaged and repaired document and compare each *.xml

Re: Registration of an accelerator at extension installation

2015-06-24 Thread Oliver Brinzing
Hi Amenel, you can use an Accelerators.xcu file in you extension, for example: [...] node oor:name=LEFT_MOD1_MOD2 oor:op=replace prop oor:name=Command value xml:lang=en-USservice:my.extension.Service?myParam1/value /prop

Re: need some help to Accelerators.xcu

2015-06-17 Thread Oliver Brinzing
just found, that there is a service maybe this will work: Sub Main oGlobalAccelCfg = createUnoService( Dim aKeyEvent as new aKeyEvent.KeyCode =

Re: Changing Screen Cursor to Wait

2015-07-10 Thread Oliver Brinzing
Hi Berkhan, not sure, but maybe this old thread can help: Regards Oliver - To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional

Re: How can I change the path for /user/uno_packages

2015-08-27 Thread Oliver Brinzing
Hi Jörg, How can I change the path for /user/uno_packages? I know how I can change the complete path /user by using a macro, but only /user/uno_packages? i never tried, but i think you have to change several entries inside the uno.ini. Regards Oliver