Re: Socialist health and starvation

2003-09-29 Thread john-morrow
I believe that even quite recently (in the last year or two) China was found to be inflating its growth estimates significantly, and I have some economically minded Indian friends who claim Indian estimates are also intentionally inflated. I believe at the collapse of the Soviet Union it was

Re: Why is a dollar today worth more than a dollar tomorrow?

2003-12-06 Thread John Morrow
I recall a Japanese econ grad student telling me that in fact real interest rates were negative for some span and people were STILL saving in the late nineties in Japan. He also blamed several bubbles at the time (notably, real estate in Japan) on this. Interesting if true... (Anyone know the

Many choices

2004-01-04 Thread John Morrow
experiments -- incentives completely lacking by nature in a survey. However, this may be completely different in particular subfields. -- John Morrow


2004-01-20 Thread john-morrow
I don't know if this is true, but I have been told the #1 shoplifted item is Preparation H and like ointments -- this seems to fit in well with the theory that people want to remain anonymous in purchasing V!agra...

Re: Women Don't Ask

2004-01-28 Thread john-morrow
decreases over their 20's and 30's and female libido peaks around 35-38? (Think Battle of the Sexes over several periods...) Wild conjectures welcomed. -- John Morrow Quoting Bryan Caplan [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I just read the well-reviewed *Women Don't Ask* by Babcock and Laschever. Main thesis