RE: Announcements: Doug Mueller has left BMC, ARSlist will be shutting down on US Thanksgiving, Nov. 28th

2019-10-03 Thread Burns, Carina
Thank you Doug for creating a product that has provided me with a livelihood for 20+ years. As a long time lurker of the list, thank you to Dan, Jason, and Misi (Tjana!) for supporting the ARSList. I have found many answers by reading thru the forum. I hope to find some of you on the

RE: Old Remedy 6.3 data

2019-08-15 Thread Burns, Carina
If it’s a custom app, why not import the defs with Designer Studio then DDM the records off the old ARSystem with migrator? Just be sure your database/system can handle that volume of data. I did that for our legacy custom help desk app (built on 4.3 and upgraded thru 8.1) and it’s all

Rebranding MyIT

2018-03-16 Thread Burns, Carina
Hey there listers, I’m trying to rebrand the Digital Workplace/My IT UC with the rebranding config parameters in the My IT Admin tool (1.6 My IT). Two things aren’t doing what they should: The old backgrounds flash for a second before the new custom background images load The footer still

Re: BMC Account Rep question

2017-03-21 Thread Burns, Carina
Tagging to see replies as I also work for a public entity. We had zero support for just about four years (we had to beg to get license renewal quotes). Our new sales rep is very attentive but as you mentioned, not as informed as the third party BMC partner he has directed us to. From:

Re: Custom apps + Remedy v9.1?

2016-11-21 Thread Burns, Carina
d don't have BMC apps in place at this point, I wouldn't think overlays really come into play. Regards, Christian Smerz From: Action Request System discussion list(ARSList) [mailto:arslist@ARSLIST.ORG] On Behalf Of Burns, Carina Sent: Friday, November 18, 2016 10:20 AM To: arslist@ARSLIST.O

Custom apps + Remedy v9.1?

2016-11-18 Thread Burns, Carina
Howdy! We're currently on ARS v8.1.02 and run nothing but custom apps. One of those apps is a help desk app that was designed easily 15+ years ago. It's had some tweaks and upgrades but is long in the tooth and support management wants something "user friendly/self service" but at the same

Re: Issue related to 32 Bit AR ODBC Driver

2016-11-04 Thread Burns, Carina
What database are you running? Instead of the AR ODBC driver, why not try a 64-bit ODBC driver for the db? I use an oracle odbc driver for my reporting. From: Action Request System discussion list(ARSList) [mailto:arslist@ARSLIST.ORG] On Behalf Of sriram pm Sent: Friday, November 04, 2016

User Tool Crashes when printing

2007-05-17 Thread Burns, Carina
Hey listers, I did a search but didn't find anything on this potential bug (that or my search fu is weak). I have a user who is ready to go to his director and buy a vertical application rather than deal with this problem in Remedy any any help would be appreciated. The

Form views not visible (db and via web interface)

2007-03-12 Thread Burns, Carina
Last ditch effort to post to the list, this time via email instead of the web form...sorry if this is a repeat. I have a couple of oddball issues. On my development system, I upgraded from 5.12 to 6.3 to 7.01. The development box is a win2003svr with ars, midtier, crystal all on one box.