Re: [apple-crop-2] Apple leaf disorder

2018-10-12 Thread David Kollas
exceeded two inches, and re-application of fungicide was delayed for one or more days waiting for suitable application weather (light wind, not raining). David Kollas > On Oct 10, 2018, at 11:42 AM, Daniel Cooley <>> wrote: > > I agree with Kari’s ana

Re: [apple-crop-2] Apple leaf disorder

2018-10-09 Thread David Kollas
been done to avoid it, David Kollas > ___ apple-crop mailing list

[apple-crop-2] Botryosphaeria

2018-07-27 Thread David Kollas
. David Kollas Kollas Orchard Tolland, CT ___ apple-crop mailing list

Re: [apple-crop-2] Photos of dying trees-fireblight- Doug - resent and complete

2018-07-26 Thread David Kollas
of symptoms would have been unlikely if winter injury were the cause. Some of the trees died, and some recovered. David Kollas Kollas Orchard Tolland, Connecticut USA > On Jul 26, 2018, at 10:19 AM, Kushad, Mosbah M wrote: > > Hi Doug: > The graft union looks strong and ther

Re: [Apple-Crop] Pruning cuts

2017-03-21 Thread David Kollas
conditions favorable to decay. Large cuts made to permit grafting do not heal rapidly if there is no foliage feeding the cut from above. Observe temperature limitations on the label. David Kollas Kollas Orchard Tolland, CT > On Mar 9, 2017, at 2:47 PM, Dean <> wrote

Re: [Apple-Crop] Future of Extension Assistance to Apple Crop

2017-01-24 Thread David Kollas
Dave R., et al Until, or unless a clear and full pronouncement on policy changes is provided by someone with that authority, it is a waste of time to get excited about it. There are a lot of people eager to spread their hysteria. David Kollas Kollas Orchard, CT, USA On Jan 24, 2017