Re: [Artemis-users] transcriptome plot with DNAPlotter

2011-11-08 Thread Tim Carver
Hi Lena For the user defined plots in DNAPlotter, they need to have one line per base and one column of integer or floating point values per line. The number of lines should match the number of bases in the sequence. For example: 94.7 94.7 94.7 94.7 94.7 94.7 94.7 ... This is then loaded from

[Artemis-users] transcriptome plot with DNAPlotter

2011-11-07 Thread Lena Koenig
Hi all, I would like to visualize the mapped reads of an Illumina RNA-seq experiment with DNAPlotter, as done in Perkins et al., 2009 (for Salmonella), but I cannot figure out how to create a transcriptome plot. What type of input file is needed in addition to an annotation file and how to