[apple-crop-2] Botryosphaeria

2018-07-27 Thread David Kollas
I erred in my posting of yesterday! The conclusion of David Rosenberger concerning my partial tree collapse was not that it was likely Black Rot, but rather White Rot. Both are in the Botryosphaeria genus, but they are distinct species. And for those who may want to read more details,

Re: [apple-crop-2] Dr. Feldstein

2018-07-27 Thread Kurt Alstede
Hello Steve, As a fellow "Aggie" I am pleased to see your recognition of the passing of Dr. Feldstein and the impact that he had on your education at Del Val. I graduated from there in 1985 with a degree in Horticulture and while he was President at the time, he still made time to teach our

[apple-crop-2] Dr. Feldstein

2018-07-27 Thread Steve Wood
Greetings all, I have noted the death of Dr. Joshua Feldstein last month in Doylestown, Pa. During my college time at Delaware Valley College (now University) Dr. Feldstein was the chair of the Horticulture Department and professor in that department. I look back on those years (mid 1960's) and