Re: News Coverage and bad economics

2003-01-09 Thread Bernard Girard
Fred Foldvary a *crit : one is a better economist if one knows some law, history, geography, literature, political science, and philosophy. And besides his specialty, a good economist should know some history of thought, economic history, and something about the various schools of

Re: Teacher's income

2000-09-25 Thread Bernard Girard
fabio guillermo rojas a *crit : Technical schools (teaching colleges, many "state" schools) probably pay what the private market would pay: almost zilch for most humanities and something decent, but not spectacular, for people teaching real skills. Are Humanities less real skills that,

Re: Xerox machines and book prices

2000-09-12 Thread Bernard Girard
That's an idea almost as old as xerography. Does anyone knows of a company (or library) that markets this type of service? michael gilson de lemos a *crit : Hmmm. What about on-demand publishing, which is JIT, controlled set-up costs and dependent on photocopying technology? Best Regards,

Re: Free Re-fills

2000-07-09 Thread Bernard Girard
We have in Europe things that look like free-re-fills. In some French restaurants (but it's probably true in other european countries) you have "buffets" : you choose what you eat on a table and you eat as much as you wish. It's a good deal for the restaurant owner : more food eaten (but not much