Re: [Arm-netbook] First laptop dock for Intel's card announced

2017-01-22 Thread ryan
if I remember correctly, the first EOMA68 cards will be $35 at volume, and Intel is advertising Skylake and Kabylake CPUs in their Compute Cards, so its clearly x86. Since they're targeting the mainstream will inevitably make their cards run Winodws. To make a $35 computer run desktop windows,

Re: [Arm-netbook] Block Diagram - ZEOMA - Handheld Games Console

2016-10-15 Thread ryan
, but with easy options for the user to choose to add non-free components if they wish (like the Debian non-free repository being only a couple of clicks away) Thanks -Ryan On 10/15/2016 12:52 AM, FaTony wrote: What kind of games are you planning to run? Because this is very libre focused project

Re: [Arm-netbook] CE markings

2016-12-01 Thread Ryan
I actually did not have the funds at the time to order, if I order now, would that help, or would that fall into another round? On 12/01/2016 12:32 PM, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote: --- crowd-funded eco-conscious hardware: no that may not be

Re: [Arm-netbook] Intel at CES

2017-01-07 Thread ryan
I'd like to point out that Ars Technica, Gizmodo and Tech Republic also reported on Intel's Compute Card with no mention of other similar projects...

Re: [Arm-netbook] libre 64-bit risc-v SoC

2017-04-28 Thread ryan
On 04/28/2017 05:56 PM, Bill Kontos wrote: Out of curiosity has anyone ever attempted to prototype a hardware block based on evolution principles? Doing it on an fpga is probably a bad idea since we wont be able to implement the results in more copies but this could potentially also happen