RE: Handicapping the 2001 Noble Prize in Economics

2001-09-26 Thread Grey Thomas
-Original Message- From: Technotranscendence [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2001 4:47 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: Handicapping the 2001 Noble Prize in Economics ... Of course, there's no need to wait for the Nobel people to do that. You can always

RE: Handicapping the 2001 Noble Prize in Economics

2001-09-26 Thread Grey Thomas
-Original Message- From: Technotranscendence [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2001 4:47 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: Handicapping the 2001 Noble Prize in Economics On Friday, September 21, 2001 9:27 PM fabio guillermo rojas [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

RE: Disaster Raises Happiness, Trust

2001-10-04 Thread Grey Thomas
I think the popularity of Nightmare on Elm Street, etc., including with many young women, is fairly relevant, and supportive of stress arousal. I'd suspect a strong second order effect in women: the men are more than usually aroused; which leads to more than usual arousal in the women. I'd

RE: Armchair attachments Austrian school

2001-10-31 Thread Grey Thomas
OK, I didn't open it -- so what does it say? I went to the web site referenced, but didn't see an obvious path. I like the idea of having more files on a server; maybe Professor Bryan Caplan's Armchair File Cabinet? I guess I missed the fireworks between the Austrian Economists and Bryan, who

RE: Disaster Raises Happiness, Trust

2001-10-10 Thread Grey Thomas
The Fight or Flight adrenaline effect is yet another (possibly clever?) explanatory note; the specific adversity/disaster is important. I don't believe in any general happiness while hungry or happiness while in pain. But when the crummy circumstance was caused by a more specific threat, the

RE: Signaling

2001-10-16 Thread Grey Thomas
In an era of paper-covered hardbacks and paperback books, there is also the competitive question: What else if not a blurb? Art? White/colored paper? A note from the Author (eg. This paperback edition, and no other, has been authorized ... JRR Tolkien)? In Slovakia (like the Czech Republic), we

RE: Credit scoring and insurance premiums

2002-01-24 Thread Grey Thomas
(Still not finished with year end work at work ...) Recently finished Prof. Caplan's fine Stigler-Becker vs Myers-Briggs paper. I believe strongly in MBTI (MB Type Indicator) (I'm an NTP, E/I). I like the Five Factor Model addition, but not name, of Neurotic, and don't like the names of the

RE: monopoly justice vs free market justice (A.S.U.; R.N., RIP)

2002-02-05 Thread Grey Thomas
Robert Nozik, author of the fine Anarchy, State, and Utopia, seems to end up with a minimal state primarily enforcing contracts and protecting property. I was sad to read that he recently joined Hayek Keynes in the long run, i.e. dead. (I was looking for info on life expectancy at age 50, or 60,

RE: Ph.D. proliferation

2002-04-08 Thread Grey Thomas
Bryan, for some reason some recent posts of mine to this list have not been posted -- am I off the list for some reason? (There was a time when my company email was down for a week, it might have bounced too much mail or something). Tom Grey Here's a very relevant John Adams quote: I must

some history! RE: economic history question

2002-04-11 Thread Grey Thomas
A friend told me about her grandfather, on a striking picket line at Ford Motor Co. in freezing winter, during the Depression. The poor workers, peacefully striking on government streets, were sprayed with water by the Detroit fire department, who was there with the police. The water rapidly

RE: Republican Reversal -- from whence, belief?

2002-07-18 Thread Grey Thomas
Irrespective of the objective truth of the Bible, the superiority of a Bible believing society is a position I strongly believe, Doesn't your position commit you to believing that the people in our society who do not believe in the Bible are in fact mostly selfish mean criminals?

RE: Glum losers auction -- election reform we'll never see

2002-07-29 Thread Grey Thomas
Proposal: US individuals corporations can donate to candidates, BUT only get a deduction (or 50% tax credit) if their candidate does NOT win. Those who donate to the winner get ... satisfaction. I realize this is unrealistic, but it seems very attractive. Tom Grey -Original Message-

Another Armchair Sighting -- Independent Institute

2002-07-30 Thread Grey Thomas
I repeat below the top part of the blurb, because I think it's almost great -- I wish that the most were dying included a range of numbers, 50-80% for instance, to go along with the 90% after. I mention this because, as part of the excellent idea that incentives matter, even with incentives you

RE: Public Opinion On Spending -- order of magnitude

2002-08-01 Thread Grey Thomas
Usually one order of magnitude more is about 10 times more. So, increasing from a range around 8 to around 80 is an increase in an order of magnitude. It is more debatable, but not uncommon, for each digit to be its own order of magnitude: 1-9 / 10-99 / 100-999. Unfortunately, my whatis

RE: Charity and Races as Complements

2002-09-09 Thread Grey Thomas
From: Robin Hanson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Fabio wrote: ... The participants also get to socialize with other healthy people with disposable income and who share similar values. So both sides benefit. OK, this suggests that health, income, and values are complements as features

RE: Charity and Races as Complements

2002-09-10 Thread Grey Thomas
From: Robin Hanson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] People can also run some other charity, like for a cancer, and solicit donations to support that charity. The question is why these two charities are so often combined. Many people would not give money to someone soliciting for a race by

The Greenspan bubble Argentina

2002-10-17 Thread Grey Thomas
I have now read many instances of the Argentina problems being blamed on the fact that tying the Argentine currency to the US dollar made that economy seriously uncompetitive. But I thought the measure of an uncompetitive currency was falling exports rising imports. And that Argentina had had

RE: Return to Education and IV

2002-10-28 Thread Grey Thomas
Data that includes going to college almost certainly includes SAT scores. (I also think they correlate strongly with IQ, but haven't looked for that data). I'm sure that the effect of more schooling is higher on those with higher SAT scores. In addition, I'd guess the data includes average,

RE: disintermediation

2002-11-04 Thread Grey Thomas
have been solely as a result of money actually leaving the system to go into more secure things like money market instruments, Money does not leave the system. When one person sells stocks, another person is buying. But evidently much new money is going to money market funds.

RE: Self-assesment vs. Rationality

2002-11-11 Thread Grey Thomas
Good link, Eric. On the other hand, if you had just quoted this paragraph: The concept of rational expectations asserts that outcomes do not differ systematically (i.e., regularly or predictably) from what people expected them to be. The concept is motivated by the same thinking that led Abraham

RE: A Short Review of *Hard Heads, Soft Hearts*

2002-11-29 Thread Grey Thomas
Wei Dai wrote: People don't mind competition if it's voluntary, but you can't opt out of economic competition. I think it's a necessary evil, not something to be desired for its own sake. Clearly some people do enjoy competition, and they should certainly be able to participate, but what's

RE: U of Cal scientists question efficient market hypothesis

2002-12-06 Thread Grey Thomas
--- Alypius Skinner [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: A statistical physics model is predicting that the US stock market recovery suggested by recent rises will only last until spring next year, before tumbling yet further. Why would this contradict efficient markets? If this

RE: going on about 'statists' -- what tax policy works best?

2003-01-15 Thread Grey Thomas
Title: RE: going on about 'statists' Joe, I agree with you, in essence, yet also support Fred's technicalities. I'm not at all sure that the freedom of anarchy, perhaps with chaos/spontaneous order,is as bad as Corporate State (or even what we have now); and I'm pretty sure that

RE: Neutral taxation?/was Re: questions about dividend tax cut

2003-01-16 Thread Grey Thomas
Dan, even more than direct/indirect, you need to specify what is neutral. Given democracy, one (adult) person, one vote, a strong case can be made for a neutral poll tax. Of course it is not progressive like most income taxes. Flat rate taxes, sales/VAT taxes, even land taxes, affect some more

RE: Neutral taxation? with respect to what?

2003-01-17 Thread Grey Thomas
Fred, ( Susan) even more than direct/indirect, you need to specify what is neutral. You have not yet adequately done so. As I try to do this, I realize that neutral must apply to some other characteristic, like a car's neutral color, or a car in neutral (gear). So, a policy change can be

RE: European Soveriegnty

2003-01-21 Thread Grey Thomas
I think there is no pure economic explanation for most things European (or American, for that matter). There may also be a rather larger difference between the average European and the average European leader with respect to EU power vs national sovereignty. Certainly the UK is an active

RE: Questions about the stagflation episode... Advice to journalists

2003-02-03 Thread Grey Thomas
First off, if macro is at all close to a science, there should be near unanimity, among macro experts, on exactly: why did the bubble keep growing, even after Greenspan's 1997 (?) irrational exuberance comments? Why did Argentina turn into such a mess? I don't think there is agreement.

RE: Lott

2003-02-04 Thread Grey Thomas
Thanks for the link about Slate, but there is something fairly annoying. Lott claims: In 98 percent of the cases, such polls show, people simply brandish the weapon to stop an attack. Tim Noah, disputes this, yet also FAILS to say what the polls do show. But polls by the Los Angeles Times,

RE: Fw: why Iraq? here's one theory

2003-02-13 Thread Grey Thomas
Bill says the whole (too long) report is nonsense. I mostly agree, BUT with a caveat. If switching to petro Euros has no affect on foreign investment into the US, then I'd agree the report is useless. However, if the switch to Euros, or the war in Iraq, or a feeling that US assets are overpriced,

A visiting Slovak in April May

2003-02-13 Thread Grey Thomas
Hi folks, hope some of you can help me. My friend and colleague, Jan Oravec from Slovakia, has received an Eisenhower Fellowship for a couple months, end of March to end of May. These fellowships allow bright young guys to network in the US. He's the President of the F.A. Hayek Foundation

RE: [Forum] Quoth who?

2003-05-30 Thread Grey Thomas
Whenever a government creates a body to regulate a trade for the benefit of the people, the trade gains control of the body for the benefit of the trade at the expense of the people. Sorry for no help in the particular, but I remember a paper I wrote 20 years ago making this point,

RE: The Vote-Cost of Scandal

2003-06-04 Thread Grey Thomas
I don't believe Gary Hart was ruined by scandal, per se. First, he supported a very unpopular, but I think kinda OK, 50 cent/gal tax on gasoline. When gas about $1/ gal (including taxes). This made the unsure very unsure. Only second did he publicly claim something like he would never cheat/

RE: Wage-Price Controls Under Nixon

2003-06-17 Thread Grey Thomas
Sorry, David, you misunderstood me (or at least what I thought I meant). I first tried to point out that gov't money was one thing, not so much socialism. But SS is something else -- I guess I should have said most folks would agree that social security is a form of socialism, but would add that

RE: Wage-Price Controls Under Nixon -- pension reform

2003-06-17 Thread Grey Thomas
Yes, many feel that, since they contributed, they should get the benefits. This lie is pernicious. All politicians should be stating that the money paid in has already gone out -- and money received by retired folks now is money taxed by current workers. On the other hand, that's also not sooo

RE: Kolko 40 Years Later -- homelessness data?

2003-06-20 Thread Grey Thomas
[EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: The main good it provides is a negative one, that of keeping homelessness and starvation to a low enough level to prevent political instability. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This of course presumes that the welfare state reduces homelessness and starvation

Libertarian Paternalist!

2003-06-30 Thread Grey Thomas
Great news for me ... I'm a Libertarian Paternalist! I've long what I am, but just not the name. I ESPECIALLY like the need of humans to direct money flow into different accounts. I support many gov't individual accounts: a forced savings retirement account (SMART or whatever)--the second pillar