Re: [Apple-Crop] Pristine fungicide

2016-07-28 Thread Daniel Cooley
Send some of that weather our way! Southern New England increasingly feels and looks like Southern California or Eastern Washington this summer. > On Jul 26, 2016, at 11:40 AM, Kushad, Mosbah M wrote: > > Make sure to keep the material in a dry area as the weight will

Re: [Apple-Crop] Future of Extension Assistance to Apple Crop

2017-01-29 Thread Daniel Cooley
Since journalists are among the most dishonest human beings on earth, we probably should all just stop paying attention to the news, and let the new administration get on with the important business of making America great again. No offense Con, but America first! But if you’re not inclined

Re: [Apple-Crop] Brown rot

2017-01-08 Thread Daniel Cooley
I agree with Jon and David Doud. A dry year with no crop will knock down the initial inoculum this coming year, decreasing brown rot pressure at the start of the season relative to most years. But it doesn’t take long for the brown rot fungus to build up again, and with a few old twig cankers

Re: [Apple-Crop] Serenade

2017-04-02 Thread Daniel Cooley
Norm Lalancette did some tests on peaches. It didn’t work. Dan > On Mar 31, 2017, at 5:42 PM, Arthur Kelly wrote: > > Does anyone have any experience with Serenade for brown rot? > > Sent from my iPhone > ___ > apple-crop

Re: [Apple-Crop] nitrogen in early spray

2017-03-21 Thread Daniel Cooley
If you’re not chopping leaves, do that first. Then worry about the extra urea. Dan > On Mar 21, 2017, at 10:30 AM, Jon Clements wrote: > > I really question whether the urea will do much extra good given the cool > spring ambient and soil temperatures? > > Good luck. >

Re: [Apple-Crop] Ideas on FB

2017-05-22 Thread Daniel Cooley
My guess is that it’s not so much the heat as the humidity, Kevin. I think when you get as dry as it gets in Riverside on a hot day, it may indeed kill off the epiphytic bacteria, and make further transmission difficult. Today and tomorrow it looks like your dewpoint is 47 to 52 F (8 to 11

Re: [apple-crop-2] Apple leaf disorder

2018-10-09 Thread Daniel Cooley
When this is on a Golden Delicious at this time of year after a summer like this, it’s likely that it’s necrotic leaf blotch. No pathogen has been associated with it, so we blame it on bad horticulture and call it a “physiological disorder”. It’s interesting that zinc and ziram applied in the

Re: [apple-crop-2] Apple leaf disorder

2018-10-10 Thread Daniel Cooley
I agree with Kari’s analysis. Sounds like Marssonina. Bring or send some up if you’d like. Dan — Daniel R. Cooley, Professor of Plant Pathology Stockbridge School of Agriculture 418 Paige Lab 161 Holdsworth Way University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003