Re: Free Re-fills

2000-07-10 Thread Pat McCann
I have noticed the entire Cape Cod region of MA also seems to shun the free refill pricing method, at least they did when I was there a few years ago. Is it possible their consumers have similar elasticity levels to those in Europe, especially given their high tourist composition? This policy

Re: harry potter

2000-07-10 Thread Gizmoleon
I had the feeling that it had nothing to do with economics but was an advertising ploy. If the media gets the word out through the publishers that there is a shortage of potter books to meet the expected demand then it will be looked at as a successful launch. By duping the public into

Private Peacekeeping?

2000-07-10 Thread Radovan Kacin
The author (scholar at CATO) makes a case for private peacekeeping and shows cases, where it worked very cheaply and well. At the original article (URL below) you can find active hyperlinks. Enjoy! Radovan - Radovan Kacin Society for Legal

Re:more refills.

2000-07-10 Thread michael gilson de lemos
Is it more appropriate to say free refill, or doling out in small quantities that not all may use--and one depends on people not using all they are entitled to? If the latter, can the multiplier effect in some sense be viewed as what happens when people do not use all they are entitled to,

Re: Summer reruns

2000-07-10 Thread michael gilson de lemos
Also, a lot of folks don't like to work in the summer.Especially in CA. Best Regards, MG been averse to breaking the tradition and producing more original content in the summer to capture market share from their rivals? R.J. Lehmann Retail Editor Travel Weekly (201) 902-1931 (v)