Re: [asciidoc-discuss] Can one embed images/graphics with asciidoc?

2007-01-21 Thread Matt England
At 1/20/2007 12:09 PM, Matt England wrote:
Has anyone had success with reference the target to a
svn/webdav/web-relative target such that something like:

can reference an image that could be found in the subdir of:

in real time?

I find it just works with something like this included macro:


regardless of if it's references from a webdav-svn interface or a local 
file system.


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[asciidoc-discuss] Can one embed images/graphics with asciidoc?

2007-01-20 Thread Matt England
I'm attempting to write a document with embedded 
images/graphics/pictures.  I'm considering asciidoc.  Can asciidoc support 
this?  I have yet to find a way as per:

The only other viable option for which I know is docbook (to write the 
documents natively and convert them to something else).  Yes, I'm aware 
that asciidoc can convert to docbook, but in such a case, how would I 
control the embedded images with native asciidoc?

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