Re: Personality, Politics, and Economics Test

2000-10-12 Thread Pat McCann

Should we resubmit our  answers?

Patrick McCann
GMU Undergrad

On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Bryan Caplan wrote:

 Followup announcement.  I had some technical problems with the
 Personality, Politics, and Economics online test I announced last week. 
 Now it is up and working again, but has moved to:
 Prof. Bryan Caplan   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
   "We may be dissatisfied with television for two quite different 
reasons: because our set does not work, or because we dislike 
the program we are receiving.  Similarly, we may be dissatisfied 
with ourselves for two quite different reasons: because our body 
does not work (bodily illness), or because we dislike our 
conduct (mental illness)."
--Thomas Szasz, *The Untamed Tongue*

Re: Adobe and pdf files

2000-09-21 Thread Pat McCann

Their other products are worthless if the pdf format is not
standard. Who would produce a pdf document if all the users of 
it had to pay not only the producer, but some thrid party, to view
it. There are many free alternatives. The reader has to be free to compete
with MS word and html and nsf and a host of other formats.

Pat McCann
GMU Undergrad

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

 I just read the series of correspondence considering the Xerox machine and 
 the usage of the term "Xerox" to refer to photocopying. Now the problem I 
 have does not have to do with the term but with the use of advertising by 
 providing a free product.  Adobe acrobat and its free reader for pdf files 
 was the first thing that came to mind.  Is it really cost effective for Adobe 
 to provide a free pdf reader when they could possibly sell it on the open 
 market.  I know they sell other products related to pdf files, but is the 
 advertising of the free reader really encouraging people to take advantage of 
 their other products or is it causing people to abuse the reader and its 
 benefits.   Seon

Re: Free Re-fills

2000-07-10 Thread Pat McCann

I have noticed the entire Cape Cod region of MA
also seems to shun the free refill pricing
method, at least they did when I was there a few
years ago. Is it possible their consumers have
similar elasticity levels to those in Europe,
 especially given their high tourist composition?
This policy seems to range from the Ruby Tuesday
/ Denny's mid range level restaurant to the more
pricey and distinguished one of a kind store.

Pat McCann
GMU Undergrad 

On Sat, 8 Jul 2000, Bryan Caplan wrote:

 Related question: Why no free re-fills in Europe?
   Prof. Bryan Caplan   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
   "Is there anything more distinctly understood by all men, than
what it is to see, to hear, to remember, to judge?  Yet it is
the most difficult thing in the world to define these 
operations according to the rules of logical definition.  But
it is not more difficult than it is useless.  Sometimes
philosophers attempt to define them; but, if we examine their
definitions, we shall find that they amount to no more than
giving one synonymous word for another, and commonly a worse
for a better."
   --Thomas Reid, *Essays on the Active Powers of Man*