Apple-Crop: Medical question

2006-12-17 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, I have the unfortunate task of asking you what might turn out to be a life and death question. An apple growing friend of mine contracted cancer some time ago, and was getting chemotherapy and other treatments. As a result of his suppressed immune system, he subsequently contracted

Apple-Crop: Warm year ahead

2007-01-05 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, According to the British Meteorological Association, there is a 60% chance that 2007 will be the hottest year on the planet since records began. Although this is a further indication of global warming induced by human activities, which is bad news for humankind in the medium to long

RE: Apple-Crop: Spray Nozzles

2007-02-21 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Kevin, I normally operate with a mean drop size of about 80-90 microns. The thing about these nozzles is that they give drops of 500 microns, that are supposed to break up into small drops (but I don't know what size) once they contact the plant foliage. Clearly, with such large drops,

RE: Apple-Crop: Spray Nozzles

2007-02-22 Thread Con.Traas
-4735 E-Mail: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] Web: Begin forwarded message: From: Con.Traas mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: February 20, 2007 9:10:09 AM EST To: mailto:apple-crop


2007-05-15 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all,?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office / I certainly tend to agree with Dave. As realists we need to begin from where we now find ourselves, and plot a safe route forward. In answer to Philip's question: Are you suggesting the possibility of

RE: Apple-Crop: Fruit cracking/splitting

2007-08-03 Thread Con.Traas
Richard, I do get similar cracking on my Karmijn from time to time, but not with too much severity, so I never went into it too carefully. It is clearly year-dependant, but why is a more difficult issue. I have not associated the problem with cold post blossom weather, as we often get that, but

RE: Apple-Crop: sheltered apple trees

2007-08-07 Thread Con.Traas
Thank you very much Derry, Those covers seem like a very innovative way to help avoid using fungicides. Karmijn are very prone to scab and mildew, and would normally be thought of as high chemical input apples. The way I have my trees planted, I could not use a system like yours. In various

RE: Apple-Crop: sheltered apple trees

2007-08-07 Thread Con.Traas
Hello George, What you are saying is true. The nets don't cover the entire filed. However, when you look up, there is a lot more net than space. The individual nets might be 3 metres wide, while the space between nets is only 0.5 metres. I suppose it is to protect against hail being blown in at

RE: Apple-Crop: sheltered apple trees

2007-08-14 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Darlyn, I have about 1.5 acres of Haygrove tunnels, which I use to cover strawberries, raspberries and cherries. There is another company called Viking, who make similar, so-called Spanish tunnels. They are good structures, but not suitable for covering crops in winter, when winds are

Apple-Crop: Apple Harvest

2007-09-13 Thread Con.Traas
Hello apple people, The apple harvest here in Ireland is about two weeks ahead of schedule, or perhaps I should say that apple maturity is two weeks ahead of normal, because not everyone is picking as soon as perhaps they should. The spring was early and warm here this year, which got the fruit

RE: Apple-Crop: Apple Harvest

2007-09-13 Thread Con.Traas
with figures coming from the Lituania Prognosfruit But I will give you the secret reason of all these climate desorders... the guilty is the 13 moons year 2007 ;-)) Jean marc Jourdain Ctifl Jourdain(at;-) De : Con.Traas [mailto:[EMAIL

Apple-Crop: Smartfresh

2007-10-18 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, We have been fortunate enough that Smartfresh has been approved for use in Ireland. I am happy to say that we had a store treated on Monday, and look forward to testing these apples against controls in a few months time. We have treated Jonagored (a Jonagold clone), a couple of Red

RE: Apple-Crop: Apple Juice story

2007-10-18 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, We don't get much tabloid TV over here (unless we pay for satellite we only have access to 4 stations), but often these programs generate more heat than light, and unless the presentation is very clear, more harm can come from them than good. I generally believe that negative

Apple-Crop: Spring 2008

2008-02-14 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, We are experiencing a lovely warm spell for this time of the year, and St. Valentine's Day. Although warm, the trees are not so advanced as they were a few years ago, when the first Victoria plum trees started flowering at this time. So, at the moment it looks as though (assuming the

RE: Apple-Crop: Returns for apples tree run

2008-03-03 Thread Con.Traas
Hello John, That is a very difficult question, and I am glad that a lot of people asked you some questions to define better whether you were supplying bins, storage etc. Here in Ireland I grow, pack and sell apples from my farm. Occasionally I sell fruit to other packers, and on the odd

RE: Apple-Crop: position available

2008-03-26 Thread Con.Traas
I must say that I think any employer would be very lucky to get a good manager to work those hours, with the extra flexibility required, for the salary offered (even though I would love such a job myself, if I did not have my own farm). Perhaps there are too many attractive alternative careers

Apple-Crop: Fruit Research Job in Ireland

2008-04-16 Thread Con.Traas
I am very happy to note that Ireland's agricultural research and extension body, Teagasc, is now recruiting for a fruit specialist (permanent position). The details of the job are available at The abbreviated job description is to provide

RE: Apple-Crop: Fruit Research Job in Ireland

2008-04-16 Thread Con.Traas
that Ireland is able to offer such good conditions for this job. Jean Marc Jourdain De : Con.Traas [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Envoyé : mercredi 16 avril 2008 11:21 À : Apple-Crop Objet : Apple-Crop: Fruit Research Job in Ireland I am very happy to note

RE: Apple-Crop: Fruit Research Job in Ireland

2008-04-16 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Bill, I have no problem with the lifestyle here. However, I get the impression that one dollar will buy more in the US than one euro will here. Ireland is an expensive country to live in. Con From: [mailto:[EMAIL

RE: Apple-Crop: Damage in Washington California

2008-04-25 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, There are also reports of some freezing temperatures in continental Europe, down to 19.5F in parts of Holland. No news on damage as of yet, but frost protection was in full swing with those who have it. Con Traas From:

Apple-Crop: New variety article

2008-06-25 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Jon, That is a nice piece of work. It is important to be consumer (rather than customer) orientated, and this is a lesson for more than the people who sell direct to the consumer. Con Traas -Original Message- From: [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of

RE: Apple-Crop: ladders in pick your own

2008-07-10 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Tommy, and all other respondents on this topic. I grow apples and plums, and unfortunately with the plums, have had no choice up to now but to use ladders. However, all our apples are on M9 rootstock, and can be picked from ground level. Unless there are very good climatic reasons not to

Apple-Crop: ladders in pick your own (and fuel)

2008-07-14 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Tommy, It is interesting that you should bring up the cost of fuel. Here in Ireland, it appears that fuel, fertilisers, and agrochemicals have all risen in price by fairly similar amounts. As far as I can see, this will push up costs of production by about 10%. However, with the credit

Apple-Crop: European apple crop

2008-10-02 Thread Con.Traas
Hello everyone, Estimates for the European apple crop have recently been published. Overall a crop of 9,977,000 tons is expected, a 14% increase on 2007. In the 15 older Western EU member states, Jonagold will be down 15% to 683,000 tons, Braeburn down 12% to 268,000 tons, Golden delicious down

RE: Apple-Crop: MARK vs Mac-9 root stock

2008-11-20 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Don and Evan, I have been interested in MAC 9 since I saw it growing in an Irish Bramley's Seedling (cooking apple) orchard. The grower in question was always very enthusiastic about its productivity, and indeed, he still has the trees today, and has not experienced breakages, though

Apple-Crop: Ethryl

2009-01-28 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, I hope that I have not been kicked off apple crop for bad behaviour. I have not seen any posts in a little while. In the past few weeks I have been analysing results of farm-scale trials on the use of post-blossom ethryl to cause thinning in apples. The results seem to be very

RE: Apple-Crop: Apples at a place where there is no chilling.

2009-02-16 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Dr. Parmar, Just a suggestion, but production of ABA, which regulates dormancy, is encouraged by shortening days and lengthening nights. At 6 degrees south, daylength will not change, so I suspect that there might not be so much ABA in the buds (especially if defoliation is practised), and

Apple-Crop: Academic reviewers

2009-03-16 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, I am currently in the process of writing a journal paper on the results of a long-term study into the application of gibberellins on apple trees. The journal that I hope to submit to (Scientia Horticulturae) require that I submit the names and contact details of four academic

Apple-Crop: RE: Academic reviewers

2009-04-06 Thread Con.Traas
Dear Prof. Rahe, Many thanks for your offer of help. I am lucky that quite a few people have already volunteered, and I have forwarded their details to the publisher. So I should not need to take you up on your kind offer, at least for this paper, though I also do some work on fungicide resistance

Apple-Crop: Academic reviewers

2009-04-06 Thread Con.Traas
Apologies to apple croppers, The previous email was meant to be sent to Prof. Rahe directly. Con Traas -- The 'Apple-Crop' LISTSERV is sponsored by the Virtual Orchard and managed by Win

RE: Apple-Crop: ten-organic-foods-worth-money

2009-04-15 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Jon, Cheap shot journalism at its best. Says more about the writer than the subject. Most people have more sense than to be swayed by it though, I believe. If it was here though, I would contact the journalist to set out a few facts, because she might just be silly enough to write the same

Apple-Crop: RE Cedar apple rust

2009-04-30 Thread Con.Traas
That is a great point Karl, We are travelling down the same road in Europe, and we also have fewer options and more restrictions when it comes to chemical applications. And oddly enough, the newer chemicals are generally inferior to the older chemistry, plagued especially with resistance problems.

Apple-Crop: Terrible weather

2009-05-21 Thread Con.Traas
A few weeks ago the UK meteorological service issued its long range forecast for the coming summer as one that will be hotter and drier than usual. Needless to say, since then it has been raining in Ireland (although the prospects are for better weather quite soon). This wet weather is following

Apple-Crop: LA Times Re: organic

2009-07-22 Thread Con.Traas
Excellent Dave and Chris, Now this discussion is getting somewhere. Here in Ireland it is said that for every calorie that gets to the consumers mouth, 9 calories of fossil fuel are used to generate that calorie. With fossil fuels as a non-sustainable resource (due to depleting reserves as well

RE: Apple-Crop: Club varieties

2009-12-17 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all,. An interesting article, and a really interesting set of comments made by growers. I am a great believer in diversity and choice. But I can also see that when more then 20 club varieties become available, that they will be seriously competing with each-other for shelf space. In such a

Apple-Crop: Apples in Afghanistan

2010-01-13 Thread Con.Traas
Happy New Year to all, I read an interesting piece on Reuters News yesterday. I see that some more US agricultural advisors will be sent to Afghanistan, though I wonder if it is realistic to suggest to farmers there that nuts and apples will give higher returns than opium. I'm sure that I am

RE: Apple-Crop: Apples in Afghanistan

2010-01-13 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Bill, Hello Bill, I too think that it is fantastic work that is being done. I commend everyone brave enough and good enough to contribute. Growing apples (or other fruits) is a very satisfying occupation, that can bring enormous benefit to local communities through the need for labour, team

RE: Apple-Crop: Variety restrictions in European Union?

2010-01-25 Thread Con.Traas
Hello David, The guys are correct. There are no restrictions on apple varieties grown here (except of course GM crops). Cox's Orange Pippin is a great tasting apple, but was ruined by growers and marketers, thus its popularity with consumers fell, and so to with retailers. Cox should be a small

RE: Apple-Crop: FreezePruf?

2010-02-01 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, I'm wondering about the differences between these two products. I note that the freezepruf contains ethylene glycol, which is the active constituent in anti-freeze, but could it have an effect at the concentrations that would end up in the plant tissue? What kind of concentration would

Apple-Crop: treatments vs genetic traits

2010-02-15 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Arthur, In an ideal world, you are quite correct that resistant varieties provide more promise, and I am all in favour of using them, either to grow, or in breeding programs. However, in our biological world, the disease-resistant tree is always at a disadvantage compared to the disease

Apple-Crop: Other organic-approved chemicals

2010-02-15 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Dave and all, Here in Europe potassium bicarbonate is now used as an organically-approved mildew fungicide. It also appears to have some scab activity. I do not use it as my apples tend towards lower calcium, and I do not want to make that worse by adding Potassium, but I wonder if you use

Apple-Crop: Looking for contact

2010-03-10 Thread Con.Traas
Does anyone know the current address of Dr. Zhiguo Ju? I am interested in contacting him about work using stripped corn oil as an anti-scald treatment on apples. Con Traas The Apple Farm Cahir Ireland.

RE: Apple-Crop: degree days and apple bloom prediction

2010-04-01 Thread Con.Traas
Sorry Bill, Degree days on what degree base? Con In Michigan we have used approximately 284 DD42 from March 1 as the start point for king bloom on Macs. This is in our Michigan State University Fruit Management guide E-154, from a chart originally prepared by Phil Schwallier of MSU. This

RE: Apple-Crop: AI nozzles for airblast sprayers

2010-04-06 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, I was really surprised to read Mo's comments on the large variation in applied rates depending only on the material being applied. I get small variations, but not a doubling or halving as outlined. I also spray at 75 to 200 psi, (but usually 120-150psi) and use ai and conventional

RE: Apple-Crop: Dodine and captane fungicides applied during bloom

2010-04-27 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, If I remember correctly, the work that I saw showing reduced pollen germination due to captan was done in vitro (in test tube). Having said that, Mancozeb performed much better than Captan in such tests, and if I need to spray for scab during peak flowering, I often opt to use Mancozeb.

RE: Apple-Crop: organophosphates

2010-05-20 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, In the light of the scientific doubt cast on this study on a link between organophosphates and ADHD, I recall a much more robust study published in The Lancet about two years ago, linking ADHD with food colourants. To my mind this also dovetails with anecdotal evidence of short-term

RE: Apple-Crop: Tree Row volume

2010-10-07 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Art, I would contend that a well-planned properly filled out orchard of dwarf trees (say from seventh year) has just as many leaves as the majority of orchards with standards. If this were not the case the dwarf orchard would not be able to out-yield the standard orchard in tons of crop per

Apple-Crop: Useful review on colony collapse disorder

2010-12-03 Thread Con.Traas Con Traas, Life Science Dept., University of Limerick. Office SR2-009 Ph. 061 202905 M. 086 6091998

RE: Apple-Crop: Useful review on colony collapse disorder

2010-12-13 Thread Con.Traas
and was perusing the cooler where they have some very interesting imported beer and saw and purchased an Irish cider known as Magners Oringinal. Even my wife enjoyed it and she is not one for much beyond wine. What can Con tell us abut it? Art Kelly Kelly Orchards Acton, ME 2010/12/2 Con.Traas

[apple-crop] Tree height v. row spacing

2011-03-28 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, What everyone thus far has said is relevant. Jon's rule-of-thumb of 0.9 x distance from row centre to row centre is good, but not a complete answer. To get to the bottom of this very difficult question requires information like light intensity (the more intensity the better the canopy

[apple-crop] Pommier, Le Mur Fruiter

2011-04-05 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, Point 5 is in my mind probably the most vital to get right. If this does not work the system will not work. Quote: 5) This shearing shortly before solstice allows for short extension of growth. As solstice is passed, days begin to become shorter. As days become shorter, tree is

Re: [apple-crop] spray program software

2012-03-01 Thread Con.Traas
Because the chemtable in not password protected, you may be able to amend tracApple for your own situation. I certainly did, and find it very good. Con Traas The Apple Farm Cahir, Ireland. From:

[apple-crop] Damaging freeze hits the Midwest U.S.

2012-04-17 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, It is often amazing to see similar things happening in parts of the United States and Europe at the same time. As was the case with parts of the US, those of us in Ireland and Britain had a very early spring, brought about by very warm weather (by our standards) in March. The lovely

Re: [apple-crop] sulfur fungicides and beneficials

2012-06-05 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Doug, I think it is commonly accepted that when you spray sulphur on a routine basis, mites will not quickly pose a problem, because as well as suppressing the predatory mites, the sulphur also suppresses the pest mite species. However, it is when you stop using the sulphur (perhaps next

[apple-crop] Rotten to the Core: What pick-your-own apple orchards tell us about the American economy.

2012-09-14 Thread Con.Traas
Hi Jon and friends, I get the feeling the article or author is a bit mixed up, and does not know exactly what point is the main one. However, there is no doubt that all things American make their way across to this side of the pond sooner or later, and demand for U-pick apples (or Pick Your Own as

Re: [apple-crop] Rotten to the Core: What pick-your-own apple orchards tell us about the American economy.

2012-09-14 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Hugh, I would say it is worth the hassle, if the price you get is good. Making sure the apples are really ripe so they come off easily lessens the damage. Perhaps waiting until the trees are a little more sturdy would be an option. In our own case we over-pick about 10 days earlier, and

Re: [apple-crop] record yields

2013-11-21 Thread Con.Traas
Hello all, A very interesting topic. Around here our record yields are about half of what you are reporting. However, we too can go further I think. Quality is important for returns also though. I remember seeing research from Holland quite a few years ago, for Holland, which showed little

Re: [apple-crop] Late summer drop and fruit size

2014-01-13 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Vincent, Did you control for tree size, by means of, for instance, calculating yield per trunk cross sectional area. If you did not, then your bigger trees, which by definition became bigger because they were more vigorous, might be expected to carry larger fruits (even if Total fruits

Re: [apple-crop] Stripping Leaders on apple

2014-01-28 Thread Con.Traas
Hi Ellen. Nice video Win. In Ireland we have used it in winter also, but it is hard work (rough on the hands), so limited to shoots produced in the last season. Gives less grow-back than pruning I believe. Probably less axillary buds left, and maybe less young tissue to produce adventitious buds?

[apple-crop] Frost protection via overhead sprinklers made mattersworse?

2014-02-02 Thread Con.Traas
Hello Rye, I am not very expert in this, as I don't use the system, so hopefully somebody else can add more. Regarding the ice and icicles, these would not necessarily mean you had a problem, as long as there was a coating of unfrozen water on them at all times. This would prevent the ice from