Re: Jimmy Carter and oil prices

2004-06-14 Thread Rodney F Weiher
The only bright spot in the whole dreadful 10-15 years of petroleum and gas price control era is that even the liberal pols no longer lunge for controls (price) in response to price spikes. Nixon didn't eliminate price control authority on petroleum when he administratively abolished the

Re: Siberia and Canada

2004-04-08 Thread Rodney F Weiher
Maybe look at migration of the Northern tier US states and put in a climate variable. Except for those getting out of the concentration camps and leaving the economically unsustainable post-communist communities, I wonder how strong the climate variable is in Russian migration. Casual

Re: Economist IQ?

2003-12-15 Thread Rodney F Weiher
Why not look at GRE scores (or do they still require GREs?) Rodney Weiher Stephen Miller wrote: I doubt anyone has hard data on this, but I'm wondering what people on this list would guess is the average IQ of Ph.D. economists? Would it be much different from the average IQ of Ph.D.s in

Re: A deep look at media bias

2003-12-08 Thread Rodney F Weiher
Rex, I agree in general, but the fish example is a little misplaced. A few Individual Transferable Quotas--ITQs exist in US fisheries and there are many more proposals to extend their use in over harvested (most of them) US fisheries. New Zealand has an extensive system. They are an example of