Re: News Coverage and bad economics

2003-01-09 Thread Bernard Girard

Fred Foldvary a *crit :

 one is a
 better economist if one knows some law, history, geography, literature,
 political science, and philosophy.  And besides his specialty, a good
 economist should know some history of thought, economic history, and
 something about the various schools of thought besides his own.

True, but what do students in economics study all that? Too much maths
usually divert students from all these topics : they just don't need all
these to pass their exams.
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Re: Teacher's income

2000-09-25 Thread Bernard Girard

fabio guillermo rojas a *crit :

 Technical schools (teaching colleges, many "state" schools) probably pay
 what the private market would pay: almost zilch for most humanities
 and something decent, but not spectacular, for people teaching
 real skills.

Are Humanities less real skills that, let's say, maths or economics? If
humanities classes produce teachers that  help people speak and write proper
english (or german, or french, or whateverÂ…) they are, at least, as useful as
any other academic disciplines. One could say that they are even more useful to
most people than economics (who really cares in the real world about what one
can read in the AER?).
If deconstrution is often ridiculous, so are many things in other disciplines.

Re: Xerox machines and book prices

2000-09-12 Thread Bernard Girard

That's an idea almost as old as xerography. Does anyone knows of a company (or
library) that markets this type of service?

michael gilson de lemos a *crit :

 Hmmm. What about on-demand publishing, which is JIT, controlled set-up costs
 and dependent on photocopying technology?

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Re: Free Re-fills

2000-07-09 Thread Bernard Girard

We have in Europe things that look like free-re-fills. In some French
restaurants (but it's probably true in other european countries) you
have "buffets" : you choose what you eat on a table and you eat as much
as you wish. It's a good deal for the restaurant owner : more food eaten
(but not much more) and less work in the kitchen and in the diner room :
to choose the food you have to walk to the buffet and do the job of the

Bryan Caplan a *crit :

 Related question: Why no free re-fills in Europe?
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   "Is there anything more distinctly understood by all men, than
what it is to see, to hear, to remember, to judge?  Yet it is
the most difficult thing in the world to define these
operations according to the rules of logical definition.  But
it is not more difficult than it is useless.  Sometimes
philosophers attempt to define them; but, if we examine their
definitions, we shall find that they amount to no more than
giving one synonymous word for another, and commonly a worse
for a better."
   --Thomas Reid, *Essays on the Active Powers of Man*