Libertarian Paternalist!

2003-06-30 Thread Grey Thomas
Great news for me ... I'm a Libertarian Paternalist! I've long what I am, but just not the name. I ESPECIALLY like the need of humans to direct money flow into different accounts. I support many gov't individual accounts: a forced savings retirement account (SMART or whatever)--the second pillar

Re: Marketing vs. Economics

2003-06-30 Thread Sampo Syreeni
On 2003-06-29, alypius skinner uttered to [EMAIL PROTECTED]: But would this really give us economic models more useful than the simplified ones currently used? Taking more factors into account may make the models so hard to maximize that there is no net gain in predictive accuracy. Thoughts,

Re: Marketing vs. Economics

2003-06-30 Thread fabio guillermo rojas
The usual response to someone ought to do X is why not you?. Introductory classes must meet a lot of constraints. They must prepare those who will continue in the tools that are actually used at higher levels. And they must give the rest some tools they can actually use to understand some

Re: Libertarian Paternalist!

2003-06-30 Thread John Morrow
So for this libertarian paternalist viewpoint, is the goal of these plans to force people to do certain things, or make certain behaviors default in the sense that they are the status quo unless people voluntarily decide to do otherwise? Otherwise, I don't see how forced saving differs except