Re: [apple-crop] No peach crop

2016-04-20 Thread Dave Schmitt
Hi Art, Dr. LaLancette recently posted a set of recommendations for disease control in cold damaged peaches in the Rutgers Plant and Pest Advisory. As far as insect control goes, all that

Re: [apple-crop] horticulture

2015-03-16 Thread Dave Schmitt
Hi Art, It’s hard to make a recommendation without seeing what you are talking about . Assuming this is a high density planting and you like where the branch is placed you can make a “dutch” or bevel cut to renew and weaken the branch. If you have to choose between the two the higher limb

Re: [apple-crop] Painting Trees

2012-03-06 Thread Dave Schmitt
Cornell entomologists are working with a company that has developed a pheromone for dogwood borer mating disruption. In some regions other borers such american

Re: [apple-crop] Copper Deficiency and Fire Blight

2011-04-18 Thread Dave Schmitt
Hi Lee, Copper is an excellent antibiotic. The reason it is seldom used during the growing season is because, as you have noted, it affects fruit finish and can be phtotoxic. A growers willingness to tolerate poor finish is directly related to the intended use of the fruit. Market growers

[apple-crop] Can Organic Agriculture Feed the World?

2011-03-11 Thread Dave Schmitt
Interesting piece in Slate: -- attachment: Schmitt.vcf___ apple-crop mailing list

Re: Apple-Crop: Rainfastness of sprays

2010-06-15 Thread Dave Schmitt
One hour of drying time is a pretty good rule of thumb. John Wise is doing excellent work in this area: On 6/15/2010 5:02 PM, Nick Lucking wrote: Mark, The