Re: why aren't we smarter?

2003-12-08 Thread Fred Foldvary
--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 American Jews tested below average on Army intelligence tests conducted
 around the turn of the last century (1900)

I suspect this was not a pure IQ test but had a bias towards education, and
at that time, American Jews, especially recent immigrants, many not have
been so well educated, and now they are.

 I do wonder about the meaning of IQ tests. I test out in the top 1% of
 the IQ distribution but have been singularly unsuccessful.  Although it's
 anedotal, I know many other unsuccesful high IQ people as well.  Clearly
high IQ and success don't automatically go hand in hand.
 David Levenstam

Success in what?  Many high-IQ persons do not have wealth as their highest
goal.  Also, chance falls equally on the high and low IQs.
Fred Foldvary


Re: A deep look at media bias

2003-12-08 Thread Rodney F Weiher

I agree in general, but the fish example is a little misplaced.  A few
Individual Transferable Quotas--ITQs exist in US fisheries and there are many
more proposals to extend their use in over harvested (most of them) US
fisheries.  New Zealand has an extensive system.  They are an example of
market-based management of open access resources.

These do get reported in the popular media from time to time, but usually only
after our friend Senator Stevens (Alaska) turns them down.

rex wrote:

 I've seen many stories about government attempts to stop price gouging and
 none even hinted that there was another side, that gouging was good, that
 anti-gouging laws shouldn't exist, that they defeat market pricing, or that
 the laws caused problems.

 I've seen many stories about seafood being overharvested and need more
 government laws to limit takes, and never seen any mention that the problem
 was government ownership of water, defeating supply and demand incentives,
 soggy socialism, and the need for private property rights that would enable
 farming and market pricing.  (if that wasn't bad enough I rarely see stories
 on farming of seafood, and they NEVER make the tie in to the lack of
 property rights in water that cause overharvesting in government water.  It
 is unfortunate that (I believe) even the seafood farmers can't make the tie
 in, coming from government schools). I have never seen a seafood farmer on
 land suggest that he should be able to own areas now owned by government in
 order to farm in water owned by government, I have never seen a reporter ask
 such a question).

 I've seen many stories about water conservation and watering restrictions
 even including police state patrols and enforcement, and never seen even a
 hint that the problem was government ownership, lack of competition, lack of
 market pricing, defeating supply and demand, that would eliminate all the
 coverage made by the reporter in his socialist story.

 those are 3 easy ones I see a lot.  I could go on and on.  You've inspired
 me to ask the list serve participants to compile a collection.  Please send
 in more examples of media blindness about capitalism, free market economics,
 pricing, property rights, which all prove that the first amendment is
 incompatible with government schools, and the latter must end.  I swear it
 seems our schools accomplish exactly what soviet schools accomplished.  the
 media prove that government schools produce socialists who know nothing
 about free market economics.